Swaragini (Heart connection) episode 11

The episode starts with Ragini running and Lakshya running behind her, Ragini slips and Lakshya holds her in his arms and they both share an eye-lock,
Lakshya: Ragini, baby your so heavy
Lakshya laughs and she stands straight and hits him, just then Swara walks past,
Swara: What’s going on?
Ragini: Nothing
Lakshya: Well….
Ragini stares at Lakshya

Lakshya: There’s a party on Saturday in a disco tech, would you come?
Swara: Diso tech?
Lakshya: I never been there, I heard its good and awesome, since we are friends we should hang out.
Swara: Friends?
Lakshya: Yeah, you and me are friends and now Ragini is too.
Swara looks at Ragini and she nods yes
Swara: When?
Lakshya: Today
Ragini: I’m not coming with you
Lakshya: Why, it’s fun and you have to come and that’s final.
Swara: Is Sanskaar going?
Lakshya: No, you know Bhai he won’t agree, he’s boring
Before Ragini could say anything Lakshya says: Bye I’ll meet you two outside the Baadi at 8:00pm tomorrow
Lakshya leaves.

Swara looks at Ragini,
Ragini: Swara I can’t go
Swara: Let’s try it out na
Ragini: 8:00pm
Swara: So, Maa will let us
Ragini: Baba?
Swara: Let Maa handle him
They both laugh
Ragini: Your saying this?
Swara: Tomorrow is Saturday
Ragini: Is it?
Ragini checks her phone and looks at the date and the time,
Ragini: Oh yeah, tomorrow is Saturday, need to go shopping
Swara: Let’s go
They both leave and go to Sumi and Shekhar.

They reach the Baadi,
Ragini: Maa, can we go shopping?
Sumi: Now?
Swara: We can go later.
Ragini nods and leaves.
It’s night and Ragini is lying on her bed, thinking about tomorrow, Swara looks at her phone, she’s waiting for Sanskaars message or call.
Ragini: Swara what happened?
Swara: Nothing
Ragini looks at Swara and Swara lets out a sigh
She starts telling everything to Ragini and how she wants him to change an etc…

In Maheahwari house:

Lakshya is in the hall on the sofa, DP walks in, he looks at Lakshya and Lakshya quickly stands up. Lakshya puts his head and eyes down,
DP: Whatever you did today in the college is rubbish, if you mess with my respect then watch
Lakshya looks up
Lakshya: Papa, I won a trophy and a degree like you wanted me to
DP: I’m surprised they gave it to a worthless person like you who has a brain of a donkey
Lakshya looks on angry, DP the walks up the stairs to his room, Sanskaar comes out and sees Lakshya,
Sanskaar: What happened Lucky?
Lakshya leaves angrily
Sanskaar thinks what happened to him.
Lakshya in his room:
Lakshya throws his jacket on to his bed angrily, he then sees a piece of earring that fell out, he goes towards it and picks it up, he then remembers Ragini hugging him and smiles, Lakshya in his head: Raginis earring?
He then gets a text message from his friend, he opens the message and smirks.

In Swaragini’s room:

Ragini starts laughing after she hears Swara, Swara looks at her and Ragini stops laughing.
Swara: What’s funny?
Ragini: Kala bandar
And lashes out laughing along with Swara, Swara notices Raginis ear and says: Where is your earring?
Ragini touches her ears and says: I don’t know
Swara: Never mind, we will get new pairs.
Ragini: No Swara, these are important for me, Maa gave it on my birthday.
Swara: We will find it tomorrow, let’s go to sleep now.
Ragini and Swara lie down and Swara switches the lamp off, Ragini thinks where it is gone?!

Morning in Maheshwari house:
Lakshya is seen sleeping and dreaming, he dreams of partying and dancing with a girl he was about to kiss her when DP enters and shouts LAKSHYA!!!!
Lakshya gets up and sweats, he breathes heavily and looks around, he lets out a sigh,
Lakshya in his head: Vah… He doesn’t let me rest here peacefully and now he won’t even let me in my dreams, he made a way in there.
Lakshya looks at the time and gets shocked,
Lakshya: 8:25am? I need to go quickly or else he won’t spare me.
Lakshya gets up and goes towards the wardrobe,

DP and the family are on the dining table, DP looks at Lakshyas chair and doesn’t find him, he then looks at AP, he then looks at the time and nods his head.
Lakshya puts his jeans and socks and shoes on, he looks at the time any it’s 8:28am he gets up and throws the stuff on his bed and he takes his night shirt off and throws it and runs with his Jacket and t shirt, he runs while putting his shirt on and in his head: If I don’t reach the table at 8:30am and on time he will starve me to death and won’t even pitty on me.
Lakshya reaches near the table and puts his jacket on and trips and spins and lands on the chair and lets out a sigh. Everyone stares at him and he smiles, DP looks at the time, Lakshya grabs Sanskaars hand and looks at the time on his watch and its 8:30am, Lakshya smiles and DP says: You may start now.
Everyone start to eat.
Sanskaar bends towards Lakshya
Sanskaar: Thank god you didn’t come late or else…
Lakshya: I know Bhai, he won’t even let me touch the food if I was 1 second late so forget 1 minute.
Sanskaar: You got saved this time too.
Both smile and start eating.

The Baadi:
Swara and Ragini are seen eating breakfast, Shekhar comes and smiles at then and sits down, Sumi serves him.
Ragini: Papa, there is a party at 8:00pm today can we go?
Shekhar leaves his spoon and looks at Ragini, he then looks at Sumi who nods,
Shekhar: Where are you going?
Swara was about to say something but Ragini says: To friends birthday party.
Sumi: What time you coming back?
Ragini: We will be back by 12:00 but what ever time you find right
Shekhar: Whoes going?
Swara: Me and Ragini

Shekhar looks at Sumi, Dadi comes
Daadi: No need to go partying, stay at home
Ragini looks at Shekhar,
Sumi: Maa, let the kids go
Daadi: No, your spoiling them like this, I don’t want Ragini to be spoilt like Swara.
Shekhar: Maa, they are allowed to go, we need to give them their right and a bit of freedom, if we don’t the they will think we don’t trust them and I trust both of my daughters.
Ragini and Swara smile and Daadi looks on angry.
Swaragini: Thanks Baba and Maa.

It’s 7:30pm, Ragini and Swara go to get dressed. Swara wears Black Jeans with Pink hip length shirt with a black jumper. Ragini comes out wearing a Red and Pinks Saree in Bengali style with her hair out.
Swara brushes her hair and sees Ragini through the mirror, she turns around and gets shocked,
Sumi: How does Ragini look?
Swara: Um.. Good.
Sumi: it’s not a loud party right?
Swara: Yeah it’s okay for a birthday party.
Sumi smiles.
Sumi: Ragini came up to me and said she wanted to wear it, so I helped her.
Ragini smiles and nods.
Shekhar: You both looks good,
He looks at Ragini and smiles
Shekhar: are you sure you want to wear that?
Ragini smiles and nods yes.
Sumi: Okay good luck and bye,
Swaragini: Bye Maa and Baba.
They leave.

They reach outside the Baadi and see Lakshya, Lakshya turns around and sees Swara and Ragini, he looks at Raginis attire and looks on weirdly, Ragini and Swara walk up to him.
Lakshya: Your not going go in that are you?
Ragini smiles and nods.
Lakshya: My respect will be down.
Ragini laughs and sits in the car, Swara and Lakshya look at each other and get in the car too.
Ragini starts taking the pins off her saare and gets her bag out.
They reach to the place and Ragini gets out, Lakshya gets out and looks at her, she makes him hold the drape she spins around, Swara gets out and looks on.
Lakshya are you planning to strip in public?
Ragini looks at him, finally the saree comes off and they see Ragini in Black knee length skirt and white with black polka dots shirt. Lakshya is memorized, she gets her bag out and fixes her dress and puts lipstick on, Swara looks shocked. Ragini snaps Lakshya and Swara out,
Lakshya: Shall we go?
Ragini puts the Saree and the bag in the car and leaves.

They enter the pub,
Ragini: Too loud.
Swara: What?
Ragini nods no and goes on the dance floor, Lakshya goes to the bar and Swara stands there, Ragini comes out and brings Swara, she nods no but Ragini forces her, she waves at Lakshya and asks him to come, Lakshya smiles and nods no.
His friend comes out and says: Wow Lucky, Unbelievable.
Lakshya smiles and walks towards Ragini.

Ragini grabs Swara and Lakshyas hand and takes them, she points and they get shocked seeing Sanskaar dancing and drinking in the pub.
Lakshya: Bhai?..
Ragini nods in shock, Swara is standing there in shock. A girl hugs Sanskaar and he hugs back.

The episode freezes on Swaras shocked face and ends.

Precap: They see Sanskaar dancing on a song, and he notices them

(❤️ Thank you for all these wonderful comments, hope you continue liking, I hope it gets more interesting??)

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