Swaragini (Heart Connection) Episode 19

Episode 19:

(There is a change of character,
Mishti/Tara: Smriti Khanna
But the rest are same)

The episode begins with Ragini standing on the dance floor, she signals the DJ and he turns the music on and she dances on…aise karte hai party…..
All look at her and are shocked.
Neil looks at her and smiles,
Neil: Lucky, Aunty is actually really good!
Lakshya: Ragini, dance?
Swara looks at Ragini, Sanskaar smiles and cheers on with Kavita.
Lakshya goes on the dance floor and starts dancing with her.
The music finishes and Ragini demands for more, but Lakshya takes her, all of them come out and Lakshya smiles,
Lakshya: I didn’t know you could dance!
Ragini: Obviously I can and better than you.
Lakshya laughs: Better than me? No maybe in your dreams!
Lakshya looks at him and Ragini gives him the glares.
Lakshya: Ouch my arms are hurting.
Ragini looks at him.
Lakshya: Your so heavy Ragini.
Lakshya laughs and Ragini gets angry.
Ragini: Your calling me fat? Your the worlds heavy elephant.
Lakshya: Elephant?
Ragini: Naa a rock. Wait you know what you are a rock, Sanskaar is stronger than you!
Lakshya: Oh really?

Ragini: Yeah, your just an old rotten stick.
Ragini laughs and Lakshya looks at her.
Ragini slips and falls into the water.
Lakshya looks down and starts laughing. Ragini glares at him.
Ragini: You think this is funny?
Lakshya doesn’t stop laughing. Ragini gets the water and splashes it on Lakshya and laughs.
Ragini: Now do you think it’s funny?
Lakshya: You…
Sanskaar comes there and looks at them,
Sanskaar: What happened? And Ragini are you okay?
He holds Raginis hand and gets her up
Ragini; Yes and thank you for at least helping me up unlike some people here.
Lakshya glares at her.
Sanskaar: Come, Swara is waiting for you.
Sanskaar leaves and Ragini stands there, Aansh comes.
Lakshya: Neil tell your Aunty to stop doing these stuff at this age!
Aansh smiles.
Ragini: Neil tell your friend to apologise.

Lakshya: I will not.
Ragini: So why should I stop.
Lakshya gets angry. Ragini glares at him.
Lakshya: Tell her to stop or she will get a heart attack.
Neil and Lakshya both start laughing.
Ragini: You both brothers are DEVILS!!!
Neil stops laughing and says: We are not brothers. And in his head: We never will be.
Lakshya: We are like brothers.

Swara comes there and sees Ragini.
Swara: Ragini what happened?
Ragini: Ask them.
Neil: Aunty is just being a drama queen.
Lakshya: Yeah and we don’t know what happened. She just spilt this water on me.
Swara: Lucky say sorry!
Lakshya: I won’t.
Swara: Neil…
Neil: Sorry Swara, I …

Swara: You both are just unbelievable!
Ragini: They like teasing people. Sometimes I forget there not real brothers.
Lakshya: Why should we apologise when it was her fault.
Ragini and Lakshyas fight happens, Sanskaar comes there.
Sanskaar: Oh God what happened, first they were friends but now…
Swara: It looks like they can never be best friends.
Kavita shouts: STOP!!!!!!
All shut up.
Kavita: You two should start a world war, but not here!!! If you two are done shall we go?
All of them nod.
Kavita: With all of you fighting and shouting we will not leave from here.
Sanskaar: Thank god, the only responsible one.
They all walk towards the car,

Lakshya: Bhai, I’m going with Neil.
Neil: Yeah and don’t worry I’ll do it next time.
Lakshya and Neil walk away.
Lakshya looks back, Ragini glares at him and he sticks his tounge out and glares at her.

Mishti is sitting down on the sofa,
Sumi: Mishu, do you want anything to eat?
Mishti: No Aunty I’m fine, Mishu?
Sumi: Sorry beta, I called you Mishu, I….
Mishti: No it’s okay, you can call me Mishu, it’s just no one called me Mishu like you did.
Sumi smiles, Ragini and Swara come home, Sumi sees them and gestures to Swara what happened and Swara gestures 1 minuet.
Sumi: Ragini, What happened?
Ragini: Maa, I slipped and fell.
Sumi: Go inside and get changed.
Swara: Maa, who is this?
Sumi: This is Mishti.
Mishti stands up: Hi.
Swara and Ragini look at each other.
Shekhar comes out and says: She will be staying with us.
Mishti: Yeah only for few days because Papa said to.
Swara walks upto Mishti,

Swara: Hi I’m Swara and that is Ragini.
Mishti waves at her.
Sumi: Swara, Ragini, go take Mishu to her room.
Swaragini look at each other and think Mishu?
Then they nod and take Mishti with them.
They are walking up the stairs,
Swara: Ragini what time is it?
Ragini: It’s 2:56pm
Swara: Mishti, are you new here?
Mishti: Yes, it’s my first time in Kolkata.
Ragini: Here is your room.
Swara: And your luggage is there too.
Mishti: Thank you.
Swara: If you need anything then call me!
Mishti nods. Swara and Ragini go from there and Mishti shuts the door. Mishti goes and gets changed.

Ragini and Swara come to their room and Ragini goes to get changed. She comes out.
Swara: Ragini… What I was thinking, shall we take Mishti out to show her Kolkata?

Ragini: Yeah sure, I don’t mind and it will be a great opportunity to know her.
Swara: True, so I’ll go ask her and I’ll meet you downstairs.
Ragini nods.
Swara goes to Mishti, she knocks and Mishti opens the door.
Swara: Hi, I was wondering if you want to go out with us to see Kolkata?
Mishti: Are you sure?
Swara nods.
Mishti: Okay, I’ll get changed and meet you downstairs.
Swara smiles. Swara leaves and goes downstairs.
Ragini: What did she say?
Swara: She was happy and she said yes.
Sumi: Where are you planning to go.
Swara: Maa, we are taking Mishti out to show her around Kolkata.
Sumi: That’s good but have you asked your baba?

Ragini: Maa, you know na?
Sumi: But Rag…
Shekhar comes there
Shekhar: Where are you going?
Swara: Baba, we just wanted to show Mishti around Kolkata since she is new.
Shekhar looks at Sumi.
Shekhar: Okay you can go.
Ragini: Thank you Baba!!!
Daadi comes there,
Daadi: Where are you sending them?
Shekhar: Out with Mishti.
Daadi: Mishti?
Mishti comes out wearing jeans with black shirt and red blazer.
Mishti: I’m ready.
Sumi: Okay you three leave and come back soon okay!!?
Swara and Ragini nod and take Mishti with them.

Daadi: Who is Mishti and what is she doing here?
Shekhar: Maa she is going to stay with us.
Daadi: But why??
Sumi: Maa we will tell you when it’s the right time.
Daadi: But I want an answer now!!!
Shekhar: Maa, we will tell you tomorrow!
Daadi stares at Sumi angrily and leaves.

Precap: Lakshya and Ragini have a fight.
Mishti and Aansh meet.

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