Swaragini (Heart connection) episode 10

Swara and Sanskaar come out of the water, Sanskaar looks at Swara,
Sanskaar: You haven’t changed!
Swara: You changed!
Sanskaar laughs, Swara looks at him.
Swara: What?
Sanskaar: Nothing, I was wondering how we are going to dry ourselves
Swara: I have a solution to that
Swara picks her bag up and takes out the clothes, she brought clothes for Sanskaar, she wanted to see Sanskaar in these cool clothes. She gave Sanskaar the clothes and looks at him, he struggles to take it, Swara leaves and gets dressed, she comes back and sees Sanskaar dressed.

Swara: Wow, you look dashing!
Sanskaar: I don’t, these clothes are not my type!
Swara: Oh please, they suit you
Sanskaar: No they don’t, those clothes suit you
Swara: Thanks, I’m not complaining
Swara was wearing the same plain red anarkali suit as Ragini,
Sanskaar: shall we leave?
Swara grasps Sanskaars hand and looks at the time on his watch,
Swara: It’s 2:50pm, we need to go, quick.
They rush to the car and sit in while Sanskaar starts driving.

In the college:
Lakshya: O Dayan!
Ragini looks back, she walks up to him
Ragini: Fattu please, shut up!
Lakshya: I want to know why we fight and mainly why you hate me!
Ragini: I’m not telling you!
Lakshya: Please Dayan, tell me
Ragini: You want to know, then hear….Lollypop!
Ragini walks away looking angry, Lakshya thinks about Lollypop, he then remembers and starts laughing, then a flashback is shown when Ragini was 9 and Lakshya was 10, Lakshya then sees Ragini eating a Lollypop and takes it from her, she then starts crying, then few days later she ties Lakshyas shoe laces together when he was talking to his friend, he then runs and trips into the mud and everyone start laughing.

He comes out of the flashback and smiles, he goes on to the stage and gets everyone’s attention even Raginis.
Lakshya: I want everyone’s attention, I’m sorry guys but I have a confession to make in front of all of you, Ragini Gadodia, this is for you.
Lakshya gets on his knees and says: I’m sorry, I’m sorry for stealing up your lollypop, I never thought we would be fighting over stupid and silly things, I can’t believe your angry at me for all these years over a Lollypop! We wasted all these years being as enemies rather than friend!
Ragini looks at him and everyone stare at Ragini, she was about to leave when Lakshya says: I want to forget our past and be your friend, will you be mine?
Ragini turns around and sees Lakshya holding his ears, the teachers start coming, everyone cheer and say go,
Lakshya: Tell her everyone, this chance never comes.
Ragini smiles and says: Mr Lakshya Maheshwari, your wasting you time
Everyone push her towards Lakshya, Lakshya still on his knees forward his hand and Ragini looks around while everyone nods yes, she then forwards her hand and shakes it with Lakshya’s, Lakshya smiles and everyone cheer on.

DP comes along with the family, he sees Lakshya on his knees, he then see Ragini but Ragini had her back towards them,
Sujata: Bhaisa, isn’t that our Lakshya?
DP stares at Sujata and Sujata looks away, Lakshya looks around and sees DP, he trembles up, DP gives him the evil the principle takes the microphone of Lakshya and says: Everyone take your seat, the graduation time starts now.
Lakshya looks at DP and DP fumes, he looks at AP and smiles, they take a seat, Shekhar and Sumi reach there as well, Ragini goes with everyone and Lakshya follows, They wear the black coat and come out and take there seats.

Swara and Sanskaar come and Swara runs in, DP sees Sanskaar and Sanskaar sees him, he goes up to DP,
DP: Why are you late?
Sanskaar: Sorry Bade Papa, I was talking to Mr Mehta
DP looks at Sanskaars clothes, Sanskaar looks at him
Sanskaar: Vo Bade Papa, my clothes got dirty so Mr Mehta gave me his sons clothes
DP nods and Sanskaar sits.

Swara comes out and sits with Ragini,
Ragini: Swara, now you come, were were you?
Swara: I’ll tell you later!
Sumi and Shekhar look at her, Swara turns around and Sees Sanskaar, she then looks at Lakshya who was scared to sit next to DP so he sat next AP, he looks at Swara and winks at her DP sees him winking and Swara laughing, Sanskaar looks at the same scene as DP, Lakshya smiles and looks at DP, his smile then disappears and he looks on a bit angry,
Lakshya in his head: Enemy of happiness and if I don’t win the graduation then he will kill me!

Sanskaar taps his shoulder, he smiles and looks at him.
The principle starts saying People’s name for Graduation, he calls Swara and Raginis, DP looks at Lakshya because they didn’t call his up, Ragini and Swara smile at Sumi and Shekhar, Lakshya makes a sad face and looks away,
The Principal: This year we have had a lot of fun and a lot of enjoyment, there is one student that had been amazing and a entertainment, we know he was annoying but he worked really hard.
DP looks at Lakshya angrily and bends forward,
DP: Look Lakshya, your name did not even come, if you had just studied instead of doing all these useless things then you would have got a trophy along with a degree, what I saw today should never be repeated. You came here to study! You cut my name and respect down In front of everyone!
Lakshya: Papa…
DP: Bas!!! No use of talking to me because I won’t believe your lies.
Sanskaar: Bade Papa, don’t worry his name will come out
DP: Sanksaar, he is worthless.

Lakshya angrily got up and was about to leave but..
Principal: Please give it up for Mr Lakshya Maheshwari, he has made this year in college a good and worth remembering year, we will never forget you Lakshya.
Everyone cheer and Swara and Ragini clap.
Lakshya smiles and walks up to the stage, the teachers hand him a trophy and a degree,
Lakshya: Thanks and thank you all for supporting me, trust me I will miss all of you,
He looks at Ragini and smiles, he winks at DP and DP looks normal.
Lakshya: I would like to thank the worlds hottest women who has supported me more than my whole family,
DP looks angrily
Lakshya: Thank you Maa, Love you, don’t worry Mausi Maa your next
AP smiles and looks at him, she gets shy too, Sumi looks at him and nods no, Lakshya smiles. DP calms and looks normal, he gets a call and leaves.
The graduation ceremony ends and the principal tells everyone to enjoy.

Lakshya walks up to Ragini, Sumi and Shekhar.
Lakshya: Uncle your lucky to have Mausi Maa, I’m jealous
Shekhar: I know I’m lucky to have a wife like her and you have to be jealous because I have a gem like her.
Ragini and Sumi smile
Ragini: Wow Papa, you forgot about me?
Shekhar and Sumi laugh
Lakshya: Why will someone call you a gem?
Ragini looks at Lakshya angrily, he laughs and runs and she runs behind him.
Sumi: Look at our kids Shekhar, they are growing up so fast.
Shekhar: I know Mishti, it’s like they were in my lap yesterday.
Both smile.

DP walks down the corridor and talks on the phone,
DP: Okay I’ll call you later.
He notices Swara, he looks at her dress and remembers when Lakshya was on his knees,
DP in his head: She’s Shekhars daughter, how can I forget if her Mum and Dad are like this then there is no surprise to see her with these acts.
He angrily leaves putting his phone in his pocket.
Sanksaar comes up to Swara, he taps her shoulder, Swara turns around and smiles,
Sanksaar: So Teekhi Mirch, you had your graduation
Swara nods

Sanksaar: I had mine 2 days before I came here.
Swara: What are you doing next weekend Kala Bandar?
Sanksaar: I’m busy, sorry
Swara: Your always busy, I want to take you to a party.
Sanksaar: Sorry, I can’t
He leaves and Swara in her head says she will get the fun and loving bandar out.

Precap: Lakshya, Swara and Ragini are shocked.

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