Swaragini- Heart Beatz Freeze – Episode 6


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Recap : RoSid confession. Laksh taking care of ragini and their long walk. SwaSan standing very clse to each other under roof in a dim area near the park and preventing themselves from from getting drenched.

Precap : SwaSan RagLak love confession. Announcement of abhigya engagement date. Maan car accident.

Scene 1 : On the way to mansion and hostel.
Geet and pragya meet abhi on d way.
Abhi : Hey mogambo. .
Praya : Don’t call me mogambo
Abhi : ok fuggi
Praya makes angry face
Abhi : ya get practised like this. we ll fight after three weeks in front of our family so that engagement brks
Pragya: whose engagement ??
Abhi : Don’t act smart. I know u ll convinced my dadi to marry me
Pragya – You ???? Hey look I am getting engaged to Abhishek mehra.
Abhi : FYKI I’m Abhi aka abishek mehra..
Pragya shocked : I ll never marry u
Abhi : so sweet that I only I want. I ll make call nd say d same 2 ma dadi.
he didn’t get netwrk as it is raining. He moves away with pragya leaving geet alone. As it was raining heavily maan, who is driving his friend’s car to return to him, dashed geet as his wiper didn’t wrk well. Abhigya didn’t notice amd doing their nok jok. It’s a minor accident and he admits geet in hospital. Abhigya couldn’t talk so they postponed their plan and thought geet went to hostel and they also leave.

Scene 2 – Restaurant
SwaSan standing aloof under roof. Light lamp in the park gives some brightness to their place and place is very dim that only they cud see each other and others can’t. Tum hi ho is playing in the restaurant.
Sanskar and swara is very close to each other. Swara can her Sanskar’s heart beat and sanskar can feel swara’s breath on his chest. They lost themselves into each others eyes. Lightening which falls on swara make her face glow in the dim area. Swara kept on starring sanskar. They were moving so close and there is no inch gap. Sanskar holds swara’s fingers in one hand and holds her waist with another hand very slowly. He is doing unconciously. Swara feels his touch. Her heart beat race faster.. she too unknowingly tightens holding Sanskar’s finger. She places another hand around his shoulder. He kisses very gently on her forehead. Then looked into her eyes and kissed it. Swara starts to stand on hee toes and their lips came very closer. It’s almost touching. Thunder bolt cracked the sky. They realised wat they r doing and got separated. They felt awkward snd turned to oppsite sides.
Sanskar : What am I doing ?? No sanskar it’s wrong
Swara : What are you doing swara ?? Control your feelings for him. They both just can’t control them and quickly turned towards each other at the same time. .
SS : I want to confess something
Sanskar : first i ll
Swara : No let me.. sanskar keeps hands on her mouth and
Sanskar : I am not kinda of boy you expect. Neither ur characteristics are not my dream girl’s. But from the day 1 when I saw you, I started falling for you. I never showed interest in anything u like nor I’m romantic before. Whenever I see u, my heart say this is the girl.. she is ur girl.. I feel my happiness lies in you. I assure you eventhough I can’t take care of u like your father, I ll treat you as my queen.. I don’t know to be romantic or dramatic. I ask you with all my heart.. he kneels and ask Will you be my queen ??
It’s raining often lightening. Meri aashiqui ab tum hi ho. .
Swara is overwhelmed and makes him to stand.
Swara : Neither you are my dream boy nor you fullfilled my expectations. But sanskar from the say I saw you I felt a kind of strange feels. I searched for reasons to talk with you. I felt being protected, loved and cared when I’m with you. I want to spend rest of my life with you. I want to be with you through thick and thins of line. I wish to share my sorrow happiness anger.. all kinds of emotions with you. Will you be my king ??
Sanskar who is touched and nevee expected this kind of proposal is out of the world.
Sanskar : No more explanations, questions and answers. . He quickly pulled her by her waist, she held his shoulder very tightly.. he kissed her forehead eyes cheeks very fastly and looked into her eyes and said : I love Mrs. Swara Sanskar Maheshwari. He gently touched and started to chew her lips. They hug each other tightly at the same time.. Lip lock lasts for 3 mins. . Unwilling they got separated coz it stopped raining and they wanna go to their residence. Both shied and started to go.

Scene 3 : Hostel and Mansion
Roli call geet’s mobile maan atnd and they all got relieved that she s fine. Swara thinks about their clse moments and blushed. She looked the mirror and touched her lips which is very red now 😉 😉

Sanskaar reminisces about their proposal and smiles.
Sid : What today ??
Sanskar is luking at the sealing and smiling and says : Sid something is troubling my heart. It’s paining all over my body.
Arnav : today you must consult some cardiologist..
Sanskar makes face and sleeps remembering their hugs.

Scene 4 : Morning in Sanlak college
Today cricket match. Laksh is the team captain and ragini comes to watch this game only for laksh.
Laksh by showing actions, ask her is she feeling better? She replies with eyes saying yes.
Match started. Ragini cheer laksh. Laksh feels her as his boost (Ragini, Laksh’s energy ?)
Laksh is batting. His team needs 6 runs from 2 balls.
Bowler wanted throwed ball on laksh and it hurted him severely on his chest. Ragini shocked and got up. Tears in her eyes. Laksh confidently got up and batted. Ball crossed and fell into the crowd. They won. Laksh lost his balance and was about to fall. Ragini who rushed to him as soon he touched the ball held him. They took him to hosp.
Doctor : He is fine and just concious. Ragini who was crying continously rushed first to see him. Prem, abhi, viplav are shocked and says he won the challenge. Ragini ran and touched laksh. He is disturbed and got concious but didn’t open his eyes.
Ragini : Laksh wake up. Plzz open your eyes. U r scaring me. Don’t said u r fine. But I’m not fine till you open ur eyes and see and smile at me. Laksh I want to say you something. Whenever I see boys like u I hate them. I wish slap them. When I saw you doing those things.. i was enjoying your naughtiness. I was smiling seeing you laughing. i love you the way you are. Wake up laksh.. listen to me.. idiot I can’t live without you. I feel secured whenever you are with me. I want to spend rest of my life with you. Wake up you idiot..
Laksh opened his eyes and said No ragini. She got shocked
Laksh : I want you to know something. He tells about his challenge. Ragini showed no expression and tears rolled down. When she was about to get up, he caught her hand.
Laksh : I always wished to marry a bubbly girl who never stop me from flirting. But after seeing you I don’t even feel like flirting with other girls. I see you everywhere. I have spoken to many girls and but never got the feel in anyone that I felt with you. I will not call me so perfect but I promise you I will make our relation fulfilled with honesty, truth trust, love and care. Will you acpt me with all my flaws ??? He makes longing face with little tears
Ragini cups his face and kissed his forehead.
Laksh : even after knowing ???
Ragini : u said me the truth. U cud have hidden and. But u r brave to face anything after saying truth. This itself a strong first step in our relation.
Laksh : I need more
Ragini : what ??
Laksh : Lipstick marks
Ragini blushes and laksh smiles.

Precap : SwaSan RagLak get caught red handed ?

Thanks for your wonderful cmnts swaragians.. i am trying my best to entertain you ?

Credit to: Tara

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