Swaragini (Heart Connection) Episode 33

The episode begins with Aansh and Radikha looking tensed and DP angry,
Sujata: Vo Bhaisa, how will a fish be here?
DP: Sujata! I know I’m not wrong!
Aansh: But what’s wrong with fish?
DP: It’s against our religion!
Lakshya: Papa will die but never touch fish!
Radikha looks at Aansh,
DP: Annapurna!!!!
AP: Ji?
DP: Can you smell fish?
AP: Ji vo….
Sujata looks nervous,
Aansh still eats, he finishes the fish and looks at Sujata,
DP: It means someone cooked FISH in this house?
They all look down expect for Aansh,
DP: Tell me who it was!!!
RP: Bhaisa forget it!
Aansh: It was me!

DP looks at him angrily,
Aansh: I’m a non-veg and I eat meat!
Radikha puts her head down: Not only Aansh, me as well.
Arnav: And me!
DP: Who dared to make it?!
Sujata thinks: If he gets to know it was me then he will murder me and kick me out, no no I can’t let this happen!
DP: Who?!!!!
DP looks at all of them but they don’t say anything.
DP: Why are you saving Aansh for? He’s new in this house, but you all, unbelievable!! If I see fish in this house then I will not spare you!
Aansh: But why? Just because your not allowed then why stop others?
DP: This is my house!! Only my rules will be followed and your not allowed non-veg!!!!
Aansh: Everyone should have a choice of what they should have, they are not your puppets!!
DP: Aansh!!!!
Sujata: Bhaisa, he’s a kid, don’t mind him.
DP: Bas Sujata!! Why are you favouring him?
Sujata: No Bhaisa I was just…
Aansh gets angry and goes out, Lakshya tries to go out but
DP: Leave him, he will come back later!
Lakshya nods,
AP: I’ll clean the kitchen and you eat.
DP sits down and AP and Parineeti go to clean the kitchen,

DP, Sanskaar, RP, Lakshya, Aadarsh, Arnav and Radikha start eating, Sujata is standing there and thinking,
DP: I have thought of something!
Sanskaar: What?
DP: I have found a Rishta for Sanskaar.
Sanskaar gets shocked,
RP: Yes and the girl is very nice and decent.
DP: I have especially chosen her for you Sanskaar, do you accept it?
Lakshya looks at Sanskaar, Sanskaar thinks about Swara, Lakshya was about to say when Sanskaar stops him and says: I accept.
DP and RP get happy,
DP: What about you Sujata?
Sujata doesn’t reply and is still thinking, DP looks at RP,
RP: Sujata!
Sujata looks at him,
RP: What do you think?
Sujata: Whatever you think is right!
DP and RP smile and continue eating.

Aansh is walking down on the road, he clashes into Ragini, they both don’t see each other,
Aansh: What the….
He looks up and sees Ragini, she looks up and sees him,
Ragini: What are you doing here?
Aansh: Nothing!
Ragini: Why are you angry?
Aansh ignores her and walks, Ragini walks behind him, Aansh stops and looks back,
Aansh: What are you doing?
Ragini: Nothing!
Aansh: Just leave me alone Ragini!
He pushes Ragini and walks away, he feels bad and goes back, he doesn’t find Ragini and thinks she’s gone, he sees her earring and picks it up and thinks something is wrong, a man rushes up to him,
Man: You know the girl you pushed and who’s earring it is,
Aansh nods,
Man: Some boys took her forcefully,
Aansh gets shocked,
Aansh: Where did they take her?
Man: That way and in a car!
Aansh runs that way and gets upset, he stops and decides which way he should go, he sees the tire marks and follows it and runs fast.

Lakshya goes to Sanskaars room,
Lakshya: Bahi, why did you agree for this proposal when you like someone else?
Sanskaar: Forget it Lucky!
Lakshya: No Bhai, I can’t!
Sanskaar: I don’t want to hurt bade papa!
Lakshya: But you can’t do this to yourself, Aansh is right your not his puppet!
Sanskaar: You won’t get it Lakshya, leave!
Lakshya leaves and Sanskaar thinks,

Radikha comes to Lakshyas room, she sees Lakshya looking outside the window,
Radikha: I want to ask you a question.
Lakshya (upset): What?
Radikha: How did you know Mishti was in trouble?
Lakshya thinks: I don’t know, I had a feeling she was in trouble.
Radikha: So sweet, like a connection na?
Lakshya: Yeah probably.
Radikha: It sounds awesome, Heart Connection!
Lakshya: Heart Connection?
Radikha walks up to him: Haa, your Connection and her Connection equals Heart Connection!
Lakshya: Maybe,
Radikha: What happened to you?
Lakshya: Nothing
Radikha: Something must’ve happened, tell me na!
Lakshya: Sanskaar is getting married.
Radikha: That’s good na
Lakshya: But he loves someone else,
Radikha: What, who?
Lakshya: S….
Sujata comes there,
Sujata: Have you seen Aansh?
Lakshya and Radikha nod no,
Sujata: Okay no problem, come lets go!

Lakshya: Where?
Sujata: With Bhaisa.
Radikha: Yes, to meet Sanskaars would to be in laws.
Sujata thinks: Sanskaars?
Lakshya: I don’t want to,
Radikha: Same, I’ll stay home with Sanskaar.
Sujata: What do you mean?
Lakshya: Chachi, you know what’s happening.
Sujata: I don’t get it, tell me!
Lakshya: Chachi, weren’t you listening?
Sujata: I was too busy thinking about something else that I didn’t pay attention.
Lakshya: Papa thought of a proposal for Bahi, that’s where they are going.
Sujata: They are going to meet the girls parents for my Sons proposal?
Sujata thinks: I hope he doesn’t get me a arrogant and Batmeez daughter-in-law.

DP waits with the whole family and Sujata comes,
DP: Where’s Lakshya?
Sujata: He’s not coming, he’s staying here with Sanskaar.
DP: Okay, let’s go now.
Sujata: But Bhaisa, Aansh….
DP: Vo Hamare saath nahi aa raha, hum nahi chahete ki vaha vo Hamari badnaami kare! ( He is not coming with us, I don’t want him to go there and disgrace me!)
AP thinks,
Sujata: But Bhaisa….
DP: Bas!!!
Sujata nods and all of them leave, Lakshya looks upset and angry from upstairs.

DP is in the car, he thinks that he will get Swara and Sanskaar married and then he will talk about Ragini and Aansh before they disgrace me.

Aansh reaches a place, he sees the car parked there and bends down and touches his knees, he breathes and wipes his sweat, he gets up and runs to the hut. He hears Ragini shouting, he sees the window open and peaks in, he sees Ragini crying, one of the goon comes close to her but she pushes him, the other one touch her and she slaps him. Aansh sees this and gets angry, he goes to the door and kicks it open, all look there, Ragini sees Aansh and tries to run to him when a goon holds her arm and pulls her back, she tries to free her self but couldn’t.
Aansh: Leave her!
Goon: No! What will you do?
Goon 2 and 3 get the knife out while goon 4 gets a hockey stick, Ragini looks at the knife and gets scared, she sees the hockey stick and looks on worried and puts her hand over her mouth.
Ragini: Aansh leave, it’s dangerous!
Aansh looks at the goons and Goon 1 starts laughing.
Goon 1: What happened got scared?
Aansh looks at him angrily,
Goon 1: Ho, looks he got angry, Awww you going to beat us?
All laugh along with Goon 1 and Ragini stares at him.

DP and the family reach the Baadi, AP and Sujata think why they came to the Baadi, they go in and knock on the door, Mishti opens the door and sees them, she smiles and greets them, Sumi comes,
Sumi: Who is it beta?
Mishti: It’s Anu Mausi, come inside.
The family comes inside and Sumi smiles,
Sumi: Come sit down.
Sujata whispers to Parineeti: So this means that we are here for one of their daughters?
Parineeti nods,
Sujata: But I will choose which one

Swara comes out, Sujata looks at her and thinks, Swara smiles and greets them, Mishti brings some snack and tea, she places it on the table and asks them to sit, they sit down, Sujata looks at Mishti, she thinks which one will be perfect for my son Sanskaar,
Sujata: Where’s Ragini?
Sumi: She’s gone to her friends house, she will be back.
Daadi comes out and sees them, Daadi in her head: They are here again, what do they see here that they came again, this time the whole family came.
DP: Where’s Shekhar Ji?
Shekhar comes in and looks at DP and the family, he smiles and folds his hand to greet them. Shekhar sits down,
DP: We brought a proposal for your daughter for our son Sanskaar,
Shekhar and Sumi look on, Daadi finds it interesting and goes and sits down next to AP and Sujata,
Shekhar: Proposal?
Sujata: Yes, we chose one of your daughter to be Sanskaars wife.
Sujata fake smiles and DP stares at her, Swara looks on, she thinks that Sanskaar is fast and he told his family already.

Shekhar: Which daughter?
Sujata thinks Swara and hopes he says Swara,
DP: Swara,
Sujata gets happy and Swara smiles and looks down.
Daadi: That’s a good news, we accept your proposal.
DP and they family get happy,
Shekhar: Wait, let’s ask Swara if she is okay with it.
Sumi: Swara beta, do you accept this proposal?
DP looks on, they all look at Swara and she smiles and nods yes shyly. They all get happy and Daadi shouts to Mishti to get sweets from the kitchen, Mishti brings sweets and Daadi feeds Sujata, AP and Parineeti, Shekhar and DP and RP feed each other and they feed Dadaji too, AP gets up and feeds Sumi and they both smile and hug each other,
AP: Don’t worry Sumi, we will keep your daughter happy,
Sumi nods and tears comes out of her eyes, Mishti picks the Sweet up and feeds Swara and says Congrats!
Sujata: We forgot to feed the bride!
AP breaks the hug, Sujata and AP feed Swara and she smiles.
DP looks on and is feeling happy from inside.

Precap: Aansh saves Ragini and the goons run away with the car, Aansh doesn’t get signal on his phone and it starts raining.

(Do you want Ragansh to stay there or come home? I hope you like today’s episode and thanks Lilly❤️ Thank you all?)

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