Swaragini- Heart Beatz Freeze – Episode 4

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Saba u wer little confused abt other pairs. I ll make it clear 4 u..

Maan and Geet from Geet hui sabse parayi

Arnav and Kushi from Iss Pyaar Kya Naam Doon

Sid and Roli & Prem and Simar from Sasural Simar Ka

Abhi and Pragya from Kumkum Bhagya

Viplav and Dhaani from Ishq Ka Rang Safed. Hope u r clear nw J

Recap : Swara got selected for next round. Sanskar started to have feel 4 her. Laksh challenges his friends tat he ll make ragini fall 4 him.

Precap : Sanskar playing badminton and swara encourages.

Scene 1 : SanLak mansion

Sanskar is lying on the bed and reminisces about his moments with swara and smiles looking at the ceiling.

Maan, Arnav and Sid look at each other with confused look.

Sanskar says mr. reverse and smiles..

Maan: wo is mr.reverse ??

Sanskar comes to his senses and says Sanskar: Hey guyz I feel like smiling all the time. I am not in my senses. I feel like all alone in my world bt I am enjoying it. What does it mean ??

Arnav is serious tone : aaah that means you have 2 chk a gud psychiatrist 😛

Sanskar makes angry face and sleep covering him with bedsheet.

All sleep..

Laksh with his friends ..

Laksh : See tomorrow I ll make her to talk to me first.

Abhi : You don’t even know her name..

Laksh : She will say by herself. Wait and watch

Abhi : and also I have to make that mogambo to call me a rockstar by herself.

Prem : Hey guyz.. today I saw a girl with them… Don’t know y but I wish her to be my better half

Viplav : love at first sight ??

Prem : May be..

All laugh.

Laksh : hey very goo. U propose her and by that chance I ll be able to talk to my girl.

Abhi : your girl ??

Laksh : I mean… my girl in challenge.

Prem : I’m serious guys.

Laksh : okkk v ll help u. don’t wry.

All go to sleep.. Laksh is thinking about ragini : “how beautiful she is.. I haven’t felt like this before evn seeing miss.world.” he too sleeps.

Scene 2 : on the way to college

Laksh and Prem got into bus whereas Ragini, simar and Dhaani are all already in the bus. Laksh teases prem who looking through the window and side by side seeing simar. Laksh thinks what to do to impress ragini. Then he finds some purse fallen beside her and thinks to return to her. He takes d purse and goes 2 give her. But Ragini found a old woman getting into d bus holding 2 bags of things. She stands and gives her place to her. Laksh is impressed by her kindness and thinks “Am I doing right by trapping her for challenge”. Simar turns and looks at prem who is alrdy looking her.

Simar : Prem You ? Prem is confused : is she talking to me? Is it my dream ?

Simar : Can’t you recognize me ?? I’m simar. we were school mates while studing 10th grade. Same ncc squad. Prem don’t remember but says : ya I remember but cudnt recall much. How r u simar? They talk and prem is very happy.

Laksh is just staring ragini. Ragini, who standing near laksh, chking whether she reached her stop or not. Her hair falls on his face. She turns and removes it and say sry and she is feeling some spark in his eyes. Both are having eye lock. Ragini FB.

She saw him yest. He was flirting wid girls. He was playing prank with his friends. He was acting obedient infront of his professor when he moved out he started to imitate him. She was smiling seeing his activities. She used to hate when her colg boys do these things. But wen she saw him laughing and doing pranks yesterday, she loved his laughing. She was continuously starting at him. Wherever he went she moved her eyes to his direction. She thinks I like when boys are obedient and calm. But he is totally opposite but instead of scolding and hating him y am I feeling happy when he does this and laughs. Do we have any incomplete last birth connection ???

Still eye lock continues. Prem and simar note them and shakes them. They ask them to get down.

Laksh : ohhh godddd what is in her eyes? Y couldn’t I take off my eyes from her.. he is confused and goes.

Scene 3 : Badminton Match Prelims

Sanskar is getting ready and maan is helping him. Match is going to start.

Sanskar : I wish to see bhoom now. I want to see her smile. He is praying. Match started. Sanskar lot first sets with high difference. Swara and geet entered the court. Swara was happy seeing sansar. Sanskar wo is upset looking down turns to drink water and notices swara and was extremely happy. He smiles widely at her. Swara shows thumbs up and says all the best to sanskar which boost him like anything. He quickly stands and goes play luking at swara.

Geet : what r u doing swara? U r saying best f luck to the opponent. He is playing against our colg. Swara thn understands and thinks “Y I want reverse to win. Y I want to see him happy after winning? Y his smile matters a lot to me ? I have odd feeling towards him” Swara : nothing geet. Its just a match. Participation is imp than winning. I wishes both of them. She excuses and goes. Geet is confused. Sanskar win the match and looks at swara wo is jumping and saying congratz to him. Both r feeling happiness in each others happiness.

Geet who is eating banana unknowing puts its skin outside the bin. Maan who was running to go to auditorium stepped on it and fell 😛 Geet turned and shocked but started to laugh. Maan is very angry on her. Thn she gave her hand. But he neglects and tries to get on his own but again falls. She laughs bt gave her hand to help him. This time he tuk her help.

Geet : sorry. Maan shows angry face and wnt. Geet : Khaddu .. what babaji I helped him atleast he cud have said thanx .. She looks him going and calls him angry bird.

Scene 4 : Sitar competition

Laksh and Viplav comes to the hall ( just to sight girls 😛 ). But laksh unlikely couldn’t flirt and his mind and heart is thinking only about ragini. Laksh : wat s her name first ?

Host announces next participant name is Ragini. Laksh feels fresh breeze on his face and looks at the stage. Ragini is siting with sitar. She is playing and singing Taal Se Taal Mila (she does it with sitar. New try).

It was beyond words. There was a pin drop silence in the auditorium. Laksh is staring and listening to her like a statue. That was a chanceless performance. Everyone were clapping loudly and shouting once more after the performance. All congratulated her for getting into second round. But her eyes was searching for laksh.

Laksh runs to her leaving viplav behind and stood infront of her breathing heavily. Ragini was very happy seeing him.

Laksh : Superrbb extraordinary I don’t have words to describe ur performace. Mind blowing.

Ragini is very happy and shies and goes.

Laksh : Ragini .. my dear nightingale.. I saw you for winning my challenge but you won me. I wanted you to fall for me but I fell for you. I wanted you to long for me but I am longing to see you and to be with you. I love you ragini. He smiles.

Abhi on phone : noo dadi.. I won’t marry. I didn’t even complete my PG degree.

Dadi : I decided a girl for you. And no prbm u r n final year and u will luv after our family business. As soon as u complete ur degree, u ll marry. I have decided that’s it. If you go against me thn forget me. I will send you her foto. She cuts the call.

Abhi is upset and sees his whatsapp and shocked to see pragya. 😮 😮

Abhi: OMGGG.. Mogambo :’( Dadiiiiii :’( he s keeping his face like crying naughtily.

Guyz hope u liked it .. Thanks for reading dear frnz J

Precap : RoSid love confession. Goons misbehave with Ragini. SwaSan romance.

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