Swaragini (Heart connection) episode 13


The episode begins with everyone looking shocked when Swara slapped Sanskaar.
Swara: How could you Sanskaar, you didn’t tell me? Am I not your friend?
Sanskaar: Swara look…
Swara: Enough Sanskaar, I thought you trusted me but I was wrong! You couldn’t even tell me. It’s all my fault that I trusted you.
Swara turns away
Sanskaar: Listen Swara I …..
Swara: Please stop Sanskaar, you hurt me enough and I don’t want to talk to you.
Swara walks up to Ragini, Sanskaar starts singing, Swara looks at him, gustakhi….Maaf kar de…. (From Heyy Babyy)
Swara doesn’t look, later he gets on his knees and continues singing Jaane bhi de….Maaf karde… He finishes, Swara looks at him and smiles, he gets up and she hugs him.
Swara: I forgive you
Sanskaar: I’m sorry Swara, I promise I won’t hide anything from you.
Swara smiles,
Kavita: Guys the Ice cream is getting cold come and have it!

They break the hug and go towards the vendor, Lakshya pulls Ragini,
Ragini: What are you doing?
Lakshya: I need to ask you something
Ragini: What
Lakshya comes forward and leans forward to her ear,
Lakshya: You look…..you look like a rotten egg.
Ragini opens her eyes and Lakshya leans back and Laughs. Ragini then remembers how she said that to him, she smiles
Ragini: At least I’m not burnt!!
She laughs.
Lakshya runs to Sanskaar and Ragini walks to Kavita. She glares at Lakshya, Lakshya turns around and sees DP, he gets shocked, he taps Sanskaars shoulders and Sanskaar turns around and gets shocked too,
Sanskaar: Bade Papa?
Ragini, Kavita and Swara turn around, they see DP in the car glaring at them angrily, he starts driving and goes forward, Lakshya, Sanskaar, Swara,Kavita and Ragibi sit in the car and follow him.

DP is driving, he is looking angry and thinking: I won’t spare them, let them come home and Sanskaar?
He notices a girl wearing inappropriate clothes and looks straight down and says ‘Chee Chee Chee’ he looks up and finds a big Lorry coming towards him, he tries to turn but he couldn’t and he bashes into the Lorry and goes flying out and lands on Lakshyas car. Everyone are shocked.
Sanskaar and Lakshya come out and hold him, they see him covered in blood,
Lakshya: Papa wake up!
Sanskaar: Quick Lucky, we need to take him to the hospital.
Lakshya nods and they put him in the car and take him.
Swara: Don’t worry, nothing will happen to him.
Lakshya remembers all his fights with his dad, he gets teary eyed,
A flashback is shown when Lakshya falls down and DP gets angry at him for crying, DP says: Crying won’t help, you need to fight it now SHUT UP.
Lakshya wipes his tears.
They reach the hospital and take him in, Ragini changes into the Bengali Saree style and comes out,

They take DP in and start his operation, Sanskaar cries while Swara pacifies him, Lakshya is staring at the OT and Ragini comes up to him.
Ragini: Lakshya, don’t worry.
Lakshya looks at Ragini and hugs him.
Lakshya: I can’t believe this happened.
Ragini hugs him back,
Ragini: Lakhsya, shh if you cry the. Who is going to handle your family?
Lakshya: You!
Ragini: Me?
Lakshya moves back and smiles,
Lakshya: I’m not crying, I don’t want to be a cry baby like you.
Ragini slaps him on the shoulder,
Lakshya: See, when your here to cheer me up I don’t think the tears will find a way to come.
Lakshya smiles and Ragini looks at him both have an eye-lock and hamdard…tune…plays…
Swara: Sanskaar, nothing’s going to happen to Uncle, if you think negative then nothing positive will go through you, so calm down.
Sanskaar: It’s my fault Swara.
Lakshya: No bahi it’s not your fault or our fault, it’s his fault.
All look at him.

Precap: 2 weeks later.

(Thank you so much for commenting and liking? sorry for the late update? but I would like to thank my friend Lilly who helped me with this episode, Thanks Lilly??❤️) ?Sorry if it’s short)

Credit to: Halima + Lilly❤️

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