Swaragini (Heart Connection) Episode 27


The episode begins with DP asking for Aansh.
Lakshya: Who is Aansh?
Radikha: He will come out when he wishes to expose himself in front of you all.
Arnav: Aansh is our brother.
DP: Aansh is Pragyas son.
Radikha: My brother, we are twins but not fraternal twins.
Lakshya: Fraternal?
Mishti: When you are twins and born on the same day but you don’t look like each other.
Lakshya: Ohh. So Aansh is my brother too?
Radikha and Arnav nod,
Lakshya: How many more Papa?
DP stares at him and Lakshya puts his head down.
Mishti looks at Aansh and DP sees this and figures out that he is Aansh and smiles, he makes a normal face again,

DP: Who is this?
Lakshya: Papa he is Neil my friend!
Aansh: Hi uncle!
DP in his head: Why isn’t he telling everyone he is Aansh.
Mishti: I’ll leave Uncle.
DP nods and Mishti goes out,
Aansh: Uncle I’ll be back
Aansh goes after her.

Aansh: Mishti!
Mishti stops but she doesn’t turn around, he walks up to her.
Aansh: Mishti, why did you bring Arnav here?
Mishti: I only did what was right! I would’ve exposed you as well Mr Aansh Maheshwari!
Aansh: Shush, say my name quietly or don’t say it at all!
Mishti: Why, are you afraid that everyone will hate you, you deserve hatred from everyone not Love!!!
Aansh: I didn’t do anything that day!
Mishti: Stop digging up the past!
Aansh: I have to because I truly loved you!
Mishti: Loved me? That shouldn’t be coming out of your mouth, because you will never understand
what love is!
Aansh: I do and if I say it from betraying angle then your team betrayed us!

Mishti: You played with my feelings!
Aansh: I didn’t, I agree it was a plan but I actually love you!
Mishti: But I hate you!
Mishti turns around and walks.
Aansh: Tara!!
Mishti stops and tears come out,
Aansh: Neil didn’t betray Tara!
Mishti turns around: But Aansh betrayed Mishti!
Mishti leaves and Lakshya is standing there dazed, Aansh angrily punches the wall and Lakshya goes after Mishti.

Mishti is sitting outside the hospital bench. Lakshya comes there and sees her, he goes and sits next to her.
Lakshya: Hi Mishti.
Mishti looks up and sees Lakshya, she was about to leave when Lakshya grabs her and makes her sit close to him.
Mishti: What are you doing?
Lakshya: I..I heard everything between you and Neil I mean Aansh

Mishti looks at him,
Lakshya: I even heard Neil and Tara!
Mishti: Listening to people’s conversation is not a sign of good manners!
Lakshya: Well you were listening to ours.
Mishti: What do you want?
Lakshya: I want to know what happened and who is he?
Mishti: Why should I tell you?
Lakshya: Because he is my brother and I want to know how he betrayed you.
Mishti: I don’t want to dig up the past, I controlled myself very easily.
Lakshya: Okay I will ask Aansh then!
Lakshya stands up and turns around and was about to leave,
Mishti: It started 15 weeks ago, we both were undercover agents, our teams were rivals and we were chosen to expose a drug mafia and they were in a competition, my father, sorry I mean my step father was the boss of our company.
Lakshya: What do you mean step father?
Mishti gives him the report and he opens it and is stunned to find out that she is Shekhar Gadodias daughter.
Mishti: My real father is Shekhar Gadodia!
Lakshya: Then what happened?
Mishti: Then we were sent to the place with different names, Mine was Tara and His was Neil. We didn’t know each other, we became friends and we found out that we are rivals but soon we fell in love and we caught and exposed the drug mafia, but the real truth was that all those love and emotions were fake!
Lakshya: How did you find out?

Mishti: I told him my real name and he told me his and I warned him our love is risky and you shouldn’t fall for me but he used me, I told my Baba and he was ready to meet his and they did but they shot my Baba.

Lakshya looks on,
Lakshya: They shot him?
Mishti: When I reached there I heard his uncle telling my Baba that Aansh didn’t actually loved your daughter, he played with her feelings and he used her to win!
My baba and his uncle took out their guns and shot each other, I was standing there shocked, he saw me and I ran and after that I didn’t see him, met him or talked to him. I know my team shot his team first but he betrayed me. Neil and Tara were friends but Mishti and Aansh….
Mishti starts crying and Lakshya touches her shoulder and she hugs him and Lakshya hugs her back.
Mishti: He used me Lakshya, he….
Lakshya: Don’t worry Mishti,
Mishti breaks the hug and wipes her tears,
Mishti: He came here with that name and I left Tara behind, I can never be Tara and never Neil’s friend and Mishti and Tara…not even a chance!
Lakshya: Don’t worry Mishti, I promise I won’t tell anyone.
Mishti: Thanks Lakshya

Lakshya: You can call me lucky
Mishti: Lucky? Why do people call you lucky?
Lakshya: Why
Mishti: Because your Unlucky!
Lakshya: Unlucky and me?
Mishti: Yes!
Lakshya: I’m not unlucky!
Lakshya puts his leg out and a man trips, he looks at Lakshya and Lakshya looks on.
Lakshya: I’m sorry Bahi,
Man: Couldn’t you keep your eyes forward?
Lakshya: I…
Man: You were saying loudly I’m Lucky I’m lucky but now….
He looks at him and goes, Mishti starts laughing, Lakshya looks at Mishti, Lakshya smiles, Mishti stops.
Mishti: You are meant to be angry not smiling.
Lakshya: I made you smile and that’s enough, see Lucky made you smile!
Mishti: No the uncle did!
Aansh reaches there and sees Mishti and Aansh laughing, Mishti sees him and Ignores him.
Mishti: Unlucky, did you ever fall in love?
Lakshya: No, I liked someone but she left me and slapped me!
Mishti: Who?
Lakshya: Ragini, I don’t know what she thinks of herself.
Mishti: Your talking about my sister!
Lakshya: I’m sorry.
Mishti: It’s okay and I remember why she slapped you.
Lakshya: You were there?
Mishti: Yes.
Aansh looks at them and gets abit angry.
Mishti: You should go get your brain checked!
Lakshya: Okay I will and I’ll tell you the results as well!
Mishti: I need to go, bye.
Lakshya: Do you want me to drop you?
Mishti: No it’s okay,
Lakshya: Are you sure?
Mishti nods and takes the report leaves.

Lakshya enters the hospital,
Dr: You can take your father home today as he is recovering really fast,
Lakshya gets happy and thanks the doctor.
He enters DPs room and sees the original and old DP, he sees Aansh, Arnav and Radikha standing there.
Lakshya: Papa are you ready?
DP nods and gets up,
Aansh: We need to think of how to get Arnav into the house.
Lakshya in his head: He’s gone now, papa will start his lectures on him now.
DP: Why plan why can’t we take him straight?
Radikha: Because Papa, they will ask us how we found out and why didn’t we tell before. Then along with Arnav’s truth our truth will come out too.
DP nods and Lakshya is stunned,
Lakshya: I think we should stop Aadarsh Bhaiya and send Arnav Bhai instead then two days later Aadarsh Bahi will come out and then everyone will tell the truth to Arnav!
DP looks at him.
Radikha: I agree with this plan, what’s say papa?
Aansh: I don’t get it!
Radikha: So basically An…Neil, we swap Arnav and Aadarsh,
Aansh nods no,
Lakshya: So we kidnap Aadarsh Bhaiya from the airport and then send Arnav in his place to the house and then we let Aadarsh Bhaiya out after two days and everyone will get shocked seeing them and then they won’t find out that we now and both of our works would be done!
Aansh: It’s okay but what was the reason for this Swap be for them?
Radikha: Don’t worry we will think of one!
DP: Is this going to work? If it’s Lakshyas Idea then it will fail 100%!
Radikha: Don’t worry we will have plan B.

Arnav comes in,
Lakshya: First we need to change his looks and teach him how Aadarsh Bhaiya talks,
Radikha: Walks
Aansh: And behaves.
Radikha: You could’ve rhymed it!
Aansh: It’s not a nursery. And where will we keep Aadarsh?
DP: Farmhouse!
All look at DP,
Arnav: Whatever you guys are doing is wrong and can’t we directly talk to him and tell him instead of making plans?!
DP: I agree with Arnav!
Aansh: First you were ready and now… I don’t know.
Arnav: Maa always says that there is no other victory than truth and using the wrong path is not a sign of truth!
DP smiles and remembers Pragya,
Radikha: Offo Arnav, okay we will tell him but what will you say? That I’m your brother, will he believe you?
Arnav: He has a wife and I can’t face her or the family!
DP: Lakshyas plans are never too good and we are not doing all this and we will only tell the truth.
Radikha: But telling our truth will hurt Aunty!
DP: There is no other way of getting Arnav’s truth to everyone!
Lakshya: Okay we will talk to Aadarsh Bhaiya tomorrow!
They all nod, Lakshya gets a call and he goes into the corner and answers it.
Lakshya: Hello?
He gets shocked and disconnects the phone.
DP: What happend?
Lakshya: Aadarsh Bhaiya is at home!
All look on.

Mishti comes,
Sumi: Where were you beta, we were so worried for you!
Mishti: I’m sorry, I had some work to do!
Sumi: Okay, fresh up and I’ll serve you some food.
Mishti nods and leaves,
Daadi comes there,
Daadi: How long is she staying with us?
Sumi: Maa..
Daadi: Shut up, my house isn’t any orphanage that you pick anyone anytime and serve them here!
Sumi: But Maa…
Daadi: No but Maa, I want her out as soon as possible!
Shekhar: Maa you want to know the truth then come with me!
Sumi: Shekhar…
Shekhar: No Mishta, today she will know the truth.
Shekhar takes Daadi to his room and Sumi follows.

Ragini is sitting in her room, she is thinking how Aansh had not exposed her, she then checks her phone and saves his number. She smiles looking at the Necklace and puts it in the drawer. Ragini looks at the photos and finds a photo with her and Aansh, she is looking angry and he is sticking his tounge out and has his arm around her, Ragini smiles and goes into a flashback, in that flash back it shows that after making the deal with Aansh he takes her phone and takes a selfie, she comes out of the flashback and thinks to call him.
Swara comes in, Swara is on the phone with Sanskaar.
Swara: I’ll call you later!
Swara disconnects the phone and Ragini looks at her.
Ragini: Who was it?
Swara: No one!
Ragini: Don’t you think that you and Sanskaar are getting abit too close nai?
Swara: Ragini!
Swara blushes and the episode ends.

Precap: DP brings Radikha home and Mishti is standing at the door and Shekhar and Sumi look on shocked!

(Thank you for liking and I’m so sorry for the confusion, let me clear it, so…Radikha and Aansh are DPs Najayaz(without marriage) children (Pragyas children) then Arnav is Aadarshs twin and AP is their Mother, Mishti is Sumi and Shekhars daughter.)

I hope it cleared your confusion and if you have any questions then comment below and thank you❤️


Credit to: Halima

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