Swaragini (Heart Connection) Episode 15


The Episode begins with Ragini getting shocked, Radikha looks at her and snaps her out of the dream,
Radikha: Have you seen DP?
Ragini thinking in her head, that she is DP’s daughter.
Ragini: What’s your mums name?
Radikha: I came here to see DP and I don’t find it necessary to tell you,
Ragini pulls her to the side and says: He’s not here, he’s coming back from hospital and are you his daughter?
Radikha glares at her
Radikha: Unfortunately yes, I’m going and I’ll come back tomorrow.
Radikha leaves and Ragini tries to go behind her when Sumi calls her,
Sumi: Ragini, quick come, Anu gave me this responsibility to decorate the house today and you have to help me, come!
Ragini: Yes Maa.
Ragini goes to Sumi and is thinking to tell Swara.

Swara and Sanskaar are fixing the decorations.
Sanskaar: Kavita told me you love me?
Swara: I know you’d just acting, she also told me you have a photo of me.
Swara slaps Sanskaar on the shoulder,
Swara: Why did you hug me I front of everyone?
Sanskaar: It was just us!
Swara and Sanskaar are smiling,
Swara: I’m here only for Anu Mausi because she told us to help decorate, I wouldn’t have even come if Maa didn’t force me to.
Swara and Sanskaar starts laughing.
Sanskaar: I can’t believe so much has happened in 2 weeks.

A flashback is shown, 2 weeks earlier:
Everyone staring at Lakshya,
Sanskaar: Lucky what are you saying?
Lakshya: I’m telling the truth. It’s his fault, he could’ve drove carefully!
Ragini: Lakshya….
Lakshya: It’s the circumstances, not us!
Sanskaar nods, Swara gets a call, she goes to the side and picks the call up.
Sanskaar calls his Dad and inform him of what happened, he cuts the call and sits beside Lakshya, Swara cuts the call and looks behind, she goes to Kavita.
Swara: Don’t worry, and I’m Swara.
Kavita: Yeah I know, and I’m Kavita, Sanskaar always talks about you and he showed me a picture of you
Swara: A picture of me?
Kavita: Oops I’m not meant to tell you na?
Swara smiles and looks at Sanskaar
Swara: Are you his…
Kavita: Sister, I mean I’m like his sister but I’m his best friend and don’t misunderstand us as couples.
Kavita laughs
Swara: No I was just….
Kavita: Yeah I know and plus I have a boyfriend!

The family come rushing to the hospital, then Sumi and the family come, Ragini runs to Sumi, AP runs to Lakshya and hugs him,
AP: How’s your Papa?
Lakshya: Maa look don’t cry, he’s gonna be okay
Sujata: Ha Didi, don’t worry nothing is going to happen to Bhaisa. And Bhaisa is not gonna leave us easily.
RP (Ramprasad): Sujata!
Sujata looks at RP and puts her eyes down.
Sumi walks up to her and says: Don’t worry Anu nothing’s going to happend to DP Ji.
AP: I wish.
She lets go of Lakshya, the doctor comes out of the theater,
Sanskaar: What happened Dr?
Dr: The operation was successful
All smile
Dr: But…. I’m sorry to say he’s in coma.
All get shocked and AP breaks down and falls on the floor, Sumi bends down and asks AP to control.
Ragini comes to AP and bends down,
Ragini: Mausi, don’t worry nothing will happened, if you believe he’s going to get better then he will and now he needs all of your love and trust me after seeing this love he will get better soon.
AP hugs her and Lakshya smiles from behind.

Everyone leaves, they come out of the hospital.
Lakshya: Uncle if you want I can drop Swara and Ragini.?
Shekhar looks at him.
Daadi: No need, they can come with us.
Lakshya: But there’s…
Daadi glares at him and he shuts up touches his cheek with his finger tips.
Sanskaar: Yeah Daadi, There will not be enough space.
Daadi: But…
Shekhar: Okay and Maa don’t worry.
Daadi: Shekhar how can you trust them?
Shekhar: Maa! Let’s go, come
They sit in the taxi and Daadi glares at them from the window and leaves.
Sanskaar: Kavita do you want me to drop you?
Kavita: Yeah, who else will?
Sujata and RP come out,
RP: Sanskaar, we are going home with Adarsh and Parineeti and Uttra.
Sanskaar nods and they leave.
Kavita comes in front of Sanskaar,
Lakshya: I’m going home to get Papas stuff.
Ragini: I’ll come with you because they are going to take long time and I want to go home now.
Swara looks at her,
Ragini: If you want to come then come.
Sanskaar looks at her, Kavita looks at Sanskaar and understands the situation.
Kavita: No sorry, She’s going with us as I wanted to know her more.
Swara: But..
Kavita grabs her hand and takes her towards the car.
Sanskaar: Okay Lucky, I will then take them and you take Ragini
Lakshya nods and smiles
Lakshya: Good luck Bhai!
Sanskaar leaves and goes towards Swara and Kavita.

Lakshya: Come lets go.
Ragini follows Lakshya to the car.
Ragini and Lakshya get in the car, and Swara, Kavita and Sanskaar leave too.
Lakshya: Do you want to go straight home?
Ragini: Naa I want to party more!
Lakshya smiles.
Ragini: Of course I want to go home.
Lakshya: I’ll drop you of at Baadi first.
Ragini nods and touches her skin, Lakshya starts the car and starts driving.
Lakshya: Why are you touching your forehead?
Ragini: I’m checking if I got a fever or not.
Lakshya touches Raginis forehead and Ragini feels his touch and closes her eyes, Hamdard….tune….plays..
Lakshya: It’s not that hot.
Ragini (Softly): Yeah I know, I’m just tired.
She opens her eyes.
Ragini: Glue your eyes to the road not here!
Lakshya smiles: How can I when something beautiful is right next to me?
Ragini smiles and taps his head, he looks at the road and smiles.

Sanskaar is driving and continuously looking at the mirror to see Swara, Kavita sees this and she smiles.
Kavita: Saanky, Do you love her?
Sanskaar looks at her and Swara looks too, Sanskaar nudges Kavita, Kavita looks behind and sees Swara,
Kavita: Swara, Sanky loves you!!!
Sanskaar looks at Kavita and widens his eyes.
Swara smiles and her cheeks turn pink.
Kavita: Look she’s blushing, She loves you too.!!
Sanskaar smiles,
Swara widens her eyes and looks at Sanskaar through the mirror, Kavita starts laughing, Swara puts her eyes down and looks away, Sanskaar looks at Kavita and gives her the death glares, Kavita smiles and looks at him.
Kavita: What Saanky!
Sanskaar: We reached your home, now get out!
Kavita whispers: I know you love her and she does too, it’s like your made for each other.
Swara hears this and smiles. Sanskaar looks at Kavita.
Kavita: Okay fine, I’m going!
Kavita shuts the door and waves, Swara and Sanskaar wave back.

Precap: Swara is getting harassed by few boys, she tries running.

(Thank you for loving and commenting, I would love to thank Lilly for the support❤️)

Halima and Lilly?

Credit to: Halima

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