Swaragini- Heart Beatz Freeze – Episode 7


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Precap : SwaSan RagLak Confession.

Recap : All get to know about RoSid SwaSan RagLak love. Maan started to feel for geet. Arshi friendship change to love.

Let’s start :
Scene 1: swarag hostel. Sanlak mansion.
Swara is getting ready to go out. She is wearing yellow t-shirt top and a black shrug with blue jean. She left open hair and wore hand band leaving hair to fall in front. She is standing infront the mirror for a long time checking her makeup again and again and smiling like giving pose.
Roli, geet (returned frm hosp) and kushi are looking at each other and also swara for long time wondering y she s taking this much time.
Roli – Cum let’s go for an outing. It’s sunday today.
Swara shocked and turned towards them
Swara: No no no… she said in hurry
Kushi- what no no .. u ll nly always call us gor hangouts on weekends.
Swara- No I have an imp works. She pauses looking the floor what to say and thn says : I’m going to library.
Kushi geet roli in unison : What ????
Roli : u have never stepped into library in ur lyf time
Geet : even in colg wrkng days
Kushi : but that too today Sunday.. u r going 4 lib huh..
Swara : wo… i mean.. that. . . Aaah project related work. She runs saying bye without turning back
Kushi roli geet : swara swara.. tey luk her way suspiciously. Kushi gets a call : Ok at 1 pm.. cuts the call.

Ragini is wearing navy blue salwar with golden gliterring pink roses. She left hair completely free.
Simar : r u going alone to meet geet (they don’t knw she cam back frm hosp)
Ragini : haan simar .. she roll her eyes luking down holding nervous fingers.
Pragya : Let’s go together. I too have work. It’s on d way.
Ragini : No no no… u.. u all get ready to go 4 evg party. I ll cum soon. She runs. Pragya calls abhi to come and meet her.

Sanskar is looking into the mirror singing ankoon meh teri ajab si and combing. He is wearing yellow t-shirt and blue jeans with white blazer.
All are shocked to see him who have never been like this.
Maan : R u ok ??
Arnav : he was saying he s not well since 2 days.
Sid: cum let’s go 2 hosp
Sanskar is not taking them serious and says : everything is alright. I am going for football practice. Will catch u later.
Arnav with questioned face : football practice ?? Wearing jean blazer ?? ?
Sanskar : hey no… stumbles and answer i have kept ma things in ground itself. Ok bubye.
Laksh who took 1 hr to get ready comes wearing blue t-shirt and pink blazer and white jean just then enters.
Laksh : Guyz i ll be late in evg. Don’t wait for me. Go for party.
Prem : Where are you going this much early. U never evn wake up n tis time.
Laksh : gonna meet frd. U don’t knw her.. no him.. bhai wer r u going..
Sanskar : lucky I’m also going to meet my frd.
Sid : just now u said u r going for practice ?
Sanskar who forgot his first excuse get shocked ? : after practice I ll meet ? they bid bye.

RagLak meet in a park. SwaSan go for a movie.
Laksh : u r luking gorgeous. She shies.
Ragini: even you too mr.imperfect and she laughs. He hold her hands and says : U don’t knw how much am happy. No bounds. U have changed me completely. I want to be matured and take care of you as my princess. Ragini smiles happily.

Sanskar holds swara’s hand and then puts his hand around her shoulder. They are sitting very close and watching Jodha Akbar. I have nevee thought that I ll be tis much romantic.
Swara : haha.. mr.reverse is romancing.. During jodhbar consummation scene, sanskar luks @ swara wo shies and pushes his face.

After movie SwaSan go to nearby hotel. Sanskar pulls chair back for swara to sit. They are eating holding each other’s hand. Just then arshi holding each others hand entered the restaurant.
FB :
Arnav : I will make my deal directly.
Kushi: deal ?? Business ??
Arnav: I want you to color my wall
Kushi : what ? ? U laal governor giving me painter job. She makes angry face.
Arnav : hey pagal .. I wish you to color my life. I never laughed forgetting everything around me before meeting you. U tense me a lot amd irritate me so much. I want to scold u like …
Kushi : hell ?
Arnav laughs : yeah but if u r nt ter i don’t find any reason for me to smile. R u ready ??
Kushi smiles and : yess laal governor I am ready to paint your walls with red color ?
Arnav : ????
Kushi : I will be with you always like blood (red) and skin (wall).
FB ends.

They notice swasan holding hands and laughing. Tey go near them and stand silently. Sanskar wo s laughing turns to look them and again looked swara. He then realised and starred at them like caught child. Swara follows Sanskar’s gaze and shocked to find kushi. She hides under the table. Kushi holds her ears and makes her stand.
Arnav : so tis is ur football practice.
Sanskaar : ?? keeps face like child did mistake and been caught.
Kushi : laal..she closes her eyes and say arnav ji u knw she s a studious girl. Bookworm studing even in weekend that too in restaurant .. no no library. Swara closes her eyes and hid herself behind sanskar.
Arnav : how long ?? Sanskar : eeeeee just 2 days.. Arshi laugh and swasan too. Swara while laughing turned right and shocked too see raglak sitting very close to each other. Tey 4 go near them .. keeping hands on their waist..started starring at them with victorious look of catching the criminals.
Raglak thinks them as waiters and order them to bring 2 ice creams.. they find the person not moving and luk at them.
Both shocked and stood up.
Rag : shona .. u ?? Lak : Bhai … ?
Sanskar : friend ??
Lak : haan bhai girl friend ? he feels awkward and looks down.
Voice came from behind : so u met geet ?? It’s simar and dhaani.
Arnav : sanky wat abt u ?? Y r u teasing him. He says everything.
Laksh : ohhhoo bhai she s tat angel huh ?? Wo changed u totally. He teases. Swasan blushes. Swarag hug each other. All laugh.
Laksh : wait a min.. he luks @ arshi suspiciously : v came here ok. Wat abt u both ??
Arshi shocked and confused to say what
Arnav : she called me
kushi : he called me .. said at the same time. They give angry luk to each other. All others r watching their different answers.
Arnav : that is..
Kushi : same here swara.. she blushes and hugs swara.
Sanky : arnav … r u now ready to go to psychiatrist ?? He winks. They all laugh and lve. On their way raglak nd abhigya pull the 2 way door and they r shocked to see them entering the restaurant
Raglak : you both ????
FB : abhigya walking in the road..
Abhi : I don’t want to marry u
Pragya : even me too
Abhi : u don’t wanna marry u ??? wat a girl god ??
Pragya shows angry face and says I don’t wanna marry you.
Abhi : say to dadi
Pragya : u say
Both start their nok jok.
Suddenly a car lost balance came to hit abhi. Pragya pushed him and both rolled on the road.. pragya on Abhi. They have an eyelock.
Allah waariyan plays… they realise on hearing horn sound of vehicles.
Abhi : get up fuggi. both stand up.
Abhi holds his body as if it is paining
Abhi : Don’t eat too much.. u r so heavy. Pragya turns her face
Abhi : when u don’t wanna marry y i saved me
Pragya : i too can’t see you dying. Abhi surprised and smiles.
Abhi : Y don’t we give chance to our relationship. If we like each other in tis 3 weeks v ll marry. Both agrees and goes to restaurant.
FB ends.
All smile and leave ..

Sorry guyz.. I have to prepare for exams. I can’t write the fiction for few weeks. So i’m ending here. I want any of you to continue this stry.
I ll say wat i had n ma mind. 8 pairs happen n tis 3 weeks of mega meet. Abhigya engagement. All participate. 8 pairs go for vacation to some hill station. Swasan raglak romance. 8 solves come mysteries helping police by using their technology. Since 16 r frm computer bg and befriends with police. DP gives his IT company responsibility to sanlak. Swarag join sanlak office without knowing. Tey wrk and twists in marg by their parents. They focus on career aftr marg etc..
But I ll not able to write. I request you all… plzzzzzzzzz plzzzz plzzzzzzzz I don’t want it end incompletely. Plzzzzzz any of you continue this fiction.. plzzz frnz.. plz plzzzzzz…
Once again thank you thanksssss a lotttt thank you sooo much for ur cmnts and for encouraging me. Thank you silent readers. I rqst .. plzzz plzzzzzzz any of u continue this stry in ur way or come up with diff track.. bt plz plzzzzzz continue..
Thank you swaragians .. ????

Credit to: Tara

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