Swaragini (Heart Connection) Episode 31


The Episode begins with DP telling Sanskaar everything, Sanskaar gets teary eyed and is shocked.
DP finishes and Sanskaar walks up to Aansh and hugs him, Arnav comes and hugs them, Radikha joins them too. DP looks at them.
Aadarsh Wakes up and stands in shock, he walks up to them and they break the hug, they look at Aadarsh and he hugs them and they smile and hug him back. Lakshya joins them too.
Aadarsh: Your my brothers, and I have a sister too.
DP smiles, he then thinks about Aansh and Ragini.

They break the hug, Sanskaar and Aadarsh wipe their tears,
Aansh: Now what shall we do?
Arnav: Tell the truth!
DP: I agree with Arnav!
Lakshya: Oh really what would you say?

Aadarsh: Let me handle it!
Arnav: We will tell Maa the truth, nothing is more honest than truth!
Aansh: But not about us yet!
Arnav: Why?
Radikha: We need more time!
Aansh: Papa will only tell at the right moment!
Radikha: Aansh go get changed,
Aansh: Arnav, come with me!
Arnav: Why?
Aansh: Just come!
Aansh and Arnav leave while Aadarsh and Sanskaar think what to do.

Aansh and Aadarsh reach the room,
Aansh: You must be happy now after ruining mine!?
Arnav: What?
Aansh: Why did you send a video to Lakshya, Radikha and Papa!
Arnav: I didn’t send it to Papa!
Aansh: Really? Who showed him, your ghost?
Arnav: No, how will my ghost show it when I’m still alive.
Aansh and Arnav fight, All hear them.
DP: What is this?!
Lakshya: Papa, I will go and stop them.
Lakshya leaves, he reaches the room and sees Aansh and Arnav arguing, Lakshya comes and stops it, Aansh angrily takes his clothes from the cupboard and goes into the bathroom.
Lakshya: What happened?
Arnav: Nothing!
Arnav leaves in anger.

Aansh comes out, he goes downstairs and sees everyone waiting, he looks at DP and walks slowly, DP looks at him,
DP: Aansh!! We don’t have time now hurry!!!
Aansh increases his speed and walks up to them.
Aansh: Radikha, where are my clothes?
Radikha: Your suitcase is in the car!
Aansh: Why?
Sanskaar: Let’s go and we will tell you in the car!
Lakshya forces Aansh to come outside, Aansh, Sanskaar and Lakshya go in one car and DP, Aadarsh, Arnav and Radikha go in the other car.

Ragini is thinking about Aansh, she gets confused, suddenly she hears her phone go off, she sees a text message from Aansh, she opens it and is Shocked to read it, it says ‘Hi, it’s Aansh not Neil, we are in a grave trouble and please don’t kill me!’
Ragini gets thinking. Swara comes there and Ragini locks her phone.
Swara: Who was it?
Ragini: No one,
Swara: Tell me Ragini
Ragini: It’s nothing,
Swara: Are you telling the truth?
Ragini: Hmm Baba, now you tell me what’s going on between you and Sanskaar?
Swara: What, me and Sanskaar?
Ragini: Haa
Swara blushes: Nothing!
Ragini smiles: Then why are you blushing?
Swara turns away,
Swara: Nahi toh, I’m not blushing!
Ragini: I read your messages and all that I love you, awwww so sweet na?
Swara turns and looks at her,
Swara: You read our messages?
Ragini laugh,
Ragini: I was joking but now I know it is true!
Swara smiles: He proposed to me.
Ragini smiles and widens her eyes: He PROPOSED to YOU?
Swara nods and smiles.

Mishti comes there,
Mishti: Who proposed to who?
Ragini: Sanskaar proposed to Swara.
Mishti smiles: Awwww, loves in the air!!
Swara blushes and runs to the window,
Mishti: She’s blushing, take a picture and send it to Sanskaar!
Swara looks at her,
Mishti: I’m joking!
They all laugh.
Sumi shouts: Mishu, Ragini, Swara come downstairs.
They go downstairs and see AP, AP smiles at them,
Daadi: Look, here are our girls,
AP smiles and nods,
AP: Sumi told me everything.
Mishti goes up to her and bends down and takes her blessing and AP smiles and hugs her.
Swara and Ragini see this and smile,
AP: You can call me Mausi because I am like your Mausi.
Mishti: Your not like my Mausi, you are my Mausi as you are my Maas sister.
All smile.

AP: How are you Swara and Ragini?
Swara: I’m okay, what about you?
Ragini: I’m fine, how’s uncle Ji?
AP: He’s fine.
Sumi: Come, sit down.
AP nods and sits down, Sumi and AP chat and laugh while Swara and Ragink talk. Mishti gets a message and goes outside.

Mishti sees Lakshya,
Mishti: What are you doing here?
Lakshya: I came to talk to you.
Mishti: How did you get my number?
Lakshya: Forget this I need your help.
Mishti: First tell me how you got my number!
Lakshya: Remember when Papa asked you for your number and Ragini gave it but I saved it on my phone as well.
Mishti: What help?
Lakshya: Where’s the nurse that told you that Arnav is our biological brother?
Mishti: She lives close, she lives behind the Baadi.
Lakshya: Okay thanks, we need to tell Maa the truth about Arnav Bhaiya.
Lakshya turns to leave,
Mishti: Lakshya!!
Lakshya turns: What?
Mishti: Your Maas here!
Lakshya: What?
Mishti: And the nurse is there,
Mishti points at the nurse and Lakshya goes up to her.

Aansh gets out of the car, he sees DPs car, They all get out too, Sanskaar gets out and asks what is happening?
Aadarsh: Lakshya sent us a message to come here so we came.
Lakshya comes there with the Nurse,
Lakshya: Arnav and Aadarsh Bhaiya, you two come with me and Aansh and Papa you and Radikha have to come when Aansh sends a message to you and act shocked okay!
They leave and DP looks on.

Lakshya enters with Sanskaar and Aansh and the nurse, AP sees him and asks what he is doing here,
Lakshya: Maa, there is one truth that I wish to tell you,
AP: What beta?
Lakshya: Maa….
Aansh: This nurse will tell you!
Nurse: I hope you remember me? I’m the same nurse who helped you in your delivery, there’s one truth that I wish to tell you.
AP nods to tell.
Nurse: That day you gave birth to twins and one of them didn’t die,
AP gets shocked,
Nurse: He’s still alive and he’s here.
Aadarsh and Arnav walk in and all see them and are shocked.
Nurse: I was afraid that you will sue us and get us fired if we told you that your other Son was stolen.
AP breaks down, she runs to Arnav and hugs him, all smile emotionally. Aansh texts Radikha.

DP comes there and Lakshya signals him to be shocked, he acts to be shocked, AP looks at him,
DP: What is this Annapurna?
AP: Ji, our other son, he didn’t die, he’s alive,
DP looks at them,
Radikha: We got a message from Lakshya so we came.

Aansh comes up to Ragini, he grabs her hand and takes her upstairs,
Ragini: What are you doing Aansh?
Aansh: Wait.
He takes her into a room and locks the door, Ragini looks at him,
Ragini: Look Aansh, if your intentions are not good then go away!
Aansh looks at her, he comes close to her and Ragini moves back, she feels the wall behind her, he comes closer and Ragini closes her eyes, he comes even more closer, and holds her waist. She feels his touch and moves up due to the shock, he brings his lips closer to Raginis face and yeh…Moh….Moh…ke….dhage……..plays…..
Ragini shivers, he looks down at Ragini, he moves even more closer and his nose is touching Raginis nose and his forehead is touching hers,
Ragini softly: Aansh listen.

Aansh: Shhh,
He pulls her face up, she still has her eyes closed, he moves forward to kiss her, he smiles seeing Ragini nervous and moves his head to her ears.
Aansh quietly: Ragini…..
Ragini: Hmmm…..
Aansh: There’s a problem,
Ragini: What?
Aansh: Arnav took a video of us, when I was blowing your eyes, he thought we were kissing and he sent the video to Lakshya and Radikha, Dugs saw it too.
Ragini gets shocked and opens her eyes, she pushes Aansh and says What? Loudly. Aansh nods.
Ragini: Now what?
Aansh: I don’t know!
Ragini: It’s your fault!
Aansh: My fault? Was it my eye that was hurting?
Ragini: Who told you to come close?
Aansh: It’s my fault that I offered to help YOU!
Ragini: If Baba finds out then….
Aansh: It’s your fault Aunty! You shouldn’t show off at this age!
Ragini glares at him and he leaves.

The nurse leaves and AP happily hugs Sumi,
Sumi: See, the happy news didn’t only Knock at my door, it knocked at yours too!
AP smiles and nods, DP looks on, Mishti serves tea to everyone, she gives it to DP but he refuses to drink it, she takes the cup and gives it to Lakshya,
Lakshya: I don’t want tea,
Mishti: Okay, your choice.
Mishti goes to the kitchen and Lakshya follows,
Mishti: What do you want?
Lakshya: Do you always wear this Anarkali suit?
Mishti: Why?
Lakshya: You look nice in it!
Mishti looks at him,
Lakshya: Have you seen Aansh?
Mishti: No, he must be around.
Lakshya: I haven’t seen Ragini either.
Mishti: So…
Lakshya: Why are you so rude?
Mishti: None of your business and why should I be nice to YOU?!
Lakshya: No wonder you have no friends!
Mishti glares at him, he smiles,
Lakshya: Your cute Mishu!
Mishti: Only Maa and Baba and loved ones can call me Mishu, not YOU Unlucky!
Lakshya: Unlucky?
Mishti puts the cups away and Lakshya comes closer to her,
Mishti: What are you doing?
Lakshya: Nothing!
Mishti: Then stay away!

Lakshya makes a face and turns around, he sees Aansh and smiles, he thinks that Aansh made him jealous and now it’s his turn! Lakshya turns and faces Mishti,
Aansh enters the Kitchen and sees Mishti and Lakshya,
Lakshya: Do you need any help Mishu?
Mishti turns and stares at him, Lakshya signals her to see Aansh, she sees Aansh,
Mishti: No it’s okay Lakshya, I’m done anyways.
Lakshya: Okay, let’s go out then.
Mishti slips and shouts in pain, Aansh comes forward but sees Lakahya bending down, so Aansh stops.
Lakshya: You could’ve saw and walked!
Mishti: It’s not my fault, you ate that banana and threw the Peel on the floor!!!
Lakshya: Calm down Mishu!
Mishti: What calm down?
Sumi, AP, Ragini and Swara reach there.
Lakshya: Come I’ll get you up,
Lakshya holds her hand and pulls her up but she falls and Lakshya holds her.
Lakshya: Careful, I don’t want you to fracture more bones.
Mishti: I can’t stand properly! It’s all your fault!
Lakshya picks her up in his arms, all look at them.
Mishti: Let me go!
Lakshya: Fine!
Lakshya was about to let go when Mishti holds him tightly and closes her eyes, Lakshya looks at her and smiles, he then walks with her in his arms and Mishti, Ragini and Aansh look at him and all follow.

DP sees Lakshya holding Mishti.
Shekhar: What happened?
Sumi: Mishu slipped, I called the doctor and he might be coming.
Shekhar nods,
Lakshya: I’ll take her to her room and you can stay here and bring the doctor,
All nod and DP stares. Lakshya takes Mishti upstairs. Ragini and Aansh follow.
They reach her room and Lakshya puts her down, he looks at her and she looks at him, he moves back but his jacket zip gets tangled with Mishtis pendent and the force pulls him back on Mishti, Jena….Jena……tune……plays……….Aansh looks at them, he gets angry. Mishti tries to untangle it but Lakshya does it, he comes close and Mishti pushes him back and he smiles.

Ragini looks at them, Lakshya looks at Ragini, he goes up to Ragini and asks for forgiveness, Ragini looks at Mishti and she nods yes, Ragini looks at Aansh and he nods yes too, Ragini smiles,
Ragini: I forgive you Lakshya,
Lakshya gets happy,
Lakshya: Thanks Ragini.
Aansh and Mishti smile, Aansh looks at Mishti and she looks away.
The doctor comes in and tells everyone to go out, they all go out,
Sumi goes down to make food and Lakshya stands out there with Shekhar, Aansh, Ragini, Swara and Sanskaar DP is talking to AP downstairs.
Lakshya feels that something is not right, he tells Shekhar but Shekhar ignores him,
Lakshya: I need to go in!
Shekhar: Your not going in, let the doctor do his work!
Lakshya: I’m sorry Uncle but I have to!
Lakshya opens the window and jumps in. He sees the doctor misbehaving with Mishti, the doctor was about to touch Mishti when Lakshya pushes him, he looks at Mishti, he punches the Doctor and pushes him to the door, the doctor opens the door and Shekhar looks at him.
Shekhar: What happened?
They come in and see Mishti crying and there’s tape on her mouth, Lakshya takes the tape off and Mishti hugs him.
Shekhar looks at Mishtis condition and Slaps the doctor,
Aansh: What happened?
Lakshya: The doctor was misbehaving with her!
Aansh, Ragini and Swara slap the doctor, Sanskaar drags the doctor down infront of everyone, they look on.

Precap: DP takes Arnav and Aansh and all are shocked to see Arnav.

Credit to: Halima

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