Swaragini- Heart Beatz Freeze – Episode 13


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Recap : SwaSan RagLak in same company. Swarag work under sanlak
Precap : Project delivery success party.

After 2 weeks… SwaSan RagLak didn’t talk or come face to face much.

Scene 1 : SL Tech Solutions (In IT companies they don’t address as SIR or MADAM) Night 9 PM
Sanskar come out of his cabin to leave home. He sees swara working in her system alone.
Sanskar in mind, “still she is working as if very sincere. It’s alrdy late. It’s also not safe for night travel. If I say she ll think like I’m behind her. Let her be). But his heart is not leaving him to leave her alone. He goes to her”
Sanskar : any prbm ?
Swara is suprised with d voice and looked @ him. She is not in mood to fight wid him. She is worried about bugs in her program.
Swara : I am compiling it since 7. But it is shoeing error. I have modified many but still don’t know
Sanskar : lemme c. She gave her seat and he is working. She is leaning down to watch system. She is above his shoulder and near his right cheek. Both are unaware of their closeness.
Atlast he debugged after 45 mins. Both were overjoyed and hugged each other. But latter realised and separated.
Swara : Thank you
Sanskar : It’s ok. U may leave now
Swara finds no cab outside
Sanskar offers ti drop after so much of hesitation
Swara : Don’t take advantage that I askd ur help. It’s official wrk. That’s y
Sanskar : uff go to hell. Wo cares. He left angrily. She is still waiting but 1 drunkard misbehave with her. She used her pepper spray. By d time shekar reached. He cam in search of her as ragini cam home so early but not her. Swara felt bad for not listening sanskar’s words but she is firm in her ego.
Sanskar reached home and worries for swara.
Sanskar: wthr she reached home safely ?? How to know. Ok lemme call but how can I ask.. first I ll call
Sanskar slowly choose her number in his contacts after lot of thinking.
Swara : hello who is this ?? (She knows he is the one)
Sanskar (oh she deleted and also forgot my number. 4 tis girl y shud i care) : I’m ur team lead
Swara : say Sanskar
Sanskar : R u in ur office ?
Swara : none of ur business
Sanskar angrily : It’s my business.  I want u to mail ur report immediately.
Swara : I’m in ma home. I ll snd u morg
Sanskar sighs relief : ok bye

Scene 2 : Office. Morning 11 AM
Laksh : Ragini I want you to submit ur module.
Ragini : Ok
Laksh : no we have to deliver by 2 PM. I blv u did according to d requirements.  Better send it to integration team.
Ragini : Ok
Laksh annoyed : Night we have success party. Inform our team.
Ragini : I’m not interested.
Laksh : I didn’t ask ur opinion. It’s must. Inform all.
Ragini leaves angrily.

Scene 3 : Party
All are enjoying the party. Laksh is drinking wine wanted to irritate ragini. She eyes him angrily and doesn’t want him to drink. Her anger is preventing her to stop him. All are doing couple dance. Laksh comes to her, holds her hand and brings her to the dance floor. She want to resist but cudn’t since all r watching them. They dance slowly and romantically for Tu ye mujhko bata de song. They forgot their fight and started to sing along with the song. At the end of the dance they are happily smiling @ each other. All clap seeing their performance.  Then they realise and feel awkward. They separate themselves. Ragini go out and stand to inhale fresh air. Laksh follows her behind.
Laksh in drunken state : Thn what is your fiance doing?
She angrily tries to leave but he holds.
Laksh : Oh ya ya u won’t speak to me nd all right. U ll talk to that rich american groom. Why r u going to speak to local boy like me ?
Ragini : Shut up laksh and lve my hand
Laksh : oh if I touch, u will like worm caressing u ryt ? Go nd ask him to touch u evrywer.
Ragini : chii don’t talk cheaply. She takes water jug near her and throw water it on his face.
Laksh comes to his concious.  He is still holding her hand.. both thinks what happened in past
FB :
Ragini : Laksh my dad have chosen a guy for me
Laksh : Oh..
Ragini : He is working in America. His family is very rich in Los Angels. He is holding many firms.
Laksh : Oh..
Ragini : He is very sincere and more matured. He is taking care of his own and father’s business too. Ma dad told me that he doesn’t have bad habits too.
Laksh : Mmm..
Ragini : Yesterday they came to see me.
Laksh : you were in hostel  thn how
Ragini : I took permission and wnt
Laksh : u didn’t inform me
Ragini : I myself don’t know.
Laksh : oh
Ragini : why r u saying oh oh.. say sumthng else
Laksh : thn
Ragini : Their family liked me and he too. So I
Laksh : So u accepted the proposal.
Ragini confused : Laksh ??
Laksh : ya complete. So u agreed to the proposal.
Ragini : Lemme speak
Laksh : what more to say ?? Haan ya u r also like othr gals. U ll luv one boy but marry sum othr. I am rich but not upto ur expectations. So u agreed to marry him
Ragini : No laksh
Laksh : oh thn there is someother reason. Don’t you feel shamed ?? Cheap character. You loved me from heart but now ready to allow some idiot to touch you. U r ready to sleep with some1. How characterless u r ??
Ragini is damn angry and about to slap him. He holds her hand and ask show ur bravery to him. She throws his hand and said
Ragini : that’s it laksh. U spoke too much. U r degrading me
Laksh : I’m not. U urself doing it. Don’t stand infront me.
Ragini is crying and in anger: Yeah even if you say to stay hereaft I won’t. I hate you laksh. I ll never forget ur words. Both left in opposite directions
Ragini : u never allow me to speak right ?
Laksh is just looking at her angrily.
Laksh talks to irritate her:  when is your marriage ?? Where you gonna celebrate ur honeymoon ? Discussed about children? Actually u don’t need to think something new. We have alrdy spoken lot about it. u can say same to him.
Ragini slaps him hard
Ragini : shut up laksh. Just shut up. I never agreed to that proposal.
Laksh is shell shocked : but u were praising him. U said SO I…
Ragini : I didn’t. That’s all what my papa told me. I wanted to say. SO I WAS ASKED FOR OPINION AND WHAT I WISH. Do u know what hapd that day?
FB :
Ragini : Sorry I’m not interested in this alliance. I want to work for sometime. I’m not ready to marry now
Their family : u can work aftr marg. We have no prbm
Ragini : Plz I want to stand on my own effort and be with my family sometime.
Shekar : We won’t force her. Sorry all
Laksh has tears in eyes. His guilt is killing him. He is about to touch her
Ragini : Don’t try to touch me. I just hate you. Hate to see ur face. How u told me characterless ? U thought I ll marry some1 ?
Laksh : I’m sorry. I ..
Ragini : No need. Now itself u r not allowing me to speak. Aftr marg my life ll be like hell thn. Better to part our ways. Lve me.
Laksh stops her way.
Laksh : Plz don’t do the mistake I did. Listen to me once. Ur frds told me that u got engaged. Even then also I was stubborn that u ll not agree. I fought with them. They showed the pic when their family came to see u. U both were sitting toghr.
Ragini : So u thought I ll marry him. U didn’t give me time to talk laksh.
Laksh : I’m really sorry lado. Plzzzz forgive me. I didn’t know ur frds were teasing me.
He bent down his knees and crying. Laksh : Yes I’m wrong. I shouldn’t have used those words. I can understand how much it wud have hurted u. Sorry laddoo.. plz forgive me. Give me punishment but don’t lve me. Though I act to be happy infront of others, evryday night I used to cry a lot. Plz ragini.
He sees a knife in nearby table.
Laksh : I ll punish myself. He is about to cut his wrist but ragini holds it. She throws it away.
Both are crying and hug each other.
Ragini : Plz don’t do this again. I was literally dying everyday
Laksh : Plz don’t lve me ragini. I’m not perfect but I won’t hurt u again. Don’t lve me for my mistakes.
Ragini : I love you lucky
Laksh : I love you laddoo.. both smiles. Laksh kissed her forehead and eyes.
Ragini : I think swara and sanskar also having some prbm btwn them.
Laksh : I also watched bhai crying daily night seeing bhabhi’s foto.
Ragini : We have to solve it
Laksh : Tomorrow is Abhgya sangeet and day aftr tmr marriage. We ll solve it there. Both shakes hands and leave.

Precap : SwaSan patch up

Sorry guyz.. it seems like u r all feeling bored. That’s why I’m hurrying to finish it. I don’t want to bore u more with each epi. I ll post it back to back today itself.

Credit to: Tara

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