Swaragini (Heart Connection) Episode 26

They all rush DP to the hospital, the Dr takes him to the OT.
Sujata: Swara beta what happened?
Swara: I don’t know Aunty, I came and saw him rolling of the stairs and he was bleeding, I didn’t know what to do so I shouted!
Radikha is in tears,
AP: Radikha you tell us what happened?
Radikha acts: Aunty I don’t know!!
Aansh and Lakshya get suspicious.
Sumi goes to AP and AP hugs her with teary eyes.
Sumi: He’s going to become better, don’t worry.
AP: It happened again!
Aansh takes Radikha and Lakshya follows,
Aansh: Tell us the truth!
Radikha: What do you mean?
Lakshya: We know you were lying, tell us what happened!
Radikha: I don’t know what you are talking about!
Mishti comes there,
Aansh: We want to know the truth, did you push him?
Lakshya: Haa or Naa?
Aansh: Haa or Naa?

Radikha: Haa!!!
All are shocked,
Radikha: Haa I pushed him,
Lakshya: Why?
Radikha: I had my personal reasons!
Aansh: What so personal that you want to kill him?
Radikha: I don’t want to kill him but I want him to get his memory back!!
Lakshya: Why??
Radikha: Because!!!
Ragini comes there and says: Because she is his daughter!!!
Lakshya, Mishti and Aansh look on shocked and are dazed,
Aansh: What do you mean?
Lakshya: Ragini are you in your senses?
Ragini: I am, her full name is Radikha Maheshwari!!!
Mishti looks on and thinks: Radikha Maheshwari??
They look at Radikha and she nods yes,
Radikha: Yes she is right and my full name is Radikha DurgaPrasad Maheshwari!!!!
Aansh: Your DP’s Daughter?
Radikha: Don’t tell anyone, I want to confront him first!
Lakshya: I don’t believe you!

Radikha: You don’t need to but I need to talk to him!
Ragini: You can go through the DNA test!
Lakshya: What are you saying Ragini?
Ragini: If you want to find out the truth then do it, but your late because I already done the DNA and the result will be back today.
All look at Ragini,
Ragini: When she said she wants to meet her father then I got shocked when she said DPs name so then I took her hair and DP’s nails and sent it off for DNA, the clinic is down below.
Mishti thinks: If she is Radikha Maheshwari then….. Mishti runs to the DNA clinic.

Mishti: Kaka, is the DNA report for DurgaPrasad Maheshwari and Radikha ready?
Kaka: Okay I’ll check but can I take your name?
Mishti: Mishti,
Kaka thinks, and Kaka says: Do you know anyone called Shekhar Gadodia?
Mishti nods,
Kaka: Okay I will bring your report along with DP’s

Radikha nods and thinks why hers is here, Kaka then comes and says you need to sign here and take the reports, Mishti nods and signs and takes the reports, she opens Radikhas first and is shocked to see it the result Positive, she then thinks that her suspicion was right and he is his son!
Mishti goes to everyone, the doctor comes out of the OT
Dr: it’s an internal bleeding and there is noting to worry about and we have put a bag of blood on.
They all get glad,
AP: Thanks Dr, when will he come to conscious?

Dr: Around 1 hour.
Mishti goes up to Lakshya,
Mishti: I need to talk to you, it’s urgent.
Lakshya nods and goes with her,
Mishti: Here’s the DNA report,
Lakshya looks on, he is scared to open it but he takes it and opens it and is stunned.
Lakshya: It means Radikha is Papas daughter!
Mishti nods,
Mishti: Not only Radikha but….
Ragini comes there,
Ragini: Did you get the results?
Mishti nods yes,
Radikha and Aansh come there,
Ragini: Is it Positive or Negative?
Lakshya: It’s positive!
Aansh and Ragini look on,
Ragini: This means she is Uncles daughter!
Swara comes there and tells them that Uncle woke up and they rush to see him,
Radikha: No one tell anyone anything or him because I will!!
I need my answer!!!

They enter, they see DP sitting up and all get glad, he sees Lakshya and Sanskaar, Mishti goes outside to see the other result, she opens it and is shocked to find out that her and Shekhars DNA came out positive too. She gets teary eyed, Sumi comes there and she wipes her tears and hides then results,
Sumi: What’s happened and what’s that?
Mishti: Nothing it’s just some old papers.
Sumi: Okay come in when your ready!
Mishti nods and Sumi leaves, Mishti sits on the bench and thinks.

DP stares at Lakshya and Sanskaar,
Lakshya: Diggu are you okay?
DP: Diggu? Is this what you call your father?

Lakshya and everyone are shocked and all think that he got his memory back, Lakshya whispers to Aansh: Hitler has gained his memory!!
Sanskaar looks at Lakshya and Lakshya looks back.
Sanskaar to himself: We didn’t even have two days peaceful with Bade papa and now he’s back.
Sujata: Bhaisa?.. How are you?
DP: I’m feeling better Sujata! Where’s Ram?
Ram enters,
DP: Ram how’s the work been during my absence?
All are happy that he got his memory back and Lakshya, Aansh and Sanskaar are shocked!
AP: You can talk about this later and take rest and Dr said we can take you home tomorrow.
DP nods and everyone leave the room.
Daadi: It’s good he got his memory back.
Shekhar: Haa Maa, now we can go home.

AP folds her hands and thanks everyone,
AP: Thank you for helping me out, I will never forget your favour.
They all smile, Radikha snatches the report off Lakshya and tells him to handle all of them and I’m going to meet him.
Shekhar: We will leave now.
AP nods and Shekhar and Sumi take Daada Ji and Daadi out,
Swara and Ragini: Bye Aunty!

They leave, AP and the family talk and Radikha enters the room.

She looks at DP and DP opens his eyes and looks at her,
DP: Who are you?
Radikha: You seriously don’t know who I am?
DP: What kind of misbehaving is this?
Radikha: Ambu!!!
DP looks at her,
DP: Ambu?
Radikha: Pragya Mukherjee?
DP: Your not Pragya!
Radikha: I’m her daughter!!
DP looks on shocked,

DP: I don’t know anyone with that name! Now leave!!
Radikha: I want to know the truth, I always thought you used my Mum and left her but when I found out that you had an accident then I am eager to know more, this hatred for you in all of our hearts is wanting to come out but I am controlling mine, I didn’t tell anyone else that I’m Pragyas daughter expect from Lakshya, Ragini and Aansh.

DP is teary eyed, he looks away.
Radikha breaks down, she walks and sits next to him on the stool.
Radikha: I always misunderstood you and hated you but please tell me the truth, this feeling might change!
DP: Your Pragya, Abmus daughter?
Radikha looks at him and cries
DP: Your my daughter?
She nods yes.
Radikha: Why did you leave us and go? Why did you betray my mum? Why did you use her? Didn’t you love her? Or me?
DP nods no,

DP: I didn’t use her, I truly loved her, she left in all of a sudden and I didn’t get to meet her.
DP cries,
Radikha: I’ve been told that you were getting married to someone else that’s why she left,
DP: Who told that to you? The truth is that when I found out Pragya was pregnant, I was shocked for a bit but when I was going to meet her I had an accident and I don’t know how many days I have been in the hospital for and when I woke up they told me that she was gone and she left me for money and someone else, I knew my Pragya wouldn’t do that so I tried to find her but I couldn’t and when I reached home I found out that I was getting married and I was forced to by my dad, I tried my best finding you and your mum but I couldn’t.
Radikha: So this means that you both were betrayed.

DP: What do you mean?
Radikha: I mean that they lied to you! My mum came to your house after she told you she was pregnant but they kicked her out by saying that you don’t love her and you are getting married soon, my mum tried to talk to you but she couldn’t and your dad tried to bribe her with money but she didn’t accept it and left forever assuming you betrayed her.
DP looks on shocked,

Radikha: I’m sorry, I didn’t know the truth, my mum didn’t know you were in the hospital, I came here to take revenge but now…. I’m sorry.
She hugs DP and he hugs her back. Radikha breaks the hug and stands up,
Radikha: I won’t tell anyone else the truth, I will leave from here and never open this secret that I’m your daughter and no one will know.
Radikha turns and DP stops her,

DP: I already lost your mum and I don’t want to lose you!!
Radikha: But….
DP: No buts or Vuts!!!!
Radikha smiles and they both laugh. Radikha wipes her tears and his.
Radikha: I think we should wait till the right time to tell everyone but there is one more truth that I need to tell you
DP: What??

AP: All of you leave and I’ll stay here.
Lakshya: No Maa you go and rest I’ll stay with Papa!
AP: But….
Lakshya: Do you want Papa to like me???
AP nods
Lakshya: Then go and let me bond with him!
AP nods and smiles,
Aansh: I’ll stay with him if you want?
Lakshya: Yes we both will and when we need anything then we will call you!
They all nod and leave.
Sujata: JiJi I’ll go with Sanskaars Papa and Uttra and you can go with Sanskaar and Parineeti!
She nods and they get into the cars and leave.
Lakshya lets out a big sigh, Mishti comes there, Arnav comes there too.
Lakshya: Aadarsh bahi aap? Weren’t you coming back tomorrow?
Lakshya looks at his clothes,
Mishti: He isn’t Aadrash! He is Arnav Maheshwari!

Lakshya looks on shocked,
A flashback is shown when Mishti bumps into him and she gets stunned,
Mishti: Arnav Bhaiya?
Arnav looks at her, he tries to walk away but she stops him.
Mishti: I was coming to search for you, come with me.
Arnav: Where Mishti?

Mishti: Just come!
The Flashback ends, she brings the nurse in and they enter the room.
DP and Radikha look at them and Radikha looks shocked to see Arnav. Arnav looks at DP.
DP is shocked to see all of them.
DP: Is he Arnav?
Mishti: The nurse will tell you all, speak!!!
Nurse: It’s true, Arnav is DurgaPrasad Maheshwaris son, I’m sorry sir I lied to you on that day that your other son died but he was stolen, I was afraid that you would sue us.
DP gets angry, a flashback is shown when AP gives birth to twins and the doctor tells them that one of them died and AP and DP get heartbroken, the flashback ends.
DP: Because of your carelessness this happened but I’m letting you off but not next time!!! Now Go!!

The nurse leaves,
Mishti: It’s not only Arnav Bhaiya, he has another….
Arnav stops her,
Arnav: What is all this? Is this him Radhu?
Radikha nods,
Arnav: So this is the man who left our Mum? I know she wasn’t my real mum but she wasn’t less either!

Lakshya: How many shocks will I receive in a day? So Arnav and Aadarsh are twins and Arnave got stolen and then your mum found him right?
Arnav: Yes, Maa found me and took me before they could sell me, she went to the hospital and found out I was DurgaPrasad Maheshwaris son and she got shocked and left with me.
Radikha: Yes, and I’m 7 months older than him.
DP: Where’s Aansh?
Lakshya: Who is Aansh?
And the screen freezes on Aanshs face.

Precap: Mishti looks at Aansh and DP figures out he is Aansh. Then DP declares that Radikha will live with them and then they all make plans to make Arnav come in front of the whole family.

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  1. Its really confusing
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    1. Aadarsh and Arnav are Twins and they are APs sons, when AP gave birth to them Arnav was stolen and Pragya found him, she went to the hospital and found out that the baby was DPs son so she took him with her and took care of him

  4. Halima I am confused who is radhikas mother
    is arnav and adrsh Ap son or pragyas son?????plz tell

    1. Radikha is Pragyas daughter and Aadarsh and Arnav are APs sons and Arvan got kidnapped when he was small and Radikhas mum (Pragya) took care of him.

    1. Thanks

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