Swaragini (Heart Connection) Episode 30


The episode begins with Sanskaar driving, he checks the time and sees it is 10:50am, he thinks he has 10 minuets to reach there, he reaches outside the airport and sees Radikha and Lakshya, he parks his car and gets out.
Sanskaar: Are we here for Aadarsh Bhaiya?
Lakshya: Haa

Sanskaar: But he is already here!
Lakshya: I know.
Sanskaar: Then?
Radikha: Wait and Watch!

Lakshya: I didn’t see him at home!
Sanskaar: He went out!
Lakshya: Obviously I know, just watch na Bhai!
A girl comes out and hugs Radikha, she gives Radikha a Kalash and walks away towards the taxi.

Sanskaar: What is this?
Lakshya: Bhai it’s a Kalash!
Sanskaar: I can see that!
Lakshya: Why did you ask?
Radikha: It has my mums ashes.
Lakshya and Sanskaar look at her.
Lakshya: Don’t worry, we all will put her ashes in the Ganga.
Radikha smiles.
Sanskaar: I don’t get it, you called me here for this?
Radikha: Chill yaar, you got your car na? So let’s go.
Lakshya: She made me come in the auto too.
They sit in the car and leave.

Lakshya: Bhai, where is Aadarsh Bhaiya?
Sanskaar: He must be in the office.
Lakshya phones him. Aadarsh picks up.
Lakshya: Hello Aadarsh Bhaiya? Where are you?
Aadarsh: I’m in the factory, why?
Lakshya: We are coming, be ready!

Lakshya cuts the call,
Sanskaar: What’s this Lucky?
Radikha: Sanskaar, what is this huh? You get tensed easily, chill na! Just watch!
Sanskaar: Watch watch!
Lakshya: Bhai, don’t worry!
Sanskaar: Let me guess, your going to do something bad! It better be Fun!

Aansh is sleeping, he hears the door bell ring, Aansh closes his ears and ignores it, the door bell continuously rings, he makes a face and shouts: Arnav get the door!!!
Aansh gets up angrily and goes downstairs. He looks around and doesn’t see Arnav. He sees a note and smiles, it says ‘I will be back and your breakfast is in the fridge’ the door bell still rings and Aansh angrily shouts: COMING!!
He walks up to the door and opens it, he rubs his eyes and sees DP. He widens his eyes and stands straight.
DP: What are you doing here?
Aansh: Vo….
DP: What Vo? I came here for Arnav, I didn’t expect to see you!
Aansh: I…..
DP: No need! I know you are Aansh, not only me, Lakshya knows too.
Aansh looks on,
Aansh: How?
DP: I’m your father so I know but I don’t know about Lakshya!
Aansh: Papa?
DP looks at him, he was about to let his tears out but just in time Aansh hugged him, DP smiles and hugs him back. DP then makes his smile disappear and breaks the hug.

DP comes in and sits on the sofa, Aansh sits next to him,
Aansh: Don’t worry Papa, I will tell everyone the truth at the right time,
DP nods, Aansh looks at him and smiles.
Aansh: Are you always like this?
DP (Normal): What do you mean?!

Aansh: All this Angry young…sorry I mean Angry Old Man, if you don’t do this then I will not spare you and How dare you, with that look?
DP looks at him with anger.
Aanshs smile disappears, DP stares at him,
Aansh: Where’s that smile? You showed it to Radikha and not me?
DP still looks at him. Aansh looks at him, he sees him looking straight with his normal face.
Aansh: So Papa, do you have dimples?
DP looks at him,
Aansh: You never smile, so I thought….
DP: Bas!!!
Aansh moves back and nods, he thinks about what Lakshya said to him, in his head he says: You are right Lucky, he is indeed the opposite of Fun.
DP: I came here to talk to you about yesterday!
Aansh: What happened yesterday?

DP: Sit up straight!
Aansh: Papa, my back hurts so I….
DP angrily: Aansh!!!!!
Aansh gets up immediately, he looks at him and puts his head down.
DP: Unbelieveable! I though you were better than Lakshya but both of you are the same, useless!
Aansh: After all we are brothers and Papa how do you know I’m useless, do you know me properly?
DP: With that attitude your not going to get a job, you attitude is like Lakshya and he’s useless so it’s obvious your useless too! Anyone can know that you two are brothers!You both will ruin my respect In front of the whole society and I have to bow my head down with shame and then you two will get happy wouldn’t you?

Aansh gets upset and looks away.
Aansh in his head: Useless and me? Papa you chosen the wrong guy for that title, I’ll show you what I’m capable of, I’ll cut your name? No papa I will rise your name in the society triple time!

DP: Well, the act you did yesterday has really forced me to bow my head down in shame!
Aansh: Tell me atleast, what happened?
DP takes his phone out and shows the video to Aansh, Aansh gets shocked, he looks at DP and gives out a worrying smile and DP stares at him.
Aansh in his head: Come Arnav, I will not spare you!
Aansh: Papa, it’s not what you think, I can explain….
DP: Bas! Now I have to do something!

Sanskaar, Radikha and Lakshya come outside the factory, they see Aadarsh talking and explaining things to one of the worker, Aadarsh sees them and sends the worker away, he walks towards them, Lakshya, Lakshya hugs him and puts the injection on Aadarsh, he faints and Lakshya throws the injection, Sanskaar looks on shocked,
Sanskaar: What is this Lucky?

Lakshya: Help me Bhai!
Sanskaar looks on and Radikha helps Lakshya and puts him in the boot,
Lakshya sits at the drivers seat and Radikha shoves Sanskaar in the car and Sanskaar is still in shock, Lakshya drives off.
Sanskaar wiggles his head and blinks,
Sanskaar: What I saw was a dream na?
Lakshya: You can assume that!
Sanskaar: You both kidnapped Aadarsh Bahiya?

They both nod and laugh, Sanksaar looks at them,
Sanskaar: You think this is funny na, wait till Bade papa shouts!
Radikha: That’s where we are taking him!
Sanskaar: What!!!!!?
They reach the warehouse, Lakshya gets out and brings Arnav, he gets in the car and Sanskaar looks at him,
Lakshya: Bhai have you got the stuff?
Arnav: Don’t worry and let’s go to the farmhouse!
Lakshya drives to the farmhouse.

DP: Enough, now let me handle this!
Aansh: But Papa…..
The door bell rings, Aansh gets the door bell and sees Lakshya and Sanskaar carrying Aadarsh, DP stands up and sees them, Sanskaar looks at him and gets shocked.
Arnav and Radikha enter,
Sanskaar: Bade Papa?
DP: Lakshya!!! Im telling you this plan will not work and we are not going to follow yours, let me handle it!
Lakshya (scared): B…b…but Papa, we…..

DP glares at him and Aansh laughs quietly and points at them,
Lakshya in his head: Your laughing too much, now I will teach you a lesson!
Lakshya: I told you Aansh, I told you not to use this plan but you didn’t listen!
Aansh looks at him and DP looks at Aansh,
Aansh: Me? When did I invite you here, you came yourself!
Sanskaar: Aansh?
Radikha: He is Aansh.
Sanskaar: But he’s Neil!
Aansh: No I’m Aansh!
Sanskaar: I’m confused.
Lakshya: Papa will tell you!
They all look at DP.

Precap: Sanskaar hugs Aansh and Arnav, Radikha joins in the hug and Aadarsh wakes up and is shocked to see them.

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Credit to: Halima

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