Swaragini (Heart Connection) Episode 25


In Lakshyas room:
DP: It’s all your fault Murli!!
Aansh: Did I force you to say, come save me?
DP: If they see our messages then we are double gone!
Sanskaar: What messages?
Lakshya: Don’t worry Diggu, you locked your phone right?
DP: Yes but…
Aansh: How will they access your phone then and all of you I’m sorry, because of me you….
Sanskaar: No Murli, your our brother and it is our duty to save you.
Lakshya: What exactly happened?
Aansh: So basically, I thought of a plan, and the plan was to make Tanu enter the room and as soon as she enters a bucket of black goo falls on her, but instead of her, Daadi went.
DP: When he first told me the plan I was not ready, then I thought about it and agreed, it was me who set up the bucket.
Lakshya: You guys…….

Radikha enters and smirks,
Radikha: I knew it was you, Murli and DP, what did you think?
They get shocked to see her.
DP: What..what do you mean?
Radikha: You clearly know what I mean!!
Radikha shows them the video she made and they look on,
Lakshya: You made a Video??
Radikha: I’m not that stupid, I knew you would confess and I made a video to expose you all!
She was about to leave when Aansh stops her,
Aansh: What do you want?
Radikha: Now you came to the point, I want DP to say sorry to me for misbehaving!
They all look at DP and DP nods no!
Lakshya: Diggu, apologise if you want to save yourself from your father!
DP thinks, he then says: I’m sorry Tanu for misbehaving with you and you can wear whatever you want!
Radikha smiles, she then looks at all of them.
Radikha: DP, I’m sorry too, I shouldn’t have slapped you, I…I was angry and I lost my cool, I’m sorry!
DP and everyone look on, DP smiles and Radikha smiles too.
Radikha: You all are safe!
They smile and let out a sigh.

Radikha was about to leave when DP stops her,
DP: Do you want to join our group?
Radikha: But it’s the boys..
DP: You can if you want!
DP puts his hand forward the Radikha thinks and puts it on top and the Lakshya then Sanskaar and finally Aansh, they all smile and pull their hands up.
Radikha: Team?!
All: Team!!
Radikha leaves and they look at DP,
DP: I only did this to help her reform!!!
Lakshya: Ohhhh Okay!
All think.

Aansh is standing on the terrace and thinking, Ragini reaches there,
Ragini: Neil.?
Aansh turns around and sees Ragini.

Ragini: Thanks!
Aansh: What do you mean Aunty?
Ragini gets angry, she was about to leave when Aansh says: I was joking, don’t leave like this Aunty!
Aansh: Your welcome, I promise I won’t tell anyone!
Ragini smiles,
Ragini: I was so worried but now I feel like I can trust you!
Ragini looks at Aansh,
Aansh: How can you fully trust me?
Ragini: Because till now you didn’t expose me!
They both laugh then a flashback is shown when Ragini was in the kitchen and Aansh comes in, he grabs her arm and takes her to a corner,
Ragini: What are you doing?
Aansh: I need your help!
Ragini: What help and why should I help you?
Aansh: Because what she did to Dugs and Maa wasn’t good, how would you feel if she did that to your Maa and Baba?
Ragini thinks, she then says: So you want to take revenge from Radikha?
Aansh: Radikha?
Ragini: Yes, I met her before and her name is Radikha, and she is…..
Ragini thinks that she shouldn’t tell Neil about her and DP uncle!
Aansh: She is what?
Ragini: Um….. I’m ready to help you!

Aansh: Really?
Ragini: Yes, I’m ready!
Aansh: That’s like my Aunty!
Ragini slaps him on the shoulder,
Ragini: Aunty, am I your Aunty?!!
He laughs and runs from there,
Aansh: Your my one and only Aunty!!!
Ragini glares and he leaves,
Then the flashback ends and they both look at each other.

Ragini: How did you get my number?
Aansh: I got it of Swaras phone.
Ragini: How?
Aansh: Her phone was on the table open so I thought to close it but I went to her contacts and got your number and texted you the plan.
Ragini: Very smart of you,
Aansh: Aunty, we have to be smart, but you in this age??
Ragini: Haha very funny, NOT!
Aansh: Aunty, too much laughing isn’t good!
Ragini: Oh really, to much mischief isn’t good either, you would have got caught and dragged me down as well!
He smiles and remembers Mishti saying this to him,
Aansh: Is Mishti your sister?

Ragini: No!
Aansh: Oh, cause she is your sister for Dugs!
Ragini: I really want her to be my sister!
Aansh: Please, I don’t want another Aunty!!
Ragini: Okay I will leave now and I hope I don’t see you tomorrow!
Aansh: Wait, Aunty do you want to be friends?
Ragini: But it will ruin your reputation because being a friend with an Aunty??
Aansh: I don’t mind, at least I will get to play with you Aunty!!
Ragini laughs and forwards her hand, Aansh smiles,
Aansh: Is this how you become friends?
Ragini: What’s wrong, this is how you start your new friendship!!
Aansh hugs her, she looks on shocked,
Ragini: What are you doing?
Aansh: Oh sorry Aunty, I forgot you don’t have enough energy to hug me,
Aansh breaks the hug and Ragini glares at him and he smiles,
Aansh: This is how I make my friends!!
Ragini: Good for you!
Ragini leaves and smiles.

Mishti is in her room, she is sitting down and thinking, she sees the letter and it says Open on the 2nd February 2016, she is thinking what’s so special about this letter that it takes ages to open.

She puts it back in her bag, she sees a necklace and her smile disappears, she holds it and thinks, she remembers how Aansh gave her this necklace, tears come out of her eyes and it goes into a flashback:
Aansh: This is for you,
Mishti: For me?
Aansh: Yea for you!
Mishti: Why?
Aansh: Because I Love you,
Mishti: Oh really?
Aansh: Yes and despite knowing your truth I still love you!
Mishti: But this love is risky!
Aansh: I don’t care, I can even give my life for you!
Mishti smiles,
Mishti comes out of the flashback and cries,

Mishti: I’ll never forgive you Aansh!!! You lied to me and broke my trust!!
Janam Janam Janam……tune…..play……
Mishti then wipes her tears, and says: I’m not going to fall weak and I Hate you Aansh and I will prove to you that I’m not weak!!
Ragini comes there,
Ragini: Are you okay Mishti?
Mishti smiles and says: Yes, why?
Ragini: Oh okay, is that your necklace?
Mishti nods,
Mishti: You can have it if you want.
Ragini: Are you sure?
Mishti: Yes, take it
Mishti gives it to Ragini and Ragini takes it.
Ragini: Thanks!
Mishti: It’s okay and it will suit you more with this Blue suit!
Ragini: It wouldn’t!
Mishti: It will,
Ragini: I feel uncomfortable in these anarkali dresses and suits.
Mishti: Same but what can we do?
They laugh,

Ragini: You take rest, I’ll leave.
Mishti nods and Ragini leaves.

Radikha is sitting with DP, DP is lost and she asks him what happened?
DP: Nothing
Radikha: Nothing? You can trust me DP!
DP looks at her,
DP: I think I didn’t tell tell you!
Radikha: You didn’t and come on tell me!
DP: I’m worried about Ambu, I wonder where she is!
Radikha: Ambu?
DP: Pragya,
Radikha gets shocked,
Radikha: Pragya? Pragya Mukherjee?

DP looks at her,
DP: Do you know her?
Radikha: Uh… Uh I….
DP: Please tell me, I really want to talk to her,
Radikha angrily: After betraying her you want to talk to her?
DP: I didn’t betray her, I Loved her! And I still do, she left in all of a sudden, and I couldn’t stop her…. This is what actually happened.
It goes into a flash back where DP proposed to Pragya and she happily accepted it, then DP found out she was pregnant and he was about to go to her when he had an accident and he was in the hospital. DP comes out of the flashback and Radikha looks on.
Radikha: It means you didn’t tell betray her?

DP: I don’t know what happened, I was in the hospital for many days and now I want to meet her and see her, how will she manage without me? She is carrying my baby and I want to accept her!
Radikha then thinks that he didn’t betray my Mum and she was Wrong, she then takes DP near the stairs and pushes him. DP falls and Swara sees him and shouts, the whole family members reach there and are shocked to see DP bleeding and on floor, Radikha then acts and shouts DP, she runs down the stairs and goes near him,
Radikha: DP, DP please wake up!
AP: What happened?
Radikha: He fell down the stairs! Stop wasting time and take him to the hospital!
They all nod yes and take him.

Precap: DP wakes up and everyone are glad, Mishti is shocked to find out…..

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Credit to: Halima

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