Swaragini (Heart Connection) Episode 34

The episode begins with Goon 3 coming to attack Aansh with a knife but Aansh pushes him onto Goon 1, he falls and Aansh and Ragini run, Aansh thinks that he has to run again and he should be in a Marathon, Aansh holds Raginis hand, the goons chase them,
Ragini: Aansh, you could’ve got in the car and drove off!
Aansh: But the keys were with them!
Ragini: They left it in the car!
Aansh: Stop trying to act smart and run!
Ragini: I’m not acting smart, your acting stupid!
Aansh stops,
Aansh: I’m acting stupid?
Ragini: Haa, because of you we are in this state!
Aansh: Running is healthy, that’s why I chose this path and you need to loose weight!
Ragini: Your calling me fat?

Aansh: Who else? Even the trees are slimmer!
Ragini: Oh really? You not thin either!
Aansh: I’m fit!
Ragini: Fit? Fit my foot!
Aansh: No need to get jealous!
Ragini: I’m not jealous and why would I be of you?!
Aansh: What’s wrong with me?
Ragini: Your stupid!
Aansh: Stupid?
Ragini: You call me fat but don’t forget you need a brain to understand!
Aansh: Enough!
Ragini: You shut up!
They both start arguing.

The Goons see them and surrounds them from each corner,
Aansh: Because of you this happened!
Ragini: Because of me? Your the one who was arguing!
Aansh: I was polite!
Ragini: When was I rude and did I ask you to come save me?
Aansh: No!
Ragini: Then?

Aansh: I couldn’t leave you alone!
Ragini looks at him, he looks at the goons,
Goon 1: Where do you think your going?
Aansh: Home, where else does a person go?
Goon 1: Shut up!
Aansh: But you asked me, where you were going and I answered you.
Goon 2: Stop acting smart!
Aansh: Finally someone called me smart, she called me stupid.
He looks at Ragini and she looks away angrily.
Goon 4 comes and tries to hit Aansh with the hockey stick when he grabs it and kicks him, Goon 2 and 3 come forward to attack but Aansh uses the hockey stick to block the attack, he throws them on the floor, Goon 1 comes and takes the hockey stick and throws it, he punches Aansh and kicks him, then all of them come and gang up on him and beat him up and goon 4 picks the hockey stick up and beats him with it, Ragini looks at them and shouts to stop, tears come out of her eyes and she screams Aansh, Aansh is bleeding from the head and lips, they stop and Goon 1 goes to Ragini and forces to take her while she looks at Aansh with tears and Moh….Moh…ke….dhage….tune……plays.

She looks back at Aansh, she tries to jerk her hand, Aansh opens his eyes and gets up, he runs to Ragini and pushes goon 1, Ragini sees Aansh and hugs him, tune…plays….
Goon 3 comes and tries to stab Aansh when Ragini sees him and pushes Aansh and Aansh and the goons are shocked, Ragini falls down and starts bleeding, Aansh shouts Ragini and the goons run away, tears come out of her eyes and she looks at Aansh and breaths heavily,
Aansh: I won’t let anything happen to you Ragini!
He takes his phone out and looks for signal, he can’t find it and looks at Ragini, she tries to close her eyes but Aansh tells her not to, it starts raining and Ragini closes her eyes, he puts his phone back in his pocket and rushes to Ragini, he shakes her head but she won’t open her eyes, Aansh picks her up in his arms and walks with her,

He looks around and finds a hut, he rushes there, he kicks the door open and places Ragini down on the hay, Aansh wiggles Ragini and rubs her hand, he sees the blood and rushes out.
Aansh: Don’t worry Ragini, I’m coming back, I won’t let anything happen to you!
Aansh finds some sticks and picks them up, he walks but stops and sees some herbs, he plucks one and looks at it, he remembers Mishti telling him that these types of herbs will cure a wound if you mix it and place it on where your hurt, he gets a flashback
Aansh: How do you know?
Mishti: Didn’t you get this training? This is the most important part! If you get hurt and there’s no doctor or clinic near then you crush these and they will heal it!
He comes back out of the flashback and plucks some herbs, he rushes to Ragini.

He crushes the herbs with rocks and puts some water on it, he picks up Raginis shirt and places it on her wound, he takes her scarf and places it around her waist to tighten it and keep the herbs steady, he smiles and lights up the fire with some sticks, he then thanks Mishti in his head. He looks at Ragini and thinks, he wonders why he cares for her so much and why he was hurt when she got hurt?

He shuts the door and rubs Raginis hand and foot, she opens her eyes and sees Aansh next to her, he looks at Ragini and smiles,
Aansh: Ragini?
He hugs her, she looks on,
Aansh: Ragini, if anything happens to you then I would’ve……
He stops and notices, he smiles and says: Then what would I say to your Family, Neices, Nephews and Sisters, Aunty?
Ragini pushes him and he looks at her, she looks away,
Aansh: Thank you for saving my life, you shouldn’t have anyways,
Ragini shivers, Aansh moves her next to the fire, Ragini touches her waist and finds blood on her hand but she feels she is bandaged. Aansh sits next to her while she lays on the hay, the thunder and lightning make sound and Ragini squeezes Aanshs arm and he looks at her, she looks at him and they have an eye-lock,

The fire is shining at their face, Aansh goes towards her, Ragini closes her eyes, the song continues to play, Aansh stands on his knees and picks her up, he slowly looking at her puts her down, he sits down and widens his legs and pulls Ragini there, they both breath heavily, he makes Ragini face the fire and takes his shirt off and puts it on the hay with his blazer, Aansh then rests Raginis head on his chest and Raginis legs are pointing towards the fire, the tune continues playing and then the fire is shown.

It’s morning, Aansh wakes up and doesn’t see Ragini, he gets worried, he stands up and puts his shirt on and goes out, he notices Ragini smiling and laughing, she chases the butterfly, he smiles looking at her and is memorised, Aansh walks out while lost in Ragini, he stands behind her, she laughs and turns around and sees him, her smile disappears and he looks serious, he reaches to his pocket, he gets something out,
Aansh: What’s that?
Ragini confusingly: What?
Aansh moves forward and places it on Raginis shoulder without her noticing,
Aansh: That?
Aansh points to her shoulder, she touches it and pick it up, she sees it and screams, Aansh looks at her,

Ragini(Shouts): Spider!!!!!
She falls back and Aansh holds her by her waist,
Aansh: Calm down!
Aansh starts laughing and Ragini looks at him angrily, he makes Ragini stand and picks up the spider,
Aansh (teasing tone): I didn’t know that you were scared of Rubber spiders!
Ragini touches and feels it, she looks at Aansh angrily,
Ragini: What is this?
Aansh: A toy
Ragini (Sad): Your so mean!
Aansh: I know I am but what can you do?
He smiles and sees Ragini folding her arms and upset,
Aansh: Shall we go home or is your plan to stay here?
Ragini: But what am I going to say to Maa and Baba?
Aansh: Let me handle it and don’t worry!

Ragini walks and she feels the pain, Aansh looks at her and goes inside and puts his Jacket on, he comes out and picks Ragini up in his arm and starts walking, Ragini puts her arms around his neck and looks at him.

Precap: DP shouts at Aansh and AP finds out the truth.

( I hope you like this, I read the comments and I dedicated this whole episode to Ragansh and Ragansh fans, I hope you like it and thanks Lilly? Thank you all ❤️)

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