Swaragini (Heart Connection) Episode 29


The episode begins with Radikha walking, AP walks holding a tray with food and orange juice,
Servant: Baadi Malkin, someone’s here to meet you.
AP: Okay tell them to wait and I’ll come.
Radikha: Aunty do you need any help?
AP: No I’m fine,
Radikha: I’ll take it for Pa…Uncle.
AP smiles: Okay.
AP gives Radikha the tray and AP leaves. Radikha goes to DPs room and sees him sleeping. She quietly puts the tray downs and turns when DP opens his eyes and sees her.
DP: Radikha.
Radikha turns and says: Papa, I just came to give this, sorry I didn’t want to disturb you.
DP: It’s okay, beta come sit down.
Radikha nods and sits down, she gets a message and sees it and is shocked, DP looks at her and asks what happened and Radikha looks on worried.
Radikha: Nothing Papa, not that special.
DP: Then why are you shocked?
Radikha: Um…
DP: Tell me the truth!
DP takes Radikhas phone and sees the video, he assumes that Aansh and Ragini are kissing and he look angry and shocked. Radikha looks on.

Aansh is still standing there in the same position, he gets a message and gets into his senses, he opens it and reads it, he smiles and goes downstairs, he checks his phone and Arnav messaged him to hurry up, he smiles thinking about Ragini and then remembers her kissing him on the cheeks and blushes, he walks downstairs.

Arnav: Come quick, your wasting time!
Aansh: I’m coming wait!
Arnav: No, take your time!
Aansh: Calm down!
Aansh goes and sits in the car, Arnav sits in the car too.
Arnav: Why are you smiling?
Aansh: Nothing.
Arnav smirks.
Aansh remembers Ragini and in his head he is saying: why? I just met her few weeks ago and why am I so attached to her?
A car is coming towards them and Arnav looks up,
Arnav: Aansh!!!!
Aansh looks shocked and turns the car and stops it.
Arnav stares at him angrily,

Arnav: I don’t know who gave you your driving licence!
Aansh: I’m sorry I was just…
Arnav: Let me drive, your not fit for driving and when you come sit here then you can remember whatever you want to.
Aansh: No I’m okay.
Arnav: Aansh mere Bhai, I don’t want to die yet, don’t get too happy that she kissed you!
Aansh looks at him, Arnav smiles,
Arnav: Aansh, I know and now let me sit there and you can get happy here!
They swap seats.
Arnav: Now we can reach home safely!
Arnav drives.

Lakshya comes to his room, he jumps on his bed and lays down, he looks at his phone and sees a message from Arnav, he opens it and sees the video and is shocked. He sees Ragini smiling and assumes Aansh is kissing her, he gets angry. He phones Aansh.
Lakshya: Where are you?
Aansh: Home
Lakshya: Don’t lie to me!
Aansh: I’m not!
Lakshya: You went to meet Ragini right?
Aansh: Um… Yeah I met her.
Lakshya angrily: AND KISSED HER!
Aansh gets shocked.
Aansh: No we..
Lakshya cuts the call and throws his phone on the bed.
Aansh glares at Arnav.

It’s morning, in Maheshwari Mansion:
Everyone are at the Dining table.
DP looks at his watch and sees the time as 8:25pm.
Radikha and Lakshya come together talking and all are surprised to see Lakshya early.
Lakshya and Radikha sit down and DP looks at the time. Lakshya smile at all of them.
DP: Everyone is here so you may start.
All nod and start,
Radikha whispers to Lakshya: What is all this?
Lakshya: Breakfast!

Sanskaar hears them,
Sansaar: What happened?
Lakshya: She was asking what all this was!
Radikha: I mean that do you all eat this?
Sanskaar and Lakshya nod,
Radikha: Don’t you get bored of eating the same everyday?
Lakshya: Kind of
Sanskaar nods no.

AP: What will you have Radikha beta?
Radikha: I’m still deciding,

DP looks at her.
Lakshya: I will have toast with no butter.
Radikha: I’ll take Black coffee.
AP: Sorry beta we don’t have that, but would you like green coffee?
Radikha: Um…
Suddenly a boy comes in,
The boy: Radikha Didi!
Radikha looks back,
Radikha: Chotu?!
Chotu runs to the tables,
Radikha: Chotu what are you doing here?
Chotu: Didi here is your breakfast.

Radikha smiles,
Radikha: Aansh gave it na?
Chotu: Haa Aansh Bhaiya gave it. It’s your usual, Black coffee and 2 table spoon of peanut butter on brown bread with half grapefruit.
Radikha: Thanks Chotu.
Radikha kisses him on the cheeks and hugs him, he smiles and goes.

Lakshya: Your Breakfast is ready!
AP: Who is Aansh?
Radikha: My brother.
Sujata: Oh, well he knows you well!
Radikha: I know, he never forgets my breakfast because he makes it.
All smile and laugh and DP looks at them.
DP: At eating time you should not talk or laugh!
All look serious and start eating.
They finish eating.

AP: Ji are you going to the office?
DP: Haa Annapurna.
AP: But Ji…
DP: Bas!! I’m already upset and now don’t anger me!
AP looks down and nods. DP leaves.

Lakshya: Radikha, why is papas mood off?
Radikha: Did Arnav send you a video?
Lakshya: The Video with Aansh and Ragini?
Radikha: It means you saw it, Papa saw it too.
Lakshya looks shocked.
Lakshya: Aansh is gone!
Sanskaar: What’s happening?

Lakshya: Nothing!
Radikha (whispers): Should we tell him?
Lakshya: I don’t know!
Radikha: Um… Meet us outside the airport today at 11!
Sanskaar: Today?
Radikha: Yes!
Sanskaar: But….
Radikha leaves
Lakshya: So remember, 11 outside the airport today!
Sanskaar: Lucky….
Lakshya leaves.
Sanskaar thinks

Precap: Lakshya and Radikha Kidnap Aadarsh and Sanskaar is shocked, they take him to the warehouse and Aadarsh is shocked.

(Sorry for the late update, but I hope you like today’s!)

Credit to: Halima

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