Swaragini (Heart Connection) Episode 18


The episode begins with Sumi looking shocked, she looks at the girl.
The girl: Aunty are you okay?
Shekhar comes there and looks at Sumi,
Shekhar: What happened Sumi and who is this?
Sumi gives the letter to Shekhar and he reads it. He gets shocked,
Sumi: Mishti?
Mishti: Yes, but how do you know my name?
Sumi looks at her with teary eyes,
Mishti: How stupid, my name must have been mentioned on the letter right?
Shekhar looks at her with teary eyes.
Sumi: Did you read this letter?

Mishti: No, I was forbidden, I have several other letters with dates on them and I am not allowed to open them before that.
Mishti gets a letter out and shows it to Sumi and Shekhar,
Mishti: I don’t know why Baba said to come here, he said to go to Kolkata and then to Sharmishta Bose’s house.
Shekhar: Come in.
Mishti: Are you sure you won’t mind me staying here?
Sumi: Why will we, your our….
Shekhar touches Sumis hand and Mishti looks on confusingly.

Ragini and Shruti are walking, Ragini tells her what happened and Shruti bursts out laughing.
Ragini: Do you think it’s funny? Fine then bye!!
Shruti: No Ragini listen…..
Ragini walks away, she walks towards the water. She turns around and bumps in to Aansh and falls into the water.
Ragini: Help, Help!!!!
Aansh: Oh fish….
He jumps into the water and grabs her, Lakshya comes there, Aansh takes Ragini out and puts her on the floor. They look at Ragini. Lakshya runs towards Ragini and moves Aansh out of the way.
Lakshya: Ragini, Ragini open your eyes.
He wiggles Ragini and she opens her eyes. She coughs water out.
She looks at Aansh,
Ragini (Angrily): You again?!!

Lakshya: You know him?
Aansh: Aunty you?
Ragini: Aunty?!!
Lakshya laughs, she looks at Lakshya and he stops.
Aansh: Why were you trying to commit suicide over that small thing,
Ragini: I wasn’t! You pushed me!!
Aansh: I pushed you, no Aunty your mistaken. I saved you!
Ragini gives him the evil glares.
Lakshya: So Neil, are you okay?
Aansh: Yes I am okay and thank you for asking!
Ragini: Neil?? I thought your name was Aansh.
Aansh looks on.
Aansh: No, um… It’s Neil.
Ragini looks on confusingly,
Aansh: Aunty don’t stress much!
He laughs and smiles, he winks at Ragini.
Aansh: Lucky, I’ll meet you near the cafe.
Lakshya looks at Ragini,
Lakshya: Yeah you go I’ll come.
Aansh leaves.
Ragini: Is his name really Neil?
Lakshya nods,
Lakshya: I met him yesterday.
Lakshya picks Ragini up and takes her to a shop.

Swara and Sanskaar are near the Car,
Sanskaar: Where is Kavita?

Kavita comes and says: I’m here.
Kavita comes and sits down at the back seat. Swara tries to but Kavita locks the back doors, Swara then opens the front door and sits in the front. Sanskaar starts driving,
Sanskaar, takes them to a Cafe.
Kavita: What is this Saanky.
Swara: Yeah Sanskaar why are we here?
Sanskaar doesn’t say anything and takes them out, he then takes them outside the Cafe.
Sanskaar: Meet my friend Neil.
Neil(Aansh) greets everyone, he looks at Kavita.
Kavita: I seen you somewhere, but where.
Neil(Aansh): You must have seen someone else. Because I’m new in Kolkata.
Kavita nods but gets suspicious.

Lakshya takes Ragini to the clothes shops, he asks her to pick out a dress.
Ragini: No I’m fine!
Lakshya chooses a dress for her.
She takes it and goes into the changing room to get dressed. She comes out wearing blue knee length flurry dress with blue jumper. She dries her hair and Lakshya is memorised. Ragini snaps him out.
He pays the bill and takes Ragini out.
Ragini: Lakshya why did you pay?
Lakshya: So.
Ragini: So what, I could’ve paid.
Lakshya: You can repay me if you want.

Ragini: How?
Lakshya: Come with me.
Ragini: Lakshya……
They reach outside the Cafe. Ragini sees Swara, Kavita and Sanskaar there.
Neil(Aansh): Hi Aunty! And what are you wearing, in this age it doesn’t suit you!
Everyone: Aunty?
All start laughing, Ragini glares at Aansh.
Sanskaar: Shall we go?
Yeah, they enter the Cafe and go to the backdoor.
Lakshya: Are you all ready?
Neil(Aansh): So here we go.
Aansh(Neil) opens the door and all of the go inside. They see a pub and it is less noisy and loads of people are there.
Man: Sir where are you going?
Sanskaar, Lakshya and Neil show their hands and the man lets them in.
Swara: What is this?
Sanskaar: This is the place where we met Neil and we come here often.
Swara looks at him.
Lakshya: So Aunty..
Ragini looks at him.

Lakshya: Sorry Ragini, what do you want?
Neil(Aansh): What are you saying, does Aunty drink too?
Lakshya: No.
Aansh walks away to meet some of his friends.
Lakshya: Your so boring Ragini, I mean we don’t even behave like friends! Friends Party with me but you….
Lakshya smirks and walks away.
Ragini: What do they think of them selfs, Watch Lakshya and Neil, you will regret.

Lakshya walks up to Aansh(Neil)
Aansh(Neil): If you like her then tease her. And if you want her then make her jealous.
Lakshya smiles,
Lakshya: I will! And I will treat her like the Old Lakshya used to, I love teasing her.
Neil: Thanks for telling me before.
A flashback is shown when Lakshya tells Aansh to bump into Ragini and save her, also tease her.
Neil: Why do you like teasing her?
Lakshya: I don’t know, maybe she looks cute.
Neil starts laughing.
The flashback ends and they both laugh.
Lakshya: Now the next step….
Ragini walks up to the bar and orders one drink, she drinks it and comes on to Lakshya and Neil.
Neil looks at her: Aunty can’t even dance!
Lakshya: Your right, Ragini what are you doing here?
Ragini: I can dance!!
Lakshya: Yeah only traditional.
Neil and Lakshya laugh.

Neil: Traditional?!
Ragini looks at them and smirks.

Precap: Ragini dances on the dance floor, all are stunned.

Thank you so much for the lovely comments,
Aansh/Neil: Parth Samthaan
Mishti/Tara: Sonal Vengurlekar
Radikha: Adaa Khan
Arnav: Looks like Adarsh.

Do you all seriously want Ragaansh? Ragini and Aansh?

Thanks Lilly❤️

Credit to: Halima

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