Swaragini (Heart Connection) Episode 32


The episode begins with Sanskaar pushing the Doctor and slaps him, AP asks him what happened?
Swara: How dare you misbehave with our sister?
Sumi comes out, Shekhar tells everyone what happened, and all are shocked and angry, DP looks at the doctor,
DP: Disgusting behaviour!
Sanskaar: I’m calling the police!
DR: No please forgive me,
Shekhar: Shut up! We don’t know how many girls have been through your torture!
Sanskaar calls the police and tells them.
Sumi: How’s Mishti?
Shekhar: I think she needs time alone and she will be better.
Daadi: How dare you touch my granddaughter?
Daadi gets her slipper and beats the Doctor with it,
Shekhar: Maa, the police is on its way, now they will deal with him!
Daadi throws the slipper on him and angrily leaves.

Mishti doesn’t let go of Lakshya,
Mishti: Thanks Lakshya.
Lakshya: It’s okay Mishu!
Mishti lets go, he places her head down on the pillow and smiles at her,
Lakshya: Go to sleep!
Mishti: I can’t!
Lakshya: Just close your eyes and relax!
Mishti closes her eyes, he goes towards her foot, he touches her ankle and pulls and twists it and Mishti opens her eyes and screams in pain,
Mishti: Lakshya!!!!
He laughs and everyone come there,
Daadi: What happened?
Lakshya: Nothing
He goes towards Mishti and gets her up, he makes her walk and she walks perfectly fine.
Shekhar: Thanks Lakshya beta, if you weren’t there then…..I’m sorry.
Lakshya: No uncle, it’s okay.
Daadi glares at him,
Swara: Thanks Lakshya for helping Mishti.
Lakshya: It’s okay!

Sanskaar takes Swara, he smiles and she smiles, Sanskaar grabs Swaras hand and puts a diamond ring on her finger, she looks at it and smiles but takes it off,
Sanskaar: Don’t you like it?
Swara: It’s nice but make me wear it on our engagement day!
Sanskaar smiles, the Police comes and Everyone rush there including Mishti, the constables take the Doctor,
DP: Inspector, don’t leave him!
The inspector nods and leaves.

DP: Okay, we will leave.
Sumi and Shekhar nod and DP leaves, Aadarsh and Sanskaar smile and leaves, Arnav folds his hand and leaves, Aansh and Lakshya smile and fold there hands and leave with Radikha, Ragini smiles looking at Aansh.
AP hugs Sumi and leaves.
AP goes with Lakshya.

In Sanskaars car:
AP: Are you Aansh?
Aansh: Ji.
AP: Then Neil?
Aansh: Neil is my pet name, everyone calls me that because my Naani used to.
AP: Oh okay Aansh beta, are you Radikhas brother?
Aansh: Haa
AP: Then why didn’t you tell?
Aansh: So much happened so I didn’t get time.
AP smiles, Lakshya thinks about Ragini and Aansh, Sanskaar thinks about Swara and Aansh thinks how to handle Papa.

They reach home, they all come out of the car and go in, Sujata is sitting down, she gets up and looks there,
Sujata: Where were you JiJi?
Uttra and Parineeti come there, Arnav and Aadarsh walk in and Sujata, Uttra and Parineeti look on.
Sujata: Yeh Kya JiJi, do do chore?(What is this JiJi, two two boys?)
AP: Haa Sujata, yeh dono Bhai hai (Yes Sujata, Them two are brothers.)
Sujata: How JiJi?
DP: Annapurna gave birth to twins and one of them got stolen, then we found him today because of Lak…..Mishti!
All look at him,
DP: Mishti brought the truth out and she gave Lakshya the address of that nurse that did Annapurnas delivery.
AP: What?
DP: Lakshya told me that Mishti helped him and she found the evidence.
AP: Why didn’t you tell me before Lakshya?
Lakshya in his head: Yeh Kabhi bhi Mujhe kisi ache kaam ke liye credit nahi dete, Karoos, Sara credit Vo Mishti le gayi! (He never ever gives me credit for good things I do, arrogant, Mishti took the whole credit!)

Lakshya: Haa Maa, I didn’t get time.
AP nods and Sujata asks Parineeti to get the Aarti, Parineeti rushes to bring it, Arnav was about to come in when Sujata shouts stop, all look at her shockingly,
DP: What is this Sujata!
Sujata: I’m sorry Bhaisa but he cannot come in!
AP: Why Sujata?
Parineeti comes and gives the Aartis plate to Sujata,
Sujata: JiJi, who comes in the house without getting his Aarti done?
All get relieved and smile, DP looks on.

Sujata goes and does the Aarti, she finishes Arnav’s and walks towards Aansh,
Aansh: Sorry Aunty, I don’t want to get my Aarti done,
Sujata: Why?
Aansh: I don’t feel like it.
DP looks at him,
Sujata: Okay at least eat the Sweet!
Aansh nods and Sujata feeds him the Sweet, DP signals him and he bends down and takes Sujatas blessing. Sujata smiles.
Sujata: Now you can come in, and Aansh come with me I’ll give you some food!
Aansh: I’m….
Sujata: Look at your face, it looks like your about to faint, come now!
Aansh: As you wish!
He smiles and follows Sujata.
Arnav enters the house and All smile, Parineeti smiles but looks abit worried. Aansh comes out,
Aansh: Come and sit on the table, the dinner would be served!
Aansh has apples in his hand, Lakshya forwards his hand and Aansh throws it and Lakshya smiles.
Lakshya: Thanks!
DP looks at them and angrily nods his head side to side.
DP in his head: They will never reform!
They all sit down on the table.

AP and Parineeti go help Sujata, Aansh sits down next to Lakshya, Adaarsh Sits next to Arnav, Sanskaar sits on the other side of Lakshya, RP comes home and is shocked to see two Aadarsh, Sanskaar sees him and sends him a message and tells him everything. RP is shocked to read the messages, DP sees him and asks him to come sit down. RP nods and goes. AP and Parineeti start bringing food out, Sujata brings out a plate nervously, she gives it to Aansh and Whispers, here’s your fish, I have mixed and hidden it with potatoes!
Aansh smiles and nods, Sujata goes to bring other dishes. RP and DP start talking,
Aansh whispers: Is this all you have?
Lakshya: What else do you eat?

Aansh: I eat Fish.
Lakshya: Shush, if papa hears it then he’s going to make you the Fish and display and sell you!
Aansh: That’s cruel!
Lakshya: That’s how Hitler is!
Aansh: Another one?!
Lakshya nods,
Aansh: Do you want to taste some Fish?
Lakshya: What?
DP looks at them, they smile and Aansh starts eating,
Aansh: Who made this?
Sujata comes and says: I did why?
Aansh: It’s amazing, It’s been 2 years since I ate this.
Radikha: What are you eating?
Aansh: Nothing,
Radikha: I can see food on the plate!
Aansh: I’m eating Aaloo! Do you want some?
Aansh takes two pieces and puts it on Radikhas plate, she tastes it and smiles.
Radikha: It is soo nice, but the Spice is average!

DP smells something, AP comes out covering her nose with her pallu and comes out, she lets go and looks at DP,
DP: I smell something,
Lakshya: It’s food Papa!
DP: I…I smell Fish!
All look on and Aansh still eats,
Radikha: How do you know it’s Fish?
DP: I know! Who’s eating fish!!!!
Aansh gets shocked.

Precap: DP and the family come to the Baadi.

(I’m sorry if it’s not interesting or fun, but I hope you enjoy the rest?)


Credit to: Halima

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    1. It’s Ragini (Intro)

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