Swaragini (Heart Connection) Episode 28


The episode begins with Mishti opening her bag and finding a letter that says open me on the 2nd February, She finds it and opens it, she reads it and it says”Mishti beta, I knew you opened it earlier, you couldn’t control couldn’t you? It’s okay, Mishti there is one truth that I am going to tell you and promise you won’t hate me! Okay Mishti, your not my daughter! It’s true, your Shekhar Gadodias and Sharmishta’s daughter, I know it’s hard to believe it but it’s true, I took you from the hospital. When you and Swara were born I took you and hid you from Sharmishta and now I’m telling you, don’t be angry at your mum because it isn’t her fault it was mine! I was mad when she told me that she had a affair with Shekhar and she’s carrying his child, I couldn’t control myself and I took you to take revenge from her.
Don’t hate her for my mistakes, she deserves more than your love!
I’m sorry.”

Mishti cries and puts the letter down,
Mishti: Baba, I trusted you but you….
Mishti hears Shekhar shouting and picks up the papers and runs there, Swara and Ragini reach there too,
Shekhar: Maa enough!!!
Daadi looks at him,
Daadi: Just for that girl your shouting at your mum?
Shekhar: She is not other she is my Daughter!!!!
Daadi and everyone are shocked,
Shekhar: She is my daughter Maa! If you don’t believe me then read this letter!
Shekhar takes the letter of Sumi and shows it to Daadi, Daadi reads it and is shocked to find out that Mishti is Sumi and Shekhars daughter.
Sumi and Shekhar see Mishti and get shocked!
Sumi walks upto her and says: Mishu…
Mishti cries and hugs her,

Mishti: Maa.
Sumi cries too, the papers fallout of Mishtis hand and land near Shekhar, he picks them up and sees the DNA report.
Shekhar: Maa, if you don’t believe this letter then look at this.
He gives her the DNA report and Daadi is shocked to see it positive.
Daadi: The DNA report came positive!
Daada Ji, Swara and Ragini are shocked, Sumi and Mishti break the hug and Ragini runs to her room, Swara follows her.

Swaragini room:
Swara: What happened Ragini why did you come here all of a sudden?
Ragini: Mishti is our sister?

Swara: I can’t believe this.
Ragini: The DNA report came out positive then it means she is.
Tears flow out of Raginis eyes and Swara hugs her,
Swara: Don’t worry Ragini,
Swara smiles and Ragini smiles,
Ragini wipes her tears and breaks the hug,
Ragini: We need to do something special for Mishu!
Swara: Your right Ragini, let’s think of something!
Swara and Ragini think.

Daadi: I can’t believe this!
Mishti walks up to Daadi and hugs her, Daadi puts her hand on her and looks on Angrily.
Daadi: Enough!!! Now will you make your Daadi cry?
Mishti nods no
Daadi: Okay then get off.
Shekhar, Sumi and Daada Ji smile,
Mishti breaks the hug, she walks upto Daada Ji and he blesses her, she walks up to Shekhar and he hugs her.
Mishti: I missed you Baba, I missed your guidance and Love!
Shekhar: It’s not your fault Mishti,
Sumi: You didn’t miss me and my love?

Mishti smiles and bites her tounge, she breaks the hug and wipes her tears,
Mishti: No Maa, I did but I missed Daadi the most!
All smile and laugh.
Daadi: Enough messing around and go fresh up for dinner!
All nod and leave.

DP comes home and all are shocked to see him,
Sujata: Bhaisa you came so early.
DP looks at her,
Sujata: I mean that you were coming tomorrow.
Lakshya: But he got discharged today! Aren’t you happy?
AP comes there,
AP: Ji you, come in.
They bring DP in and he sits on the sofa.
AP: Where’s Neil?
Lakshya: Who’s Neil?
AP: Your friend!
Lakshya: Oh… Maa he’s gone home!
AP: Should I bring something for you Ji?
DP nods no and Radikha walks in,
AP and Sujata look at her.

DP: I made a decision, my decision is that Radikha will live with us and that’s final! If anyone has a problem with it then they can talk me later!

Sujata in her head: What has happened to Bhaisa? First he forgot his memory and now he’s letting strangers in.
Lakshya: Let me tell them Papa!
DP looks at Lakshya.
Lakshya: Maa the truth is that Radikha is working in our office now and that’s why Papa wants her to stay with us so that she can learn new stuff and she has nowhere to live because her Landloard kicked her out.
They look at him, then DP angrily nods yes. All nod okay.
AP: It’s okay beta, you can live with us and treat this as your house!
Radikha smiles and nods,
Sujata: You can go to the room you lived in before.

DP looks at them and Lakshya signs Sujata,
Sujata: I mean the room you visited last time when you came here for job application. You must have forgotten, I will show you.
Radikha smiles and nods and Sujata takes her, Lakshya takes DP to his room.

At night in the Baadi,
Swara: The dinner was good na?
Ragini: It was not good but awesome!
Mishti comes there and Swara and Ragini look at her, Mishti turns around,
Ragini: Mishu!
Mishti turns around,
Swara: Where are you going Mishu?
Mishti: I though you two are angry or upset at me….
Ragini and Swara laugh,

Swara: Why will we be upset at you, your our sister!
Ragini: Sister!
Mishti smiles and Swaragini open their arms and Mishti runs and hugs them. Swaragini…title…tune…plays….
They break the hug and go to sleep.

Aansh and Arnav reach the Baadi,
Arnav: Why are we here?
Aansh: I need to talk to her,
Arnav: Who?
Aansh: I will be back.
Arnav: Aansh wait!
Aansh leaves,
Arnav: I wonder what this boy will do?
Arnav waits by the car door.
Aansh goes into the Gadodia house, he enters a room, he sees two people sleeping, he goes to one side, he sees Ragini and is memorised, her hair falls on her face, he pushes it back with his fingertip, she feels his touch and wakes up, she gets shocked and was about to scream when Aansh puts his hand on her mouth and grabs her hand and takes her to the terrace. Arnav hears something and looks up.

Ragini: What are you doing here?
Aansh: Aunty…Aunty I was here to meet you!
Ragini: To meet me?
Aansh: Haa Aunty I couldn’t stop thinking about you!
Ragini looks on,
Aansh: Your so beautiful that this moon even looks useless I front of you.
Ragini smiles and gets shy.
Aansh brings her closer, Ragini closes her eyes!
Aansh: Aunty this moon has to be useless because I’m the hottest one here!
Ragini opens her eyes and Aansh starts laughing,
Ragini: Are you here to tease me?

Something goes into Raginis eyes and she shouts quietly.
Aansh: What happened?
Ragini: Something went in my eyes!
Aansh: Let me see.
Aansh comes closer and opens her eyes and blows. Arnav sees this from downstairs and thinks that they are kissing,
Arnav: I need to record this and show it to Radikha, Aansh is way ahead me!
Arnav takes his phone out and puts it on record and points it up,

Aansh: Is it better?
Ragini tries to open her eye but fails, he moves forward again and blows on it, Ragini is looking at him with her other eye and na tumara hua….na hamara hua…..plays.(Sawere) Aansh looks at Ragini and freezes.
Ragini: Aansh are you done?
Aansh doesn’t say anything and looks at her memorised.
Ragini: Aansh!!
Aansh comes in his senses and let’s go, Arnav records it and sends it to Lakshya and Radikha.
Ragini opens her eyes and looks at Aansh,
Aansh: Vo…um…I need to go now!
Ragini: Thanks.
Aansh smiles,
Aansh: Aunty if you come out in this age then this has to happen na?
Ragini gets angry and chases him.
Ragini: Aunty and me? Have you seen yourself? 50 year old Grandad!!
Aansh: Aunty there is no one hotter than me here,
Ragini: Yeah sure, Dream on!!

Aansh: Aunty, get some glasses!
Ragini: I think you need a mirror to realise the truth.
Aansh: I don’t want the poor mirror to crack seeing you.
Ragini gets more mad and increases her speed but slips and Aansh holds her, they share and eye-lock.
2 minuets later…
Aansh: Aunty careful, you might break a leg in this age and end up in hospital!
Ragini smiles and kisses him on the cheek, he is stunned and Ragini shyly runs away.
Aansh stands there in shock.

Precap: Lakshya receives the Video and is shocked to see it, Radikha looks at the Video and looks on shocked as well. DP asks Radikha what happened?

(thank you Lilly for helping❤️❤️)

Credit to: Halima

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