Swaragini (Heart Connection) Episode 21


The episode begins with Sumi and AP looking at each other.
Lakshya: Dugs, Tanu and Shona are gone out.
DP: Shona?
Lakshya: Yeah, we call Shalini Shona.
Swara glares at him and looks away.
Aansh: Yeah, Tanushree is Tanu and Shalini is Shona, it will be weird if we call her Shalu.
Lakshya giggles.
DP: It’s 8:00pm and they are still out? Mausi Ji, call them home.
AP: I will call them but you go rest! Pogo Murli and Ram go with Duggu.
Lakshya: Ji Maa
Aansh nods and Sanskaar leaves with DP.
AP: I’m sorry Sumi, because of me you…
Sumi: No Anu, it’s okay I understand the situation.
AP smiles: Come I’ll take you to your room.
Sumi nods and AP takes her, Swara and Ragini.
Sujata: I wonder why Bhaisa is punishing us.
Uttra: Maa!!
Sujata: Shut up and go to your room.
Uttra leaves with Parineeti.
RP: I have some work to do so I’m going.
RP leaves.
Sujata: Everyone left so why am I still here? I’ll go as well.
She leaves.

In DPs room:
Aansh: Dugs who’s Ambu?
Lakshya: Oh yeah, you were telling us about Ambu!?
DP: Forget it.
Lakshya: No tell us.
DP: Don’t you seriously remember?
Aansh: Dugs, if we remembers then we wouldn’t have asked you.
DP: Ram must have remember, right Ram?
Sanskaar nods no.
DP: Okay, Ambu is Ambika.
Sanskaar: Ambika?
Lakshya: Amibka?
Aansh: Whos Ambika now? Don’t tell me she’s your love interest.
DP nods and all get shocked.
Aansh and Lakshya burst out laughing. Sanskaar looks on.
Ragini, AP, Sumi and Swara hear them and they stop.
Swara: What happened why are they laughing so loud.
Ragini: I don’t know, they laugh 24/7!!
AP knocks on the door.
DP: Shut up you two,
Lakshya and Aansh stop,
Sanskaar: Yes who is it?
AP: It’s me, are you okay?
Lakshya: Yes Maa, we are fine.
AP: Are you sure?

DP: Yes Mausi Ji.
AP: Do you need anything?
Aansh: No Au…
Lakshya kicks his feet
Aansh: No Maaaaaaaaaaaaa
Ragini: Has snake bit him or what?!
DP looks at him.
DP: What happened Murli?
Aansh glares at Lakshya.
AP: Murli are you okay?
Aansh: Yes Maa, don’t worry.
Aansh thinks and gets abit emotional.
AP: Okay I will leave.
Sanskaar: Okay Mausi Ji.
They leave.

DP: Why were you laughing?
Aansh: Dugs, Ambika seriously?
DP: She lied to me, her real name isn’t even Ambika.
Lakshya: What is it?
DP: Pragya.
All stare at him,

Aansh: Pragya?
DP: She said her name was Ambika, I believed her and called her Ambu but when I found out her real name I thought to joke with her too, but I had an accident so I couldn’t meet her. Did she come?
Lakshya: No she didn’t, she probably faking to love you Diggu!
Aansh looks at him.
DP: Just Shut up Pogo, she’s not like that and intact I’m after her she isn’t.
Lakshya and Sanskaar stare at him.

DP: What??!
Sanskaar: Bahi, you love her?
DP: Naa, I’m teasing her, yes I like her but she doesn’t even give me attention.
Aansh: Okay, Dugs go to sleep and we will talk tomorrow.
DP nods and all of them exit his room.
Sanskaar: Oh God!!! I don’t know what happened to Bade papa, I hope he gets his memory back!
Lakshya: It’s better for us, because he forgot what we did and we will get to know about his past life too.
Aansh: Even I want to know what happened!
Everyone stares at Aansh,

Aansh: What? And anyways forget that but where am I staying?
Lakshya: You can come in my room!
Aansh nods
Sanskaar: Okay bye I will leave!
Aansh and Lakshya walk away.

They reach to Lakshyas room,
Lakshya: You go in and I’m coming.
Aansh nods and Lakshya leaves, Aansh opens the door and sees the room messy.
Aansh: Wow Pogos room is messy!
Aansh throws Lakshyas clothes on the floor and lies on the bed. Ragini walks by and sees the door open, she sees the room and sees Aansh.
Ragini: Chee, is this a state of a room?
Aansh gets up and see her.
Aansh: Oh Aunty you? It’s been a long time since I saw you!
Ragini: Shut up!!
Aansh: What Aunty? I can’t hear you a bit louder!
Ragini: Go get a hearing aid!!
She turns around and sees Lakshya, he looks at her, she angrily walks away. Lakshya looks behind,
Aansh: She’s gone my brother, she won’t look back!
Lakshya walks in,

Aansh: What’s that?
Lakshya: Your luggage
Aansh: My luggage, how do you have it?
Lakshya: Your brother gave it.
Aansh thinks, he gets a message and opens it, he reads it and says: Yeah I just got a message from Arnav Bhai, he said he dropped it.
Lakshya nods and shuts the door.

At Gadodia house:
Mishti: Uncle, where’s Aunty, Swara and Ragini?
Daadi: What’s it to you?
Shekhar: Maa, stop being mean!
Shekhar: Mishti beta go to your room.
Mishti nods and leaves.
Daadi: Who is she and why is she here? It’s been a week and you still haven’t told me!
Shekhar: Maa wait till the right time!
Shekhar leaves,
Daadi: I don’t know what this girl has done on my son and I wonder who she is! If Shekhar doesn’t tell me up find out myself!
Daadi leaves.

Morning in Maheshwari house:
Aansh wakes up and sees Lakshya sleeping next to him. Aansh looks at the time and it’s 9:45am,
Aansh: It’s 9?!
AP knock on the door.
AP: Murli, Pogo!!!!

Lakshya wakes up with one eye open.
Lakshya: What happened?
Aansh: I don’t know
Aansh shouts: What happened?
AP: Quickly come downstairs!
Lakshya: Okay!!
They get up and get changed.

They walk downstairs looking all tired.
Ragini: Now they come, after 10 years!
Lakshya and Aansh look at Ragini.
Aansh: Aunty we are still young, I don’t know if you changed in these 10 years?
Lakshya smirks.
AP: Enough!! You guys think it’s funny?
Lakshya all tired: Maa what happened?
Aansh rubs his eyes.

Sumi: Your Papa has gone missing!
Lakshya and Aansh widen their eyes and say: What!!!
Sanskaar: Yeah it’s true, we searched everywhere for Bade Papa!
Aansh: Chill guys, he’ll be back.
DP comes in and all are shocked to see him.

Precap: A girl slaps DP and Radikha enters the Maheshwari house.

(??Thank you sooooo much!!❤️❤️ I loved reading your comments and I hope I continue entertaining you like this!)

Credit to: Halima

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  2. After accident scene its bit confusing…seriously not able to understand last few episode..like memory loss,ambu,ansh entry….i mean after that night club party and sanskar dual life revealition…i m confused…plz someone help me…n summarize it for me frm there….plzzz

    1. DP had an accident and he forgot his memory, Aansh is also known as Neil and Mishti is known as Tara, it went back into what happened in two weeks while DP was in coma and now it came out of it, now it’s showing how DP forgot his Memory.
      So basically DP sees Sanskaar and Lakshya he gets angry and has an accident, it then goes to a flashback of what happened in the past two weeks and now it came out of the flashback and it shows how DP doesn’t remember he goes 25years back to the past life and he forgot everyone’s real names and Aansh is Lakshyas friend and DP names him Murli as Lakshyas Brother and it continues from after he comes back from the hospital, and also Ambu/Pragya was his old lover. I hope this helps?

      1. Thank you …u made my day…

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