Swaragini (Heart connection) episode 12


The episode begins with Lakshya, Ragini and Swara looking on shocked, Lakshya was about to go up to Sanskaar but Sanskaar goes on the stage floor and starts dancing, Imandari…ki bemari..chor ke aaj…dor ke jaa… Besharmi ki heights….. Plays…. Sanskaar dances with girls and Lakshya widens his eyes, Swara was about to faint when Ragini and Laskhya hold her.
Ragini shouts: SWARA ARE YOU OKAY?
Swara nods, she stands up straight and looks at Sanskaar.
Sanskaar comes off the stage and notices them, he then turns his head, Lakshya runs after him but he runs into the crowd and starts dancing, Lakshya too jumps, Swara and Ragini go after him.
Sanskaar moves forward each time they come close,
Everyone: Wow Saanky you were awesome.
Then the same girl that hugged him came and took him to the bar.
Lakshya looks around and doesn’t find him, Ragini went forward and slipped, Lakshya catches her and they share an eye-lock, Swara coughs. Ragini gets up and Lakshya looks around.

Swara: NO!
Ragini gets out of the crowd and Lakshya and Swara follow on.
Ragini goes to the bar and sees Sanskaar, Sanskaar gets up and was about to leave when Ragini holds his hand and everyone at the bar look on. Swara and Lakshya reach there too.
Lakshya: Bahi..?
Ragini leaves his hand and Sanskaar looks at the time and he notices it’s 9:55pm.
Sanskaar: There’s still time.
Swara grabs his hand, he grabs the girls hand, she grabs Lakshyas hand and Lakshya grabs Raginis.
Swara comes outside and sees everyone, she looks at Sanskaar.
Sanskaar puts his eyes down, Lakshya comes forward.
Lakshya: Bahi? You and here?
Swara: What is this.
Sanskaar: Hi, meet my best friend Kavita
Kavita: Hi guys!
Lakshya: Bhai tell us the truth.
Kavita: I’m in the front.
Sanskaar: Get in the car and I’ll explain everything.
All of them get in to Lakahyas car, Sanskaar sits in the driving seat and Kavita on the next one, Ragini, Lakshya and Swara sit at the back. Sanskaar starts driving.

Sanskaar: So, you guys whatever you saw in there forget.
Swara: How can we?
Lakshya: Yeah Bhai, tell us the truth or I’m sending Papa your video.
Sanskaar stops the car shockingly and turns around.
Sanskaar: You made my video?
Lakshya: Bhai tell the truth!
Sanskaar: Chill Lucky, I know you wouldn’t send the video
Sanskaar starts laughing, Lakshya is shocked.
Sanskaar: You know Kavita, Lakshya is sacred of Bade Papa so much that he wouldn’t send the video because he will get in to trouble him self, he doesn’t have the courage!.
Kavita smiles and looks back
Swara: Sanskaar?
Sanskaar: What? You guys look serious, chill and if your serious all the time then your boring!
Sanskaar and Kavita laugh and High five.
Ragini: We asked you a question, why are you two faced
Sanskaar: I’m not two faced, this is the real me.
Swara: Why hide it?
Lakshya: Because of Papa.
Sanskaar: Correct, you don’t know Bade Papa, if he sees me here like this then….tell them Lucky.
Lakshya: Yeah Papa is boring and strict, he doesn’t enjoy these parties and he behaves like he never been to parties.

Lakshya looks on upsettingly.
Sanskaar: I hid this from Bade Papa because if he found out then he would have kicked me out of the house and never let me in, he doesn’t like all this and he is strict, you should meet him and you will feel like hiding yourself. I have to go at night and be the real me!
Swara: why don’t you just tell him?
Lakshya and Sanskaar start laughing.
Ragini: Have courage and tell. No need to laugh like this.
Lakshya: since you have courage you might as well go!
Ragini looks at Lakshya and he sticks his tongue out.
Kavita: Guys stop it, I know Bade papa, I met him before he’s cool.
Lakshya: Cool? He’s the opposite of happiness.
Kavita and Sanskaar laugh.
Sanskaar: Bade Papa is serious, over small and little mistakes he punishes us and if he finds out about this then…
Kavita: Yay we’re here.

Sanskaar: I haven’t even started driving.
Kavita: I know so let’s go!
Sanskaar starts driving.

They reach to a outside ice-cream parlour,
Kavita: Oh my favourite ice cream parlour, let’s go.
Kavita, Lakshya and Sanskaar get out of the car, Sanskaar goes and opens the door for Swara and Ragini, they both come out.
Lakshya: This parlour?
Kavita: Yeah, my favourite. Rahi Bhais ice cream parlour.
They see a man with ice creams outside and opposite a shop.
Kavita goes up to him and she speaks Bengali,
Swara: Are you Bengali?
Kavita: Yes I am. If you want to know more then as Saanky for more details.
Swara takes Sanskaar to the side and slaps him, all look on shocked.

Precap: Sanskaar sings a song to cheer Swara up.

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Credit to: Halima

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  1. Varsha Darshini

    I am going to stop watching Swaragini its rubbish nowadays. Laksh is acting as if in love with swara and I think it would be swalak and ragsan soon. Hate this story, writers pls end this show its full of nonsense. First it was awesome Ragini was so so good but now time makes her change even more evil

    1. no ragini will turn +ve soon after lucky’s betrayal or she myt be dead it’ 90-10 situation hope rags nt dead

  2. nice dear 1 st. kavitha part made me angry but precap chilled my mind dear

  3. nice
    But why swara slapped him ?

  4. interesting

  5. y swara slapped sanskar

  6. Pls update next episode

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