Swaragini- Heart Beatz Freeze – Episode 8


No words for sharing my happiness. I am really honored and I am soo sooooooo happy for ur support ma dearrrrr frnz.. Thankssss a lottttt. Many of u have asked me to continue this stry. Thank you so much. Though I revealed d stry I ll try 2 add some spices to it. I am spellbound seeing ur luv. Thank youuu 😚😚

I think many of you would have forgot this stry. I ll give brief intro. It’s about 8 pairs focusing mainly on swaragini and sanlak. Tey r diff colg and confess their luv during mega-inter colg meet. Swasan raglak arshi rosid confessed. Abhgya
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Let’s start …

Scene 1: Inter-College Mega Cultural and Sports Meet
Badminton finals. Sanskar vs Chirag (frm MATSH). Chirag studies in swara’s colg.
Before the match swara meets sanskar in his dressing room. Both smile @ each other. Maan, arnav, sid lve them alone nd go. Swara is tensed. Sanskar : I am going to play but u r sweating ? irony.
Swara hits him and says u ll win for sure. She places vibuthi/ thiruneer (don’t know wat it is n hindi r english. White powder) on his forehead. He hold her by her waist and pulls her closer.
Swara : leave sanu.. if anybody cums..
Sanskar : so wat ..you r ma wife
Swara : not yet married dear
Sanskar : I am thinking as my wife frm the day I started to love you. You are not my lover. You are my wife. Got it ?? By saying it he further pulls closer.
Sanskar: give me some energy booster darling
Swara: drink glucose

Sanskar: ya it’s in ur lips. Swara blush.
Swara : hey lucky.. Sanskar left his grip. Swara smiled and kissed him on his cheeks and ran.
Swara : After you win I ll give whatever you ask.
Sanskar : sure ??? U should not back off
Swara : I am not like you to walk backwards mr.reverse.
Sanskar : keep up your word
Swara laughs and goes.
When she goes out chirag holds her hand and says
Chirag : Y u r not supporting me. V are all same colg bt u r suprtng him ?
Swara : first leave my hand. B4 talking to a girl, respect her. It’s mt wish to support whom. If you r talented thn show it n court not wid me. She throws his hold and go.
Chirag fumes.

Scene 2 : Badminton Match Finals
Sanskar smiles @ swara and she shows thumbs up. He shakes hand casually with chirag bt he hold him tightly and says Loser. Sanskar confused bt angered. Match started and during each interval swara wiped his sweat, gave him energy drink (drink only ?) and encouraged him. Chirag’s gf didn’t do any such things. If sanskar loses set, swara boosted him. If chirag loses, his gf scolded him useless and says my frds are seeing, don’t make me to feel shame. Chirag feels jealous on sanskar. It was like
Sanskar- Chirag
21 – 11
16 – 21
It was really a tough match. Both didn’t give up and missed d target. Match was so critical. Swara was highly tensed and biting her nails. Sanskar with a lightening speed, gave a shot which chirag didn’t expect and missed it.
Atlast with d set 30-29, sanskar won d match. Swara jumped off from her place, ran to sanskar and hugged him tightly. She was hugging him and jumping. He hugged her back and lifted her. Chirag fumed and his gf left making shamed face.

When sanskar got his cup, swara whistled using her fingers. Sanskar laughed at her happiness, came to her nd gave his cup. She got happily.
Sanskar : So miss.bhoom r u ready to take up d challenge ? He said in low voice only audible to her as his terabytes, thunderz gang were around. She blushed and asked him to refresh first.

Scene 2 : Sitar final competition auditorium. Ragini vs Rekha.
Ragini is wearing pink anarkali with golden border. She tied her hair with puff. Homely look. Laksh is seated among spectators. He is just lovingly staring at ragini. Among 1000s she correctly spotted laksh and blushed. He gives her flying kiss and says all the best.
Ragini started to play fusion songs..

She played Tujhe Dekha To Yeh Jana, Teri Pyari Pyari Surat, Dum Maro Dum , Aur Nahin Aankhon Mein, Deewana Hua Badal, Dil Hai Chota Sa. Laksh couldn’t take off his eyes from ragini and wen she ended, ter was a complete silencs among audience. She only looked at laksh and asked how was it with her eyes. Laksh stood up and started to clap and all others started to clap. She smiled widely. Ragini is announced as winner. She came to him holding the cup. Laksh got it from her and said in low voice in her ears : I need treat for your victory. Meet you in park near your hostel tonight. She blinked her eyes as eyes.

When they were leaving dhani’s shawl get caught in chair. Viplav without noticing it is her’s he started to remove it frm nail and got in hand. Wen she turned, she saw him holding her duppata. She looked him in anger : is this d way u ll behave to ur family ladies also ?? How dare u to pull me by hoding my duppata ? ?? idiot. Leave it. She scolded and left.
Viplav fumed : I helpd her and prevented her shawl frm getting torn bt she… idiotic gal. He left wid anger.
Scene 3: Cafeteria
Seating arrangement :

Pragya – Ragini- Dhani – Simar
? ? ? ?
Abhi – Laksh – Viplav – Prem
They ordered food, laughing and eating. Laksh is not speaking but just staring at ragini. Both r speaking with their eyes. Prem sees simar and shies how to start. He serves her d order food and when cough, he stood up and patted on her head and gave water. Simar loved his caring. All wonder why this concern. He smiles at her and turn around and saw others looking him with confused look. He stopped smiling and asked them to have food. Premar exchanged their ph nos while all others were busy.

Abhi : Plz eat less fuggi
Pragya : I am lean nly.
Abhi : Oh being lean itself you are weighing this much huh ?? ? My body is still paining since u fell on me.. he shows as if it is paining.
Pragya makes face.
Pragya : Lemme call dadi
Abhi : ? u r using my dadi as weapon. He keeps quiet.
Pragya smiling seeing his love nd respect for dadi.

Laksh touches ragini’s foot and ragini pops her eyes and shows their frds are there. Laksh neglects and holds her toes with his. Dhani’s spoon fell down. With a jerk Laksh left his grip and in hurry he hit dhani’s foot. Dhani stares viplav and bend down to take her spoon and sees viplav shaking his legs and stares him wid anger. He got confused and left as he s also angry on her. All finished and started to leave. Ragini and laksh are behind everybody. Laksh holds ragini waist from side and says : Park @ 8. He lightly kisses her cheeks and goes. None noticed them.
On other side Maan and geet are laughing amd chatting.
Geet (in her mind): oh babaji tis angry bird also knowing how to laugh?. She continues her kids talk and maan is al d while laughing and she smiles @ him when he laughs. Both understand they are two extreme corners but some line is joining them. Both hold each other palms at the same time and confessed their love.

Scene 4 : Evening 7.

Arshi are walking in the road.
Kushi – laal governor why don’t we go for some picnic.
Arnav – good idea but stop calling me like tat ?
Kushi : ? okk don’t make laal (red) face. She runs 4 feet but he caught her.
Arnav : ok temme wer to go. Suggest some places.
Kushi: I don’t have any idea but far away from our state. Some border state.
Arnav : Kashmir ?
Kushi : ter v ll go for our honeymoon. She realised 4 she said and looked hima nd shies. He smiled
Arnav : Rajasthan
Kushi : Some chill place. Southern part of the country.
Arnav : Kerala? Tamilnadu ??
Kushi : yeahh … munnar, azhapuzha, kodaikanal, ooty..
Arnav : say one place
Kushi : v ll go to munnar.
Arnav : ok madam . He bowed to her. We ll inform them also.
Kushi : Inter-College meet will get over in one week. We ll plan vacation in sem holidays. Ok??
Arnav : Done ?

Scene 5 : SwaSan conversing in mobile
Sanskar : U cheated me. Cheater hen ?
Swara laughs ??: I ll keep up my word. Still time is there mr.reverse. u didn’t say the time limit.
Sanskar : oh very brilliant girl ?. U shud do whatever I say. Now give me a kiss
Swara : ohh noo. . Just a kiss in mobile. U r so unromantic ?
Sanskar : Never think I ll lve you wid a kiss n mobile.
Swara blushes : thn wat
Sanskar : u ll get to know wen I ask.
Both smiles.

Scene 6 : Park. 8 PM
Ragini is sitting in corner of the bench . Laksh is lying on her lap. She is combing his hairs with her fingers. Tey r chatting fr long time.
Laksh : ok where is my treat ??
Ragini : lets go to nearby restaurant. I brought money.
Laksh : I don’t want it as things or as edible
Ragini understands, smiles like not knowing and says : thn wat ?
Laksh : I should feel it.
Ragini pinches and asks do u feels now.
Laksh: ouch.. he makes angry face and turn his face towards grass area. Still he is lying on her lap.
Ragini smiles, turns his face towards her and makes him to look her. She moves down slowly. Laksh smiles and keeps his left hand around her hip and right hand over her head, he hair is falling on his face.. she removes it slowly. He holds her tightly. She bends and kisses his forehead and passionately kiss on his lips.. it lasts for 2-3 mins.. her hair covered both of their faces and they were enjoying their kiss..?? they forgot to breath

No Precap : Didn’t think about it still.

Hope you liked.. sorry frnz I don’t know to show in poetic way bt I ll try some it some other time. thanks a lot for the support.. ☺☺

Credit to: Tara

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