Swaragini- Heart Beatz Freeze – Episode 5

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Recap : Sanskar won the badminton match and swara is happy. Laksh understands his love for ragini. Ragini has also started feeling for laksh. Dadi chose a girl for abhi and she is pragya.

Precap : RoSid love confession. SwaSan romance. Goons misbehave with ragini.

Scene 1 : Footloose Competition (On the spot Random songs will be played for 5 mins and one must dance according to the song. Melody, fast beat, classical etc)
Announced is made for participants to enroll their names and partipate. It is like competition btwn 2 students from diff colgs. Those who dances good without gap ll be selected.
Competition started.
Behind stage kushi is walking holding papers containing participants list for nxt competition. She is walking looking at the paper and arnav is on phone. Tey collided with each and his phone fell down.
Kushi : sorry sorry.. she looks up and shocked.. You ??
Arnav : What the hell.. u blind idiot ??
Kushi in anger : u only idiot stupid non sense.
Arnav : what the ….
Kushi : Don’t u knw other tan tis ?
Arnav : Country brute
Kushi : Aah u only know this.. if u r tat much talented give ur name n tis competition laal governor

Arnav : you….. if u say y shud i giv? Ok fine u also giv ur name. I ll compete wid u. Lets c wo wins. Both turns and goes in the direction they came..
On the stage :
Arnav and kushi on dancing on randkm songs.. Both while dancing on song Lungi dance from chennai express, kushi slips and arnav holds her on time. She feels pain on her foot and shouts. Arnav holds her in his arms and take her to the hospital. After the treatment he asks her if she is ok? She nods. Doctors says nothing to wry. Tis is bcoz she had undergone foot surgery due to accident. Arnav feels guilty and asks sry to her coz he only challenged her to dance wid him. Kushi : it’s ok. Shall we be friends ??
Arnav smiles and shakes hands with her. Rabbave plays <3 <3

Scene 2 : Footloose Competition
Swara : Wer is reverse ?? She is turning round and searching him.
Roli : whom u r searching ?
Swara :  I mean ra ra ragini..
Roli : she left due to headache
Swara : alone?? She didn't inform me bt u r knowng
Roli: simar di told me. She was n hurry 2 catch d bus. So didn't inform u.
Swara : she left her phone with me.
Swara sees sanskar coming who is wearing blue and white mixed t-shrt and black jean and feels very happy and stunned luking him. She s thinking with which topic she can start talking to him.
Sanskar also saw swara who is wearing blue salwar decorated with white glittering flowers and mesmerised.
Sanskar also thinking for some excuses to talk with her. Both are heading towards each other. They luk at each other and don't know wat 2 start. Both @ d same time
SS : didn't you participate ?? Both laugh. Again both @ d same time
SS : You are looking stunning. Again both shies and laughs saying thank you.
Sid and roli look at each other. They were shocked coz they alrdy know abt each other as they were neighbours in mumbai. They both loved each other during school days but after some silly fight they broke up.

Sanskar : Shall we have coffee?
Swara: yeah but not in cafeteria and it's ur treat for winning.
Sanskar: wen u girls took ur wallets ?? He laughs. Swara shows fake anger.
Sanskar : U said wanna go to market for purchasing items for drama nah.. u go
Sid confused and ask : When did… Sanskar stops and shows in his eyes plz plz.. sid got it and smiled ok.
Swara : Roli u too said tat u need to meet geet nah.. u go no prbm.. v ll manage. Swara left quickly.
Sid : Roli I don't wanna beat around d bush.. I ll straight away say u.. I love you. I don't wanna drag it like chewing gum. We broke up 4 silly reason suprting our frds. I couldn't forget you and I want our old us back. I have seen many girls but I didn't get the feel I have for you. Whenever I hear d word love ur face strikes my mind. I am incomplete without you. Plzz make me complete
Roli in tears : u thought that I forgot u?.. u r ma life sid. After our break up,  no boys crossed in my life and I didn't allow anybody to cum n my life. You are half in me thn how ll I be complete without u ? I love you sid..
Both hold each other's point fingers with theirs and hug tightly.. they realise where they are and get separated after hearing claps for the performance. Both of them smiles.

Scene 3: It is night 7PM
Ragini is feeling dizzy due to over headache. She is walking alone in d street. There is not much crowd. Two boys were drinking and walking unsteadily. They look her and come to her. They misbehave. Ragini couldn't oppose them as she is feeling weak. One goon is trying to touch her cheeks with his finger. When it is an inch gap someone pushes him down with a bang. It's is laksh. He fyts with them and they ran. Ragini wo s about to fall is held by laksh.
Laksh : Ragini r u ok ?? Look at me. He takes her to the hospital and doctor informs that she is having high fever. They treat her and discharged her.
Ragini: thank you laksh.

Laksh: It's my duty.
Ragini: duty ?? She looks him with confused look. He didn't rly and drops her in her hostel. He reminds abt her tablets and tells her tmr he ll cum nd pick her
Ragini couldn't deny. She wishes to be with him. She want to talk with him continously. She agrees.
Ragini : Do u want to go now itself?
Laksh immediately said: yeah ragini but suddenly he recognised wat she said and surprised
Laksh: what… ?? No ragini if u r feeling ok .. v ll go out. I too wanna ….. bt u r sick nah..
Ragini : I will feel better wen i'm with you. Ragini shocked abt wat she said now. Laksh surprised. Both have an eye lock.
Both r walking beside each other and their hands touch then and there. They are going for long walk and talking a lot about their family likes and dislikes. They are laughing and eating pani puris and ice creams.
Laksh : you are having fever but eating….
Ragini: even if sumthng happens you are there for me to take care nah..
Laksh feels happy and they have eye lock..
While returning to hostel, they were walking. Both their fingers touch and longing to hold each others finger.. ragini caught hold of his pointing finger and laksh held her palm completely. Teri meri plays.. tey luk at each other sometimes and walked back to hostel. Though they both don't wanna leave each others' hand, they have to. Both left to their residence.

Scene 5: Restaurant

SwaSan sitting opposite to each other in a couple table.
Sanskar: What shall I order for you ??
Swara : we ll order our favourites and u taste my fav and vice versa.
Swara : Brownie sundae
Sanskar : Canton mushroom soup.
Swara: hahaa ..a starter and  dessert. Good combo.. by d way ur name sanskar right ??
Sanskar: gr8 u hav promoted me from reverse to sanskar
Swara: neverrr.. i just confirmed. That's it. Both laugh
Sanskar: thn miss.bhoom..
Swara: y r u calling me bhoom frm d 1st day
Sanskar: oh u remember tat I'm calling this frm 1st day. Good. Swara shies. He thn says hw he saw her doing action like bhoom for dhoom-2 in d bus while playing dumbC.
Swara : so u r following me frm tat day. She laughs. So thn do u have any girl friends ?? With how many u have flirt so far ??
Sanskar : Just one and it's you.
Swara is surprised and shies.

Swara : I'm impressed and now temme d truth.
Sanskar : I don't have any interest in flirting r impressing girls.
Swara : Mr. Perfect in this 21st century.  8th world wonder yaar..
They dine happily and talk a lot. Sanskar forgot to eat anf just kept staring at her while she was talking. He is completely submerged in her expressive talks though he don't like talkative girls, he wants to hear her talks the whole night even for whole life. Sanskar who doesn't talk more than 10 words is continuously  When they were about to leave it started raining heavily. They both stood far away from others outside d restaurant but under roof near a park. They r not completely drenched but some drizzles fall on them. It is dark where they are standing. Only shade of light falls on them. They r soo close to each other to avoid rain falling on them. Then they noticed how close they are and felt shy. Both have aan eye lock. Tum hi ho plays inside the restaurant which is audible even in their place..

Precap : SwaSan and RagLak romance and love confession.

Against thanks a lottttt for reading my dear dearrr frnzzzzzz .. hope this epi entertained you.

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