Swaragini (Heart Connection) Episode 3

The episode starts with Ragini running and bumping into DurgaPrasad(DP), DP falls on the floor and looks at Ragini, Ragini bends down and helps him up.

Ragini: Sorry Uncle, I didn’t mean to push you
DP: Bas! Could you tell me where Shekhar Gadodias house is?
Ragini: Ji uncle it’s over there
Ragini pointed at the house and DP went

Ragini: I don’t know why he’s getting so angry
DP turns around and hears her and gets more angry
Ragini: But anyways it was all my fault because I didn’t look
She taps her head and walks away

DP to himself: What has happened to these youngsters, they do mistake and don’t even accept it
AP: Lakshya ke Papa, come inside I was waiting for you and what happened?
DP: Nothing?
AP: Something must have happened, you can tell me
DP looks at AP with anger and walks inside and AP follows him

Swara and Sanskaar bang into each other,
Swara: Oho, couldn’t you see and walk?
Sanskaar: I was looking, I don’t know where you were lost.
Swara: Your trying to say it was my fault?
Sanskaar: No
Swara: Then?
Sanskaar: Both of ours
Swara: Fair enough

They were about to go in but Swara stops Sanskaar and takes him to the terrace
Sanskaar: What are you doing?
Swara: Nothing, it’s going to be boring sitting with the adults and listening to them
Sanskaar: What?
Swara: Don’t tell me you enjoy all this?
Sanskaar looks normal
Swara: OMG, are you serious, are you actually that boring?
Swara turns around and bites her tounge
Sanskaar: What do you mean?
Swara: Um…I meant….

Just then Ragini came and said: I searched everywhere and your here anyways come downstairs for Maa and Babas ring rasam.
Sanskaar goes and Swara stops Ragini
Swara: Thanks Ragini that you came on time or else..
Ragini: What happened?
Swara: I’ll tell you later and let’s go
They both head downstairs

Swara thinks to her self that she should apologise to Sanskaar while Ragini’s thinking to stay away from Lakshya

They go inside and see their Maa and Baba completing the final round of the ring ceremony
Sumi: Where were you two?
Swara: Sorry Maa
Ragini: Vo Maa, it’s not our fault that you completed the round quickly
Ragini smiles and hugs Sumi and Shekhar
Sumi: Badmash
Swara comes and hugs them as well
Daadi: Its enough of hugging
Dida: Don’t get too jealous of their love
Daadi stares at Dida

They break the hug and Lakshya comes in and ignores Ragini
Lakshya: Best of luck Mausi Maa
Sumi: Thank you Lucky
Sanskaar: Shall we go, Bade Papa is waiting outside
AP looks at Sumi and hugs her
AP: Sorry we have to go now
Sumi: It’s okay but you have to come and visit again
They break the hug

AP goes to Swara and Ragini and hugs them both
Sanskaar: Badi Maa, we have to go and you know how Bade Papa is
AP nods yes and leaves, Lakshya looks back at Ragini and Ragini sticks her tongue out and puts her thumb down
Sanskaar looks at Swara and Swara smiles at him

Precap: Lakshya and Sanskaar come to Baadi

(Thank you so much for liking my FF, I know it’s the same precap, I’m sorry ?and I hope you find the next episode interesting) ?

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