Swaragini (Heart Connection) Episode 2

The episode stars with Swara walking down the stairs, she reaches the last 4th step and slips, just in time Sanskaar comes and holds her before she could fall, Swara: Thank you, if you would’ve not come then I would’ve been in the Hospital
Sanskaar: It’s okay you don’t need to say thank you and it was my duty
Swara: There are few of you in this world that remember their duties
Sanskaar: What do you mean?
Swara: Nothing and by the way I’m Swara
Sanskaar: Nice to meet you Swara, I’m Sanskaar
Sanskaar forwards his hand towards Swara and Swara smiles and Shakes it
Swara: I never seen you before
Sanskaar: Yeah I just came back yesterday from London
Swara: Ohh, are you related to Lakshya?
Sanskaar: yes he’s my cousin

Lakshya comes to Swara and Sanskaar
Lakshya: What’s going on here?
Sanskaar: Nothing, we are just talking
Lakshya: Oh
Swara: What do you want so called hero?
Sanskaar and Swara start laughing, Lakshya looks at them
Sanskaar: What?
Lakshya: Bahi! Are you meant to be on my side or theirs?
Sanskaar: listen Lucky, I’m not on anyone’s side

Lakshya leaves
While walking he sees Ragini going to the kitchen, he follows her and peeks in to see if there is anyone else apart from Ragini, he comes in and locks the door

Ragini: Thank god you came Swara or else that so called hero would have eaten me alive
Ragini looked back and sees Lakshya
Ragini: Um…. I d..didn’t mean
Lakshya comes closer and Ragini stops talking, she moves back as he moves closer
Lakshya: What did you say?
Ragini: Nothing
Lakshya comes even more closer and holds her waist and pulls her towards him and whispers into her ear
Lakshya: What were you saying earlier?
Ragini closed her eyes, she then went forward near his ear, she whispers you look
Lakshya closes his eyes, she gets shy and turns around, Lakshya holds her arm and pulls her forward again
Ragini: You look…you look…. Like a rotten and burnt egg!!

She moves back and starts laughing, Lakshya opens his eyes and looks at her, she runs to the door and opens it
Ragini: You shouldn’t have messed with Ragini Gadodia if you didn’t want to listen to that.
Lakshya: Ha ha so funny
Ragini: Now you realise it’s funny
She laughs and goes out leaving Lakshya angry

Precap: Lakshya and Sanskaar come to badi at night

(Thank you so much for liking my story and commenting, and I hope you continue liking it and MeRrY cHrItSmAs to everyone who celebrates it) ?

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