Swaragini- Heart Beatz Freeze – Episode 15


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Thankkk youuuu soo much frnz.. You all supported me from the beginning and encouraged me to write this story. Thank you silent readers.
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Recap : SwaSan patch up
Precap : SanLak weds Swaragini

Scene 1 : SanLak mansion

Sujatha : Sanskar we have seen a girl for you. Her name is charu.
Sanskar shocked : Nooooo mom
Sujatha : Why ?
Sanskar stammers : coz.. coz… I don’t knw anythng abt her
Sujatha : all arranged margs will be lik this only. U ll get to know abt each othr latter.
Sanskar : Mom I want to marry a girl working in my field
Sujatha : well and good. She is also workinh it IT company only. No time. Get ready and come down. Today ll be ue sangeet and tmr is ur wedding.
Sanskar shocked and stood like statue.
Sujatha : Don’t think of eloping. Thn u ll not see me alive
Sanskar : I ll say that girl directly tat I’m not interested.
Laksh : Ma no way
AP : we are not asking permission. Just giving u information. Get ready and come down
Laksh : Ma I don’t even know her name
AP : ohh is this only ur prbm ?? Her name is latha. She is working in IT company.
Laksh : Ma..
AP : come down

Scene 2 : SanLak Car
Sanskar : Like Swaragini, those girls name is charulatha huh ??
Laksh : Bhai I’m not going there
Sanskar whispers something in lucky’s ears.

Scene 3 : Hotel
They reach a hotel where sangeet is going to be held.
Both are un casuals. Sanskar is wearing white t-shirt, yellow blazer and blue jean. Laksh is wearing red t-shirt, white blazer and black jean.
Ap and sujatha ask them to meet bride in garden.
Both girls are facing opposite to them
Sanskar : I’m sanskar
Laksh : I’m lucky
Sanskar : we are very frank type. We daily hangout with frds and we have smoking habits
Laksh : Ya we have lot of girlfriends. We love to flirt.
Sanskar : We drink daily night and more at every party.
Laksh: We have the habbit of cheating girls in the name of love
Sanskar : Sorry I know after hearing this much u ll not acpt us
Laksh : ya u both r very traditional
Both girls say : “We don’t want to marry you. We are going to stop the marriage”
SanLak is overjoyed and gives hi5.
Both girls turn and call : Maa, Papa, dadi, dida shoutly.
SanLak shocked to see Swaragini.
Sanlak in unison : You ????????????
Swarag : we didn’t know u r this much bad. How u both cheated us. We don’t want this marg. Maaaa, papaaaaa, dadiiiii, didaaaaa.
Sanlak closes their mouth and beg them not to shout.
All reach garden and all along with swarag burst out into laughter.
Sanlak confused.
Swaragini confessed that they are in love with sanlak to their parents. Both family met and decided their marg. To tease them AP and sujatha told fake names.
Ap hold laksh ears and sujatha hold sanskar’s ears.
Sanlak : mom… ma… oucchh
Ap : telling lies
Sujatha : thinking to elope
Sanlak : ouch sry sryyy…
All laugh and their sangeet ceremony happens.
They all play anthakshri, dumbc. Swasan remember their first meeting. They all dance for Saiyaara.. sanskar is holding swara’s hand and laksh is lifting ragini.

Scene 4 : Next day marriage
SanLak is mesmerised to see swara in red saree decorated with golden gliterring threads designed as flowers and ragini in red lehanga sith silver gliterring threads designed like stars. They take 7 pheras and sanskar tie mangalsutra around swara’s neck and laksh ties it around ragini’s neck. Both girls have tears in their eyes as they feel completed. Sanlak promises them they ll be always toghr.

Scene 5 : Ring finding ceremony
Sanskar finds the ring first but give it to swara. All tease swara will rule sanskar.
Sanskar whispers in swara’s ears : I ll be happy to be your slave and winks at her.
All are wondering why raglak is taking so much time to search ring
Laksh is holding Ragini’s fingers and playing. He is not allowing her to find. She is blushing. He winks at her.
SwaSan : If u both finished romancing, plz search 4 d ring.
RagLak feel embarrassed and blushes.
Swaragini emotionally leaves badi.
Sujatha AP takes arthi for them. Swaragini pushes rice pot and place feet on sindoor water snd step into the house. It’s their tradition for grooms to lift bride in their arms and go to their room.

Scene 6 : swasan room

Sanskar places swara on bed and lies beside her. She feels shy
Sanskar : Is this our first night ??
Swara in low voice : first wedding night. She blushes
Sanskar : U ll see same no no.. more love of me. He kisses her forehead eyes cheeks. He puts his lips on her and sucks it. Light goes off..they consumate their marriage. Ang Laga de plays

Scene 7 : Raglak room
Ragini : lve me. I have to change my dress
Laksh is holding around her waist tightly.
Laksh : No today
Ragini : Laksh …
Laksh : Today is our wedding night. What is d need of dress ?? However that hindrance will be removed off winthin secs
Ragini shies
He lifts her in his arms. He goes on her. She hugs him tightly around his neck. He unties her blouse knot, moves his fingers on her bare neck. He touch her bare waist and removes lehanga while keep on kissing her lips.
He caresses her neck cheeks with his lips and kiss her harder. They consumate their marriage. Ang Lage de plays.

Happy Ending ☺☺

Thank you all… thanksssss a lotttttt my dear frnz. Each one of yoy showered ur luv on me, supported me, complemented me though we don’t knw each other. Evn our clse frds hesitate to praise us but u all boosted me a lot. Thanks a lottttt frnz.

Credit to: Tara

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