Swaragini (Heart Connection) Episode 16


Kavita walks off and Sanskaar drives off, Swara looks at Sanskaar,
Sanskaar: What happened?
Swara: I still can’t believe this is you?
Sanskaar: Yeah I know, the other me is still me but shareef for Bade papa!
Swara laughs, She stops and says: You lied to me and I’m still upset.

Lakshya is driving and he reaches the Baadi, Ragini gets out and Lakshya too,
Lakshya: So…
Ragini: So what Lakshya?
Lakshya: Nothing, bye
Ragini: Bye
Ragini walks towards the the Baadi door, Lakshya grabs her hand and she stops, he turns her and brings her closer to him,
Ragini: What are you doing Lakshya?
Lakshya: I’m your friend and your not giving me a bye hug?
Lakshya looks at her and smiles, he lets go of her and they both laugh, Lakshya remembers what he did in childhood, he pulls Raginis hair and she gets irked and he runs. She tries to go behind him but she stops, he gets into the car and winks at her, she looks on angrily, Lakshya drives off and in her head she says: You watch Mr Lakshya Maheshwari……
She smirks and walks inside the Baadi.

Swara and Sanskaar reach there, both of them come out of the car, he smiles at Swara and she looks at him, she goes forward and he says Swara, she stops and turns to him.
Sanskaar: I’m sorry Swara
Swara: It’s okay,
Sanskaar: Are you angry at me?
Swara: No, why would I?
Sanskaar: Because your not behaving like the original Swara, your gone quite!
Swara: it’s nothing, I’m just tired!
Sanskaar: Are you sure?
Swara: Yes, I…
Sanskaar kisses her on the cheeks and Swara gets shocked, he smiles and Swara touches her cheeks, he gets in the car and drives off, Swara turns around and says You.. But she doesn’t see him.
She walks inside the Baadi,

It’s morning:
Swara opens her eyes and sees a text message, she opens it. Kavita: Come meet me at Howrah Bridge at 9:45am, and you must be thinking how I got your number right? Well I stole it from Sanskaars phone ? and this is Kavita by the way!
Swara smiles, she checks the time and sees its 8:45am, she has one hour left, he looks at Ragini and finds her asleep, she gets changed and goes downstairs.
Swara: Good Morning Maa and Baba.
Sumi and Shekhar: Good Morning beta,
They smile at each other,
Sumi: Where’s Ragini?
Swara: She’s still asleep
Shekhar looks at the time,
Ragini from behind: I’m awake and I’m here.
Ragini walks forward, she sits down on the chair, Swara comes and sits down next to her,
Swara: How did you wake up early today?
Ragini: You call this early?
Swara and Ragini laugh.
Dadi comes there and looks at them.
Daadi: What time did you come back?
Swara: We came back at …
Shekhar: Maa, leave them
Daadi: Shut up Shekhar, they came late.
Sumi: But Maa at least they came home na?
Daadi: Was I asking YOU? No na so SHUT UP!!!
Ragini: Daadi please don’t…..
Daadi glares at Ragini,
Swara: Daadi come sit down and eat.
Daadi sits down and looks at Daadaji, he comes and sits down, he says start eating. They all start.

Maheshwari house:
Everyone wake up, they look at the time and it’s 8:50pm, all of them get ready and come downstairs.
Uttra: This house looks empty without Bade Papa and Badi Maa.
Lakshya: Don’t worry Uttra, soon we are going to party.
Sanskaar: What are you saying Lucky?
Lakshya: I meant with Ma and Papa.
Sujata: It’s true, when Bhaisa used to be here it was so much fun but now it’s abit boring without JiJi.
Everyone look at her.
RP: Sujata!
Sujata: What else Ji, it’s true don’t you miss your brother?
RP: I do but soon he will be back.
Sujata: That’s what I meant too.
Lakshya: Chote Papa, Choti Maa stop fighting you both look cute.
Sujata looks up and gets shy,
Sujata: Badmash! (Naughty)

It’s 9:45am and Swara reaches Howrah bridge, she sees Kavita, Kavita looks at her and walks up to her,
Kavita: Hi, it’s good you came, if you kept me waiting then I would’ve killed you!
Both start laughing,
Swara: Yeah sure..Why did you call me here?
Kavita: Wait, I’ll be back.
Swara: But Kavit…a
Kavita leaves.
Swara stands there and 4 boys come, she sees them whistling and looking at her weirdly she tries walking away but one of them stands in front of her, she then goes to the other side but sees another boy there, she turns around and they make a circle around her, Swara tries running but one of the boy holds her hand and she nudges it off.
Sanskaar comes there and punches the boy and he falls, the rest of the boys get scared and runs away with the boy who got punched.
Swara: Thanks
She smiles and he smiles back.
Sanskaar: What are you doing here?
Swara: Nothing, Kavi…
Sanskaar gets a message from Kavita and it says she needs help and she’s near the bridge, Sanskaar tells Swara and they rush there.
Swara and Sanskaar reach there and the look surprised.

Precap: Sanskaar tells his feelings to Swara and Swara is standing dumbstruk.

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(Lilly and Halima)

Credit to: Halima

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