Swaragini (Heart Connection) Episode 22


The Episode begins with everyone looking shocked, Aansh and Lakshya turn around and see DP, the look on shocked too.
Aansh: Dugs, what is this?
DP: How do I look?
They all see DP wearing a wig, jeans and shirts with leather jacket and Contact lenses.
Aansh whispers to Lakshya: Wow, Uncle got a good treatment done, he looks dashing.
Lakshya smiles and punches him on the shoulder.
Lakshya: Diggu How?
DP: I went to the Spa and got all these done.
Aansh: I love your wig!
DP: Thanks.
Lakshya: I love your clothes more.
Aansh: Na, his face is hotter.
Lakshya: No way, his contact lenses are better!
Aansh: Oh really? His…his shoes are mind blowing.
Lakshya: His…his earrings are better!
Aansh: he only has one small stud!

But his…his whole makeover is better.
Ragini to Swara: What are they doing?
DP: Bas Bas! What’s going on?
Aansh: We are expressing how good you look Dugs!
DP: It seemed like you guys were fighting over me!
Aansh and Lakshya chuckle.

AP: Okay everyone, come have breakfast!
Aansh: Because of you we couldn’t have breakfast!
DP: Because of me?
Lakshya: Yes, everyone were worried for you so much that they forgot to serve us breakfast!
DP: Oh, Sorry Mausi Ji, next time I will tell you and go.
RP comes there, he looks at DP and DP runs to Sujata.
RP: Where were you?
DP: I….I was…
Lakshya: He went for a jog in the morning.
DP: Yes.

RP: Next time tell us and go!
DP nods.
Lakshya (Whispers): Diggu, was scared of his father right?
Aansh: It looks like it.
Lakshya smirks.
Sujata: Let’s not waste time and come.
All nod and go to the breakfast table. Lakshya sits down, DP sits next to him and Aansh sits next to DP. Sanskaar sits next to Swara and smiles, AP, Sumi and Sujata serve the food.
Lakshya: Diggu, give me your phone!
DP: Why?
Lakshya: Just give it.
DP gives his phone to Lakshya and changes his name to Pogo and writes Aanshs number as Murli.
Aansh gets a call and he gets his phone out. All look at him
Lakshya: Don’t pick it up!
Aansh: Dugs number?
Lakshya nods
Aansh: I’ll save it!
Lakshya changes everyone’s names and gives DP his phone back.
Lakshya: I put Murlis number in your phone.
DP: Okay

Lakshya quietly: Where did you go?
DP: I can’t tell!
Lakshya: Okay.
Lakshya messages DP and adds Aansh into it. They text each other.
Text message:
Lakshya: Where did you go?
DP: I told you!
Aansh: You didn’t tell us the full story!
DP: ?

DP: I’ll tell you later!!
Aansh: You Will never get time?
Lakshya: After 10 years you will.
DP looks up and takes a price of bread and puts it on his plate.
Aansh puts his phone on the desk and Lakshya holds his and reaches out for and apple.
DP texts: I went to search for Ambu/Pragya!
Aansh receives the message and Ragini looks at him, Lakshyas phone buzzes. They open the message.
Aansh: What??! Did you meet her?
DP: No!?
Lakshya: Oh so what happened??

Ragini looks suspicious.

DP texts and a flashback is shown when DP wakes up and gets changed, he goes out for a walk, he goes to pragyas house but does not find her, he bumps into a girl and is memorised with her beauty, he says Wow, she says excuse me?! DP says you look hot, she slaps him and says, your my dads age and what are you doing, do you have any shame or not, you old man, go sort out your looks!. DP touches his cheeks and looks on sadly.
The Flashback is ended and DP sends the message, Lakshya and Aansh read it and laugh, everyone look at them.
Aansh types: ???Dugs, that’s why you changed??
Lakshya texts: ??Diggu you are jokes?
They continue laughing.
Swara: What happened.
Aansh laughing: Oh nothing.
DP: You always laugh.
DP kicks Aansh and Lakshya and they shout ouch!!
Ragini: From Hahaha to Ouuuch!!!

Swara smiles. Aansh hears her and looks at her,
Aansh: Aunty, could you please pass me that, actually forget it, you are too old and I don’t want you to break a bone!
Ragini glares at him and he smiles. Lakshya smirks.
DP: Aunty? Who’s Aunty?
Aansh: I call De…vika..?? Aunty!
DP: Why.
Aansh: I’ll tell you later.
They finish eating. RP leaves for office.

Radikha enters Maheshwari house, she sees the family getting up. Ragini sees her and thinks about yesterday.
Everyone look at her.
DP looks on angrily and goes up-to her. Everyone think who she is.
DP: Tanushree!! Where were you from last night and where is Shalini?
Radikha looks on confusingly.
Radikha: Excuse me?
DP: What excuse me, you didn’t even come and see me.
Aansh: Loh, ab ek anjaan ladki ko Tanushree bana diya, Kal ko koi bekhari Naa le aye Shalini keh ke! (look now he made a random girl Tanushree and I hope he doesn’t find a begger and make her Shalini!)

Lakshya: Yeah I know and now she has to live with us because she is our sister!
Aansh: And I hope he doesn’t make a new Character up again!

Aansh walks up to them,
Aansh: What Tanu yaar, you came late,
Radikha looks at him. Aansh gets behind DP and winks at her with his hand folded.
Aansh: Yes now say sorry to Dugs!
Aansh makes a face
Radikha: Uh.. Okay I’m sorry I…I will not be late?!
Shekhar comes there with Daadi, Daada Ji and Mishti, they are shocked to see DP.
DP: Chacha Ji? Daadi? Daadu? Shalini?
All look at DP,
Radikha: I was with them.!
She glares at all of them.
DP: Where where you?
Shekhar: What happened?
Daadi: What’s going on?
Daada Ji: I don’t get anything
Shalini looks at Sumi, Sumi folds her hand and signals her, Mishti understands.
Mishti: Um… We took Daadaji and Daadi to the temple.
Aansh looks at Mishti.

DP: Where’s the prasad(offering)?
Shekhar looks at the family and all of them fold their hands.
Shekhar: Uh… We distributed the Prasad among the poor people.
DP: Oh okay that’s good Chacha Ji.
Daadi to herself: What’s going on and when did I become HIS Daadi??!
Daadi: What’s going on??!!!!
Lakshya touches his cheeks.
Aansh: Daadima, don’t shout in this age!!
Daadi glares at him: I’m not your Daadi!!
Aansh: But your like my Daadi right?
DP signals Aansh NO!! But Aansh ignores him.
AP: Let them rest and all of go do some work. AP takes Daada Ji, Daadi, Shekhar, Sumi, Sujata, Swara, Sanskaar, Ragini, Radikha, Mishti and Parineeti to her room.
The rest go to DPs room.

In DPs Room:
Uttra: I’ll leave.
They all nod.
DP: What were you doing out there Murli?
Aansh: What did I do?
DP: Why were you arguing with Daadi?
Aansh: I wasn’t!
Lakshya: Diggu, Murli didn’t do anything, chill and relax.
DP: Oh yeah, why do you call Devika Aunty?
Aansh looks at Lakshya.
Lakshya: Uh.. He likes to tease her that’s why.
Aansh smiles and nods.

In Sujatas room:
AP tells everyone everything and all are shocked to hear this.
Daadi: This means me and Shekhars papa have to be DurgaPrasad jis Daada Daadi?
Sujata: If I am his mother then it won’t be hard for you to be his Daadi!!
Mishti: So I’m Shalini?
Daadi: No one asked you!!
Radikha: I’m not in all this, I’m going BYE!!!
AP runs to her and stops her,
AP: Please beta, don’t go this is for my husband, please help us.
Radikha: Please Aunty I can’t do all this.
Daadi: I agree with this girl, I can’t do all this either.
AP folds her hands: Please don’t say this, it is the matter of life for my husband, I am doing all this for his welfare. Please help me.
Daadi looks at Shekhar and he nods yes and she then looks at Daada Ji and he nods yes as well.
Daadi: Okay, I’m only doing this for Shekhar and Shekhars father!
AP smiles and nods, she looks at Radikha.
Radikha: I’m sorry Aunty.

She leaves, AP comes I front of her and gets on her knees.
AP: I need your help beta, please!
Aansh comes out and sees them.
Aansh: Aunty get up, you don’t need to beg. Leave it to me!
Aansh looks at Radikha!
Aansh: Why don’t you want to become Tanushree?
Radikha: I find it ridiculous!
Aansh: So saving someone’s life is ridiculous?
Radikha: what?
Aansh: Exactly,if you don’t know the whole situation then don’t take action, know everything.
He looks at Mishti.
Radikha: But why me???
Aansh: Because he chose you, are you not doing this because you can’t act?
Aansh laugh.
Radikha: I know how to act okay!
Aansh: Show me!
Radikha: Oh please, I don’t need to show off!
Aansh: See I told you all she doesn’t know acting.
Aansh walks away,
Radikha: Oh hello, I do okay!
Aansh smirks.
Radikha: He wants proof, I’ll give it!!
Radikha looks on.
AP: You can leave if you want I won’t force you!
Radikha: No Aunty, I’ll prove to him that I can do it and I will help you.
AP smiles and in her head she says thank you Neil!
Everyone smile.

Mishti walks down the corridor and she clashes with Lakshya, he was too busy on his phone. He looks up and sees Mishti wearing Anarkali suit and her hair tied in a braid.
Lakshya: What happened?
Mishti: I seen you somewhere, but where?
Lakshya: You must’ve, Lucky is worth remembering.
Mishti remembers Lakshya nearly hitting her with a car.
Mishti: You! So it was you who was about to kill me?
Lakshya: Kill you when?
Mishti: Don’t you remember, outside the coffee shop.
Lakshya remembers.
Lakshya: It was you who came I front of my car.
Mishti: Oh hello, I didn’t come in front, your car came out of nowhere.
Lakshya: You just stood there, it’s not my fault.
Mishti: Your the one who cheated Ragini.

Lakshya: Your the one who held my hand!
Lakshya glares at her and she glares at him.
She walks walks but slips and Lakshya holds her.
Lakshya: Careful, was your intention to touch me? If you wanted touch me then you could’ve asked straight away.
Mishti: I’m not a cheapo like you!
I was not fond of touching you.
She looks down and finds a ring, she picks it up. Lakshya looks at the ring and takes it.
Lakshya: My ring?
He puts it back on his fingers.
Mishti: Wow now you purposely put your ring there so I could fall. Unbelievable!
Mishti goes and Lakshya looks on.
Lakshya turns around and sees Ragini coming, he thinks that Mishti slipped because of his ring and throws his ring on to the floor, Ragini slips and Lakshya holds her, she looks at him and Aansh reaches there.

Precap: DP shouts at Radikha and everyone are shocked.

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Credit to: Halima

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