Swaragini- Heart Beatz Freeze – Episode 14


Back to Back episode

Recap : RagLak patch up
Precap : Abhgya Sangeet and Marriage

Scene 1 : Abhi’s house.
All girls except Roli and Simar is making pragya to get ready for sangeet.
Kushi : Atlast tom and jerry is going to marry. All laugh.
Geet : After marg abhi bhaiya will be tom
Pragya hits and blushes. Swara is keeping quiet and doing pragya’s hairstyle.
Dhaani : why r u so quiet swara. I have never seen u lik this ??
Kushi geet ragini knows. They divrt d topic.
Tey bring pragya down. Laksh sanskar viplav maan arnav bring abhi down.
Sanskar mesmerised seeing swara wearing pink and silver lehanga but doesn’t show and doesn’t stare.
Laksh signals ragini that she is very beautiful in her red gold lehanga and he is losing his conciousness. She blushes.
They make abhigya to sit toghr
Abhi : I’m worried
Pragya concerned : why ?? dadi is fine nah ??
Abhi : I have to earn more to compensate your expenses on food and to buy strong cot to balance ur wgt
Pragya hits him
Arnav : Abhi not today. All laugh excpt sanskar and swara. Tey just smile. They look each other at the same time. But they turn to face othr directions.
Ragini msgs her plan to laksh.
All start to dance..
Arnav amd kushi dance for Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna …
Maan and Geet dance for O Saathi Re..
In between swasan look @ each othr and remember their sweet moments and smile.
Viplav and dhaani dance for Sunn Raha Hai..
Ragini and Laksh dance for Teri Meri ..
They forcibly bring swasan on the stage..
Though they don’t like, they start to dance for the sake of RagLak. SwaSan dance for Sun Saathiya…

“Ho.. sun saathiya maahiya
Barsa de ishqa ki syahiyaan”

Sanskar holds her waist by one hand and hold her left hand by his right hand. Pulls her close and move slowly.

“Rang jaaun, rang rang jaaun ri, haari main
Tujhpe main jhar jhar jhar jaaun
Hoon piya bas teri main
Ho chhu le toh khari main”

They dance fastly for the beat. He turns and rotates her by holding her fingers. Thn she falls half way to the ground. He hold her. She jumps amd he lifts her high and thn continue dancing.

“Main ret si, boond ka zariya tu
Paa ke tujhe bheeg jaaun re
Main ret si, boond ka zariya tu
Paa ke tujhe bheeg jaaun ri”

On slow beat he holds her close and wave their body. They are staring into each other eyes.

“Tar jaaun tar tar jaaun
Dariya ye tar jaaun jee
Ishq ye paake main tera
Nikhar jaaun ri…
Piya bas teri main
Ho.. chhu le toh khari main
toh khari main khari main…”

He is rotating her continously and she is revolving around him and also moving from one end to other end of the stage. They are remembering all their clse moments.
They all clap. Swara runs from that place. Sanskar doesn’t know what to do.
Laksh : Bhai share with me ur prbm
Sanskar : I myself don’t know lucky.

Ragini comes to swara who is crying.
Ragini : I know u both r having prbm. Temme what is it
Swara : leave it laddo
Ragini angrily : I askd u to say.
FB :
Swara receives MMS from private number. It’s a video.
In video :
Sanskar and Maan are chatting.
Sanskar : We are men. What is the need to bow down to women. They are just below us. We are superior to them.”****”.They have to fall infront if us and beg to marry. There is nothing like love. It’s just physical hunger. If our work is finished thn we can just drop that girl. We have to be adamant.To “****” them v have to used the weapon called love. Girls are Girls. They can only change. “***” They are just like use and throw cup.
Video ends
Swara is shocked. She is crying remembering their close moments during vacation.
Swara : Sanskar u cheated me. U cheateddddd mee.. she cries. She confronts him in anger.
Sanskar : Hi darling. U couldn’t wait to see me huh ?? He winks.
Swara with tears slap him hard.
Sanskar shocked with her reaction
Sanskar : Swara ….
Swara : Stop Sanskar.  Shame on you. U didn’t love me. U loved only my physic. I thought we made love. But u .. chiii. I should not scold you. I should scold myself for trusting u more than myself. I gave myself to you in full faith. But in return u cheated me.
Sanskar couldn’t understand what she is saying
Sanskar : What I cheated ?
Swara throws mob his chest.
Swara : Keep ur gift with u and ur video.
Sanskar got angry but controlled coz he cudnt understand her.
Swara : So u r man who go to woman to satisfy ur inner thirst.  Temme what is my number in ur history of girls
Sanskar this time couldn’t control and slapped her. This time she touched his self respect and honesty.
Sanskar : Don’t utter one more word.
Swara : I will say. U r such a disgusting man. No not man. U r an animal.  Evn dog will be faithful. But u ?? U may be rich but really u should beg for manliness.
She left the place.
FB ends
Sanskar : haan lucky thn I played the video. It was a edited video. It didn’t have my full conversation. It was done by chirag with whom I played badminton finals. He wanted to take revenge on me. But swara believed a video than listening to my explanation.  There is no love without trust. She spoke ill about my character lucky. That I can’t tolerate.
Laksh : Then what were u actually saying to Maan bhaiya
FB :
Maan : I don’t know why dev is behaving like this. I really feel shamed to call him as my brother. He is playing with many girls.
Sanskar :  Don’t be silent. It’s a matter of lives of many girls. Think about their future. You brother is thinking like …We are men. What is the need to bow down to women. They are just below us. We are superior to them.”That’s not right. Make him realise his mistake and ask him not to expect like” they have to fall infront if us and beg to marry. “For him” there is nothing like love. It’s just physical hunger. If our work is finished thn we can just drop that girl. We have to be adamant” to “make them in right path. For” them v have to used the weapon called love. Girls are Girls. They can only change him. ” only a girl should come in his life to make him realise. He should not think like” they are just like use and throw cup “but they are only having major role in our life like mother sister wife daughter grandma. Make him realise”.
Fb ends.
Maan : Yes he was asking me to make my brother realise. Sanskar asked me not to say anything to geet.
Sanskar : trust should not ve gained. She didn’t blv me. Thn wat is the use of explaining. Tes r not something to be explained but to be trusted blindly. May b our love was weak.

Swara hugs sanskar from behind. Je is shocked.
Swara is crying so hard.
Swara : Sorry sanu. I’m very sorry. I should have asked you. But I …
Sanskar : Leave me
Swara holds his hand
Swara : Sanu plzzz plzz don’t lve me. I beg for ur forgiveness. i acpt wat I did was completely wrong. I saw u saying all those. So I blvd like idiot. Ya I’m wrong.
Sanskar freed his hand from her grip and moved
Swara shouted : Sanskar……. she fainted.
Sanskar turned and ran to her. He carried her to room and splashed water.
Ragini : She is taking tablets since 6 months. She cries whole night thinking about u and doctor said her she was very weak.
Sanskar felt bad : Swara open ur eyes. Wake up.  Look at me
Swara slowly opened her eyes, hugged quickly sanskar and started to cry
Swara : Don’t leave me Sanskar. I love you to the moon and back. Plz forgive me or give punishment.  I want u in my life. I can’t imagine life without u.
Sanskar : yes I’m going to punish you. Marry me
Swara surprised and smiled at him. He hugged her. He smiled
Swara : sorry sanu..
Sanskar : It’s ok shona..

All are happy.
All bring abhigya to the stage. They dance for Allah Waariyan and all join them in the end.
Next day abhigya married.  All attended happily. Sanskar praising swara’s cuteness and laksh filmly romances ragini, arnav teases kushi for eating always, maan and geet argument,  Vidhani fight,  Abhigya nok-jok colored the wedding day with full of fun.
All were happy.

Precap : SanLak weds Swaragini

Next episode will be last frnz. Sorry if this bored you 🙁

Credit to: Tara

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  1. it’s not boring at all… really loved it… i didn’t expect this would be the reason for swasan’s fight… just awesome… thumbs up…

    1. Thankssss a lotttt dear. Thank you so much sindhu ???. I was worried whthr u ll say is this and all a reason. Thank you ☺

  2. its a nyc ff…u shouldn’t hav ended it so soon…will miss it…

    1. Thank you nandini ☺☺☺ ll try single shots

  3. I couldn’t stop smiling throughout this ?♥️?

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  4. I love it

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  5. Amazing.
    Loved it.
    And after this ff start a new ff .

    1. Aweeeeeee ??? I nvr expected tat I ll get cmnt like tis. I’m happy to the coreeeeee dear. Thanks a lottt ???? I am soo happy being a writter ?☺?☺. What else can be a reward than this ? Thank you dear

  6. awesome yar..abhigya nokjok were just amazing..u truly made a valid reason for both th couples separation..raglak were too good..finally swasan unit..loved it dr..n ya its not at all boring..

    1. I am very veryyyyy happy niti. Thanks for acptng it as a valid reason for misunderstanding aftr such clse moments. Thanks a lottttt for liking this epi. Thank you vry much ☺????☺

  7. And that was the highest peak of misunderstanding……loved it yaar.its fantastic

    1. I mean that the episode is fantastic

    2. Thanksssss a lot for enjoying this epi manu ☺☺☺☺

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  9. Awesome
    Mind blowing
    Heart touching

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