Swaragini (Heart Connection) Episode 17


Swara and Sansaar reach there and look on surprised, they see the decorations and look at each other, they see a table in the middle and roses on the floor and candles on the outside,Kavita comes out and says Surprise!!
Kavita grabs Swara and Sanskaars hand and takes them to the table.
Kavita: Sorry guys, because of me you had to take so much trouble, I just wanted to surprise you with this.
Sanskaar: But why Kavu?
Kavita: What why? Saanky enough with this.
Swara: But Kavita you didn’t have to do this.
Kavita: I done this for you and Saanky, now sit down and bye!!
Swara: Kavita…..
Kavita runs from there.
Sanskaar: Since we are here, we might as well eat. Sit down.
Swara: What? Well anyways okay, I’m only here for Kavita.
Sanskaar: Oh really?
Swara: Naaa, obviously.
Sanskaar: Not for me?
Swara laugh, Swara: For you?
Sanskaar glares at her, he laughs as well.
They share an eye-lock, Swara breaks it and sits down on the table.

Ragini is walking down the road holding groceries, a car comes and and passes by, the mud goes on Raginis clothes and she shouts. The car stops, Ragini puts her bags down and walks up to the car, a man comes out of it,
Ragini: What the hell, couldn’t you drive carefully?!!
The man: Sorry, I didn’t mean to hit you with this mud,
Ragini: Go get the driver out, I want to meet him!
The man: Listen please…
The other guy comes out of the drivers seat, he walks up to Ragini and takes his glasses off.
The guy: Arnav Bhaiya, what’s happening, come quick I’m getting late, you know Maa!?
Arnav: Yeah I know but this…
Ragini (Angrily): So it was you who was driving?
They guy nods, he looks at Raginis clothes and starts laughing.
Arnav: Aansh, stop laughing.
Ragini looks at him angrily,
Ragini: Does this look funny to you? Couldn’t you see while driving, were you wearing a blindfold?
Aansh stops laughing,
Aansh: Sorry Aunty, I was in a hurry
Ragini opens her mouth, she then says: Do I look like an Aunty to you?
Aansh: Well…
Arnav: Aansh!! Listen we are sorry for all this,
Aansh: Bhai why are you saying sorry? It’s my fault so I will. Sorry Aunty?..
Ragini gets angry and Aansh smiles and leaves with Arnav. He looks back and winks.
Ragini glares at him.

Swara and Sanskaar finish eating,
Swara: Shall we go?
Swara gets up and Sanskaar does too,
Sanskaar: Listen Swara I want to say some thing to you.
Swara nods
Sanskaar comes close to Swara and bends down onto his knees
Sanskaar: I.. Love you Swara from the first time I saw you, in fact from childhood.
Swara gets shocked, she is standing there dumbstruck.
Sanskaar: I feel like you are my everything and I feel comfortable sharing my personal and whole life with you, Swara..today I mustered some courage and said this to you or else I wouldn’t have, I…just…I just love you for who you are.!
Swara gets teary eyed.
Sanskaar smile: Swara…with your smile my whole day goes perfect and your eyes make my day, seeing you happy, I automatically smile, if you don’t want to accept my proposal then it’s okay I will understand.
Sanskaar stands up and looks at Swara, Swara is still standing in shock with teary eyed.
Swara: Sanskaar look I….
She looks at Sanskaar and runs towards him and hugs him, tere vaste mera Ishq sufiyana…..tune…..plays….
Swara: I love you too, from the second time I saw you, no one ever said this to me.
Sanskaar and Swara smile, they break the hug and Sanskaar looks at Swara, he wipes her tears and hugs her back.

Ragini reaches home,
Sumi: What happened Ragini?
Ragini puts the bags on the table and turns around,
Ragini (angrily): Don’t even ask, what does he think of him self?
Ragini goes to her room, she gets a pair of clothes out and goes to the bathroom.
Sumi thinks of what must have happened, she then goes to put the groceries to the kitchen.
Ragini comes out wearing, pink shirt with long black skirt, she wears her black jumper on top, she walks outside.
Sumi: Where are you going Ragini:
Ragini: Maa I’m going to cool down but I will be back, I’m going with Shruti.
Sumi nods and Ragini leaves, Daadi comes there and glares at Sumi.
Daadi: If you pamper them too much then they will go out of your hand!
Sumi: Maa don’t worry, nothing will happen!
Daadi: Don’t try to teach me!
Daadi leaves in anger.

Lakshya reaches the hospital and gives AP the luggage, he looks at DP and gets emotional.
AP: Look Lakshya, your Papa isn’t even waking up.
Lakshya: Maa don’t worry, Papa will quickly cauz he won’t spare me after.
AP looks at him confusingly
Lakshya: Anyways Maa, you take care of yourself and Papa, I’ll leave.
AP nods and he kisses her on the cheeks and leaves.
Lakshya leaves the hospital and sees Aadarsh, he tries going after him but he bangs into a lady.
Lakshya: Sorry Aunty, I’ll pick it up for you.
He picks up the stuff and gives it to her, she smiles and leaves. Lakshya looks up and tried finding Aadarsh but he couldn’t. He thinks what Aadarsh is doing here if he had an important meeting.
He sits in the car and drives off.

A girl enters the Baadi, she asks for Sharmishta Bose and a women points at her house, she goes there and knocks on the door, Sumi goes and opens the door, she sees her and says yes,
The girl: Does Sharmishta Bose live here?
Sumi: Yes it’s me,
The girl gives her a letter, Sumi takes it and opens it and reads it, the screen freezes on Sumis shocked face.

Precap: Ragini bumps into Aansh and looks on angrily.

(Thank you all sooo much❤️❤️❤️ Thank you Lilly❤️)

Credit to: Halima

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