Swaragini- Heart Beatz Freeze – Episode 12


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And sorry all… from next episode it ll be only swasan and raglak .. their frds ll play guest role hereafter.

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Recap : all Rescued pragya nd dhani in munnar
Precap : 6 months leap

Here we go…

After semester vacation all return to their hostel and mansion. They often meet, chat and spend time together.
After 6 months..Convocation in college.
Swaragini and their frds graduated and convocation ceremony in their colg. Similarly for sanlak..

Scene 1 : Swara and Ragini rooms respectively.
Thunderz and Budz crying coz of separation. They are vacating their hostel rooms. They are asking each other to be in contact. Hugging and crying each other.
Geet : Swara atleast now why don’t you ???
Swara : we discussed about this more than enough. Just lve tis topic. I’m alrdy upset.
Kushi : for the last time atleast ??
Roli : Atleast for our sake.
Swara dials the number but call disconnected on the other side. She throws phone angrily and said : Never again take this topic.
To reduce the tension in room..
Roli : all should be called for each of us’ marg.
Kushi : Mine will be running and signing dudes.. all get ready with sports shoes. All laughs and hugs. They vacate.
Pragya : Atleast u shud have stopped nd explained
Ragini : for that I shud have been given time.
Simar : just try again once
Ragini : Never. This will be always in blood. Can’t be changed. Lve it.
All loom worried and sadly leaves each other

Scene 2 : SanLak Mansion
All are laughing and beating each other. Happy environment. No tears. Prem : I ll missing our planned monthly once meeting after colg days. I nd sid moving to germany.
Sid : No worry prem. Skype, hangouts, fb chat… tey r all just 4 us.
All just enjoy.
Viplav calls laksh separately who is laughing and talks
Viplav : Y r u hiding ur worries
Laksh : Don’t joke. Worries is absent in my dictionary.
Viplav : Be serious
Laksh : that’s y I lost my happiness. Now I’m free. I’m enjoying myself. Have this redbull.
Viplav wid sad face joins d gang. Laksh is dancing to the song dhoom machale.
Maan calls arnav alone
Maan : Sanskar…
Sanskar : Plz.. I am happy with what I have
Maan : Listen to me onc…
Sanskar : Don’t take this topic again. It’s irritating me.
Both leave. All 8 vacated mansion.

Scene 3 : Gadodia’s house and Maheshwari’ s house.

Shekar : Welcome to your palace my dear angels.
Both put down their bag and hug their dad and mom.
Swaragini : V missed you a lot. We understood ur value only wen v wer in hostel
Shomi : It’s ok beta. Everything is an experience. They hug amd leave to their room.
Swaragini refrsd nd came down
Swara : papa.. we have been selected in our college placement. We got our call letter too..
Shomi : what s d need? Join ur papa’s business.
Ragini : we wish to stand on our own and gain experience. Thn v ll join him ma.
Shomi : bt..
Shekar : tey r right. Tey shud start from scratch. U both join angels. What is your designation ?
Swara : Software developer papa
Shekar : Good. U go 4 wrk.
Swaragini excited and hugged him
Ram Prasad : Ok both of you join in our company.
SanLak : ok papa.. ok chachaji
DP : no ram
RP : but it’s our plan
DP : they can’t directly join as ceo or md. They must first learn what is going on? What r d tricks ? How to be done? Etc etc… So they ll join as Project leads in our new company SL tech solutions.
Sanlak surprised : when u started new ….
Adharsh : 3 yrs b4. It’s a surprise for u.
DP : Staffs don’t know about u both. You have to mingle with them, learn their grief, plus, minus. Learn how to get work from them. How to satisfy them. How to deliver projects on time etc etc.. Join tmr.
Sanlak agreed happily.

Scene 4 : Next day Morning
Shomi : Still sleeping lazy girls. How u girls were in hostel and woke up and got ready in time ??
Swara with closed eyes : v bunked 1st hour classes always.
Shomi : so u gonna bunk 1st day of ur office
SwaRagini wakes up in shock. They rushed and got ready. They god blessings from every1 nd left to office
Sanskar : Have you took necessary documents ?
Laksh : Bhai I tuk only lunch box. I don’t wanna risk 1st day in canteen
Sanskar : uff lucky. We need to submit our marksheets, bond agreement, affidavit nd….
Laksh : It’s our company bhai
Sanskar : Not yet. Don’t blabber like this there.
Both got blessings from dp, rp, ap, sj and left for office

Scene 5 : SL Tech Solutions.
Manager : So you both gonna be the project leads. Fine. I ll introduce ir team. U have been alrdy assigned with US amd Japan client. Make sure delivery is on time and keep track of events.
SanLak : ok sir
Manager : I ll introduce ur team Sanskar. This is bhihaan, dhruv, ramki, shivani nd … he searches. He asks : Where is new girl.. nd her name is..
A voice from back.. Swara Sir
All turned back and sanskar shocked to the core. It’s swara. She is wearing women’s formal cream pant and blue white striped shirt.
Manager : All listen he will be your project lead. Mr. Sanskar
Swara is shocked and remembers sum1 slapping. All others left except swasan
Swara : Don’t u feel shamed to follow me ?
Sanskar : I won’t do that even in dreams. This is my…. my first job I got in campus interview. So I want to wrk.
Swara : Don’t forget there is nothing more than official wrk btwn us.
Sanskar : u too
Both gives angry look to each othr nd lve
In another room..
Manager : Dear colleagues he will be ur new project leader. Mr. Laksh. On hearing the name ragini’s heart started to beat fast. Manager turned nd brought him forward. Both are shocked to see each other. They are staring angrily. Both doesn’t utter a word and leaves to their cabin
Laksh (to himself) : I don’t want to see her
Ragini (to herself): god is this punishment 4 me? ? She makes angry upset face.

Precap : Project delivery success party.

Thank you for reading. Even if u feel it as not good, temme. I ll try 2 make it interesting☺

Credit to: Tara

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  1. It’s nice but happened between raglak and season y r they separate?

    1. Thanks vb. Soon u ll know ☺

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    want swasan raglak

    1. Sure they dear tey ll b United soon

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    1. I ll reveal it in upcoming episodes devi

  5. everything was well in camp.. bt wt happend in 6month they hate each other so much..

    1. Yeah dear they were well. Soon d reason ll b revealed

  6. interesting…. very interesting…

    1. Thank you so much sindhu. I ll try to maintain it

  7. hey..Tara what happened between swasan raglak…truly speaking after swasan’s close moments..i can’t bear this..hope u hv some valid reason for that and u will unit both the couples soon..

    1. Yeah it ll b coz of lack of their effort to clear their misunderstanding. I ll reveal it soon dear. Swasan Raglak will nt b separated ??

  8. Don’t understand what happen between swasan and raglak

  9. i dnt knw why my comments not uploading… it was superb dr.. what happen to them…

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