Swaragini (Heart connection) episode 14


Heart connection episode 14

Recap:DP is in hospital because he had a car crash all because he saw some females wearing inappropriate clothes he tries to ignore them with his head down and saying chee,chee,chee but unfortunately a big lorry comes he tries to turn the car but then….he hits his head and goes flying out the car.

2 Weeks later….
DP is standing at the window enjoying the bright sunlight.Meanwhile Lakshya comes to the hospital with his family.
Lakshya:mom don’t worry papa will be fine.
AP:I hope so lakshya I just hope I don’t have to wear a white saree and become a widow
Lakshya:no mom don’t say that.
They reach at DPs room everyone is shocked to see DP in such clothes like pant and top.
DP:Hey Baby I knw u were gonna cum to see me.
AP:WAT! Ji wats happened to u.
DP:WAT!Mausee ji(aunt) it’s u i thought it was ambika she said she will cum to see me.
Doctor:wat can i say he has lost his memory. He’s gon 25 years back
AP:Oh No!
At home swara and the rest r making preperations for DP when he gets home.
Swara:Ramu chah-chah(uncle) put those flowers there.
Sansakaar cums and hugs swara from the back.
Swara:cum on sansakaar I don’t hav time for this I’ve got work to do and sum 1 will see!
Sansakaar:u knw wat there’s always a time slot for romance.
Sujata:wow!look at those love birds oh I wish me nd sansakaars papa were like that but look at him he never has time for his Suji ka halwa .
Swasan are too busy hugging wen out of nowhere there pops out the postman.
Postman:is this DPs mansion?
Swasan:yes it is how can we help u?
Postman: a man called Arnav told me to giv u this oh look he’s goin there!
Swara:adarsh bhaiya?nononono u’ ve got a mis understanding he is adarsh not any Arnav and any way we don’t knw any arnavs.
Swara:no ur mistaken bye bye
Radhika:papa…papa…listen it’s ur radu ur radhika plz listen to me this can’t happen u can’t deceive me this time papa!!!
Ragini is comin Down the stairs and there she meet radikha
Ragini: oi!hey u ! Yes u I’m talking to u who r u and wat r u doin.
Radikha:I’m radikha and hav u seen my father Durga prasad I want to meet him me nd my mum hav been waiting for this moment our whole entire life.
Ragini:no no no no this can’t happen am I dreaming. Hey u alrite then comin THIS IS THE ONLY TIME BECUZ UR PAPAS (najaz aulaad)

To be continued In episode 15
Sorry guys if it’s too short but don’t forget to comment below thanks too my friend Lilly again

Credit to: Halima

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  1. Nice …update the next part soon…I like to read ur ff..upload fast…plzzz

  2. Hey I’m a bit confused ? dear….hope u give a recap in next episode

  3. Hey last update swasan were frnzz bt in this update they were romancing as lovers even sujatha approving did sumthng happened due to two weeks leap

  4. I too have same doubt swasan r frnds in previous part

  5. Nice episode

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