Swaragini- Heart Beatz Freeze – Episode 9


Awee.. thankssss a lott nd loott… I didn’t expect this much of luv from you all coz after a long time I am continuing this stry. Thank you soo much buddies for giving me a heart overwhelming welcome..☺☺?? I am making this episode more lengthier than previous one just to cover remaining one week of Cultural Sports Meet.

Last epi : http://www.tellyupdates.com/swaragini-heart-beatz-freeze-episode-8/

Recap : Ragini and Sanskar win their competition. Arshi planning for a vacation. Dhani’s bad impression on viplav. RagLak romance.
No precap –

Let’s start ..

Scene 1 : Guitar competition

Chirag wantedly hurted swara’s finger by stirring her anger and making her to raise her hand and had cut it with a blade. Swara stopped sanskar from hurting chirag. He entered just then. Sanskar first aid swara. He feels bad while wipping d blood. Swara feels happy for his care. He applies ointment and she worries if she ll able to perform. Sanskar cheers her and gives her confident.
Swara : Ragi you go to cricket ground. Today is laksh’s final match.
Ragini : bt leaving u in tis condi…
Sanskar : I’m here nah.. don’t wry. I ll take care.
Swara : His duty is to take care of me for life long. She laughs
Ragini reluctantly agrees and goes.
Swara : I am worried sanu. It’s paining
Sanskar thinks for a while and thn gets a idea.
Competition starts.
Swara vs Nandy
Swara is wearing full sleeve white tee , sleeveless jean coat and orange long skirt. She left her hair freely.
Sanskar stands near the stage amd shows thumbs up with both of his hand. Swara gets courage and starts to sing and play fusion songs and sing
Main Tenu Samjhawa Ki, Bin tere, Chura Liya Hai Tumne Jo Dil Ko, yeh jawaani hai Diwaani.. Her finger started to pain eventhough using cap. She took violin’s bow, closes her and started to tune Tum Hi Ho. She remembered this as sanskar’s idea and her close moments with him and their first kiss when this song was playing in d restaurant. She ended, opened her eyes and blushed looking at sanskar. All gave standing applause for her variety and creative idea. She was awarded the cup. She ran fastly down the steps to sanskar who is beside the stage and hugged him and said ‘Our Cup’. He congratulated her and said, ‘It’s your hard work’. Both hugged and went to celebrate.

Scene 2 : Cricket match
Laksh team is d first one to bat. Ragini is encouraging him when he was batting. It’s a T20 match.
Sanlak colg : 190/9
Laksh : 98*(50) Viplav : 20*(12)
Overs : 19.4
Ragini is closing her eyes and praying for laksh’s century. Crowd was so excited , shouting but suddenly a silence. Ragini opnd her eyes and shocked to see fallen on d ground im shoulder pain. Opponent team wantedly made him to hurt so tat he doesn’t create record nor get man of the match as well as series. Ragini started to cry vigorously and prayed continously. Laksh couldn’t stand up. He is looking for ragini wo s crying. Inspite of his pain he wanted to wipe Ragini’s tears. He stood with much difficulty only by looking @ ragini. Ragini somewhat smiled. She cheered him. He hit d last ball. He couldn’t run. He ran for one run and ran with so much pain for 2nd. Fielder ran behind d ball and stopped it from getting into d boundary. He throwed to the wicketkeeper and he did stump out. 3rd umpire said it as not out. Laksh hit century and ragini was so happy with tears for his pain. Laksh is super happy to see Ragini’s happiness. She went to his dressing room. All his frnz left him alone. She touched his shoulder and felt his pain.
Laksh : nothing darling. Bt ragini cries.
Laksh : Ball should get training from u. U hit better than d ball. Ragini smiles. She sprays pain reliever and gives treatment. She holds like giving massage. Laksh holds her hand nd try to get closer.
Ragini : even in tis pain too.. u r ….
Laksh : what to do .. ur eyes making me go crazy ?
Ragini : u r very naughty lucky.
Again match starts.
Opponent : 191 Overs : 19.5/9. Need 2 more to win.
Batsman hit last ball.. it is in d air nd about to fall outside the boundary. Laksh ran like a jet, jumped in d air and caught the ball. Sanlak colg won. Laksh got Man of the Match and Man of the series award. He gives both to ragini who is very happy. She calls him to d doctor for check up. They go to hospital.

Dhani is seeing viplav and prem fighting with chirag. She ask a lady nearby. She says they were taking photos of girls. Dhaani again thought viplav as bad and left.

Prem and simar chatted continously through whatsapp, hike and facebook. At the end of the week, they both fell in love.

Scene 3 : End of InterCollege Mega Culturals and Sports Meet. Auditorium
They were awarding prizes for the winners for other competitions. SwaSan, RagLak, Arshi, Maaneet, Abhigya (nok-jok), RoSid, Premar are enjoying, laughing, eating snacks and sitting together. Viplav and dhani are given no options bt to sit toghr. They are all teasing each other and enjoying to the core.
They were about to announce Overall Champion. Complete silence among the crowd.
There is a tie. The award is shared by both Swarag and Sanlak colg. They all jumped off the seats and hugged their partners. Viplav and dhaani too bt noticed later and separated themselves.
Laksh : We enjoyed a lot in this 3 weeks.
Viplav : I wish tey keep this in every 3 weeks ??
All laugh and but sad that they can’t see each other for sometime coz of their sem and colg.
Swara : I feel bad that I can’t sanu’s reverse walk. Sanskar makes face. She cools him.
Arshi in unison : that’s y we have planned for a vacation to munnar.
Maan : Really ?? That’s gr8
All are very happy. Boys left girls in their hostel and returned to their mansion. On the way fully they were txting and even after going to their rooms.

Scene 4 : Texting to their loved one

Sanskar : Ok my baby. Go and study for your exams.
Swara : no baba.. let’s romance for somemore time.
Sanskar: thn u have to study it again
Swara got irritated and sent : oh my god. All ma dreams of marrying romantic guy vanished..? K bye ??;
Sanskar smiled and both wnt to study.

Laksh : Darling my lips are so dry
Ragini : Apply oil
Laksh: No I want honey
Ragini : ok apply it
Laksh : Shopkeepers are saying they are not selling it
Ragini : thn
Laksh : they also adviced me to get from half of me
Ragini : give urself
Laksh : toooo bad
Ragini smiles and snd : ok it’s enough now. Go nd study. Bye dear
Laksh : ? ? ? ?
Ragini : go my swt hrt?
Laksh : Now its enough ?
They go nd study.

They all found very hard to live without seeing each.
Abhi (in mind) : I’m missing fuggi very much. I couldn’t fyt wid any1. Evn if I fyt wid tes idiots I am get happy. I am slowing getting addicted to her .. he smiles ?
Pragya (in mind): Though we fight, I like his teasing. I am getting happiness in our silly fights. She looks at his photo and says : You are my life Abhi ji. She kisses his photo. He kiss his mobile’s wallpaper (pragya foto).

Atlast sem got over. Tey were vry eager to see each. As per their planning they are going to madurai im flight and therefrom Tempo.

Scene 5 : In flight
Sanskar comforts swara and Laksh comforts Ragini. Swara felt sleeply and leaned her head on sanskar’s shoulder. He smiled and leans his head on hers. Laksh and ragini are sharing and comntng on their photos. Kushi is eating and arnav is fed up. Maan and geet are sight seeing outside. RoSid talk about their childhood days. Premar talk about their family. Abhigya teases each other. Viplav and dhaani turned their faces to opposite side.

Scene 6 : In tempo Traveller
All are playing anthakshri. They are 4 teams. Thunderz (swara) Buds (ragini) rockers (laksh) terabytes (sanskar). Arshi remember their first meet. Sanskar remember how he got stunned looking swara while she was acting dhoom 2. They are enjoying the travel. They reached munnar. They check in the room with double bed. All are very tired.
Rooms are like :-

Swara nd Ragini Sanskar nd Laksh
Roli nd simar Prem nd Sid
Geet nd Pragya Maan and Abhi
Kushi nd Dhaani Arnav and Viplav

They bid bye and go to their rooms.

Scene 7 : Next day morning

All get ready to hangout. They have their breakfast and get into the tempo. Swaragini are afraid of the valleys and hug Sanlak tightly. They look at each other and hug their beloved. They enjoy seeing tea estates.
Kushi: I want green tea
Arnav : Always eating? spend wid me atleast half of the time u spnd wid fud
Kushi makes angry face.
Abhi : Don’t lean too much. Then bus will get upside down into d valley.
Pragya : U r calling urself hero na, save us thn
Abhi : of crse I only shud.
Geet hold maan’s arm and enjoying the travel. Premar and rosid smile at each other and njoy. Viplav tries to convince dhani and explains all d three situations and laksh too abide him. She asks sorry and tey bcum frds.

All get down near Maatupatti Dam and go for boating.
Pairs are in each boat.
SwaSan are taking selfie. She foolishly stands in the boat and take selfie. She loses balance and fall into the river throwing mobile into the boat. Sanskar with no second delay, jumped and saved her. He made her concious and scolded her. She started to cry but he consoled. Because of chill water she started to sneeze. All returned back to hotel. She felt somewhat better after having medicine.

Precap : As it’s my 10th epi, I ll make it special ☺ Suspense

Sorrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy for making it this much lengthier and somewhat uninteresting. I want my 10th epi somewat good like touring etc.. so I want to bring al tes scenes in one epi. Sorryyy for wasting ur time. Sorry 4 disappointing u, if tis epi is not tat much good. I ll try to give better than tis n nxt epi. Thanks a lot for reading

Credit to: Tara

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