Swaragini (Heart Connection) Episode 23


(Okay I saw the comments on episode 22, I will count the votes and tell you which pair won, until then please enjoy the episode!?)

The episode begins with Lakshya holding Ragini, Aansh comes there and sees them,
Aansh: Sorry!
Ragini stands up straight, she glares at Aansh and Lakshya, Ragini walks away and Lakshya stares at Aansh.
Aansh: What?
Lakshya: You came on the wrong time, couldn’t you come later?
Aansh: You should have texted me and told me.
Lakshya: Haha very funny, not!!
Aansh: Funny, I don’t see anyone laughing!
They hear DP shouting and get shocked looking at each other.
They run downstairs.

DP: How dare you!!!
Everyone look on shocked,
DP: Speak!!!
Aansh: What happened?
DP: Ask her.
Lakshya signs Radikha what? She signs she doesn’t know.
DP: How can she wear such short clothes?!
Radikha looks at him,
Aansh: Just for this small thi….
DP: It’s not SMALL!!!
Lakshya: Chill!!
DP: She is our family’s respect and she should be ashamed of wearing these type of clothes and going out!
Aansh: What’s wrong with them?
DP stares at Aansh.
DP: Murli! She is your sister and your duty is to protect her and not to let her out like this!
Lakshya: But Diggu she has….
DP: Shut up Pogo, she is your sister too!
DP: Do have any shame or not, how can you wear a short knee length dress with skinny tights?
Radikha glares at him.
Radikha: But I…
DP: Enough and go get changed!
Radikha: NO!!!
Everyone look on and sign Radikha to go but she ignores them.
Her and DP look at each other.
Radikha: No! Why should I go and get changed? If you can wear these jeans and shirts then why do you have a problem with me? Do you have any shame or not, it’s my choice and my life!! If my Maa has no problem then who are you?!!
DP and everyone look on shocked.
Radikha: You know what? I hate you, you don’t deserve anyone’s love!!
Aansh: Look, um…Tanu!
Radikha: You shut up, it’s between me and him.
DP grabs Radikhas arm and forcefully takes her to the room, everyone tell him to stop and go behind them.
Radikha: Leave me!!
She pushes DP and slaps him.
All are shocked,
AP goes to her and slaps her,
She touches her face and looks up!
Radikha: How dare you touch me?!!
DP looks stunned.
Radikha pushes AP and says Stay away!
Lakshya and Aansh get angry and lock her in a room.
Radikha: Open the door!!!
Radikha bangs on the door.
DP: I don’t mind whatever she did to me but you Mausi Ji, whatever she did to you was unbelievable,

Radikha hears him and shouts: Shut Up!! She’s not my mother and open the door!!
Aansh: We will not until you calm yourself.
DP: What happened to her Mausi Ji?
Lakshya: Diggu, she…she is angry at Maa and she has a bad influence, she’s behaving like her friend and she’s going worser by day!
DP: Oh I see, but we need to control her before.
Aansh: Dugs I apologise from her behalf!
DP: It’s okay Murli, don’t worry.
Daadi to Shekhar: This girl is unbelievable, I hope she mends!!
They all leave.

Swara is fixing some clothes, Sanskaar comes, he sees Swara and shuts the door, Swara hears a sound and looks back.
Swara: Sanskaar?
Sanskaar: Naa it’s Neil!
Swara: What are you doing here Sanskaar?
Sanskaar: I came here to meet you!
Swara: Oh really?
Sanskaar: It’s been ages since I talked to you Revti.
Swara smiles
Swara: But Ram, what else are we meant to do?
Swara and Sanskaar laugh.
Sanskaar comes forward and Swara moves back, he grabs Swara and pushes her on the bed, she looks on shocked, he takes out some flowers and pours it on her, she smiles. Sanskaar leans forward and on top of Swara, Swara looks at him.
Sanskaar whispers: I love you Swara and in this dress you look beautiful.
Swara closes her eyes, he leans forward to her ears,
Sanskaar: I can’t believe I fell for YOU!!
Swara smiles, someone knocks on the door, Sanskaar doesn’t move, Swara opens her eyes in shock and Daadi shouts: Open the door!!!
Swara and Sanskaar get up shockingly.
Swara nervously: Coming..Daadi!
Sanksaar runs and hides behind the door and Swara opens it.

Ragini is fixing her dress and walking, she clashes in to Aansh,
Aansh: Careful Aunty! Don’t tell me you need glasses?
Ragini: I don’t you do!!
Aansh: Oh please Aunty, I think you need hearing aid too!
He smiles Ragini angrily tries to slap him but he holds her hand, Lakshya is comes and stands there.
Ragini: Leave my hand!!!
Aansh: No Aunty, what will you do??
Ragini sees Lakshya a little bit and acts to fall on Aansh but he holds her, Ragini looks at Aansh and
Lakshya looks at them,
Aansh quietly: There’s something on your lip?
Ragini tries to look but he comes closer to her and Lakshya thinks they are about to kiss, he thinks of something and runs there.
Lakshya: Aansh… Vo….
Aansh and Ragini stand up.
Ragini was about to leave when Aansh grabs her hand and says: It was a spot!!
Ragini touches her lips and feels a spot, she goes away!
Lakshya looks at Aansh angrily, Mishti comes there and sees Lakshya chasing Aansh and Aansh slips and Lakshyo holds him and they share and eye lock.
Mishti in her head: Disgusting!!! How can they do…
They see Mishti and stand up straight and look at her.
She gives them a disgusting look and walks away.
Lakshya: No listen….
Aansh acting: Why tell her our secret?
Lakshya looks at Aansh weirdly and they both laugh.

Swara looks at Daadi, Daadi glares at her.
Daadi: Why did you take too much time to open the door?
Swara: Vo Daadi….
Daadi: What Vo Daadi? Has a snake bit your tongue?
Swara nods no, Daadi comes in and Sanskaar secretly goes out but he turns around and winks at Swara.
Daadi: Why are you staring there?
Daadi turns around and finds no one.
Swara: Daadi do you need something?
Daadi: No, I came here to check on you, but I need to get Shekhars Papa orange juice but I can’t go all the way downstairs but…
Swara: Don’t worry Daadi, I’ll go.
Daadi: But…
Swara: No Daadi, don’t worry.
Swara leaves and Daadi smirks.

Lakshya is at the terrace, he is thinking why he got angry when he saw Neil and Ragini.
Aansh comes there with DP and Sanskaar. They tap on his shoulder and Lakshya turns around.
DP: What are you doing, come quick lets go!
Lakshya: Where?
Sanskaar: Even I don’t know, they just brought me.
Aansh grabs his hand and takes him.
They reach near a room and Hide behind the pillar,
Lakshya: What is this?
DP: Shush!!
Aansh: Wait and Watch!!!

Precap: Daadi screams and the boys run.

(thank you Lilly❤️❤️❤️) I will be waiting for more comments but I will let you know as soon as possible and THANK YOU for commenting❤️❤️❤️

Credit to: Halima

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  1. plssss yaar this is not fair aapne kaha raha ki aap issue episode me pair declared kar degi par abhi take nahi ki

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    but anyway my vote goes to ragnsh

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