Swaragini- Heart Beatz Freeze – Episode 11


I hope u all liked last episode and ll try to make this epi also interesting. Thanksssss a lott for the support buddies.. I am on d way to ma class.. I am updating in a hurry.. forgive me for the mistakes ☺

Last epi : http://www.tellyupdates.com/swaragini-heart-beatz-freeze-episode-10/

Recap : swasan romance
Precap : pragya and dhani get missed

Let’s start..

Scene 1 : Swara’s room
SwaSan wake up from bed. Swara blushes reminiscing about last night. Sanskar still sleeping. She kisses on his forehead and goes to take bath. After bath she looks into d mirror and finds their love marks and smiles. Sanskar by the time got up and still lying amd resting his head on his raised bent hand : y so soon bhoom ??
Swara : they ll reach now reverse
Sanskar quickly wnt to refrsh and got ready. Others also reached.
Ragini : shona r u feeling better ?? Have u fallen anywhere ?? Y thus bruises? ? She s worried. When swara is about to say
Sanskar : when I’m there how ll she get wounds by falling ??
He undrstd wat he said nd both felt awkward. Ragini still confused bt laksh understood. All started laughing.
They all got ready and did breakfast.
They were shopping the whole day for their family. Bought gifts for their loved ones too.
Kushi : arnav ji I want hot corn for tis cold climate
Arnav : always eating eating.. thn wat else jangiri ???
She kept sad face. He smiled nd got it 4 her.

Swaragini are feeling cold.
Sanskar :  shall i do yest’s magic? He winks at her.
Swara blushes and hits him.
Laksh gives his coat to ragini. She smiled. They planned boating in evening so that animals will be seen on shores to drink water nd rest. Without returning room they go for boating directly

Scene 2 : Boating in kundla dam.
They enjoyed seeing animals. Pragya and simar didn’t go for boating coz f scare. They were returning to their room. They thought of walking for sometime to njoy d scenaries. It’s a twilight time. Animal’s roaring sounds are heard. Somewhere waterfalls sound too heard. Birds were flying to their nests. Vehicles numbers reduced. All 8-8 enjoying and returning. The road was very narrow. Suddenly a heavy vehicle crossed with high speed. To give it way they stood in the edge of the road. Suddenly pragya misses d balance and fall into the valley and dhani who held her hand to fell along with her and their things. Since it is hanging in their corss bags.
All are very shocked. It’s almost dark. The place they fell was full of bushes. All Stunned with shock. Abhi started to have tears in his eyes. They started to worry. Girls all started crying.
Laksh : we came across a forest department office. They ll help us surely coz they nly knw tis route.

Sanskar : exactly
They rush nd inform them. Ter were only 3 police staffs.
Police 1 : If they have fallen from here they must be inside d restricted area. Animals ll roam freely there. Let’s go there.
All go into the restricted area. Only their walky talky is working. Network is unavailable.
On falling both girls got unconcious and dhani mobile broke. They are little near to them but couldn’t find coz of dense forest and darkness.
Swara : I’m so scared
Sanskar : they ll safe. He holds her hand.
Ragini : will v find them ??
Laksh : we can’t fully trust tes staffs. Since its 5 nd almost dark, tey ll ask us to cum tmr to search. We have to do something.
Abhi and viplav are shouting fuggi and dhani respectively.
Prem : atleast if we get netwrk v can find her mobile location.
Simar : Ya v have an app for our safety to indicate frds abt our location. Bt no net here.
Abhi checks his mobile.  He got an idea.
Abhi : guyz listen. Do you have any long strong thread.
Swara : ss bhaiya I have. It’s a woolen cloth. ( since her mom is interested in embroidery, she bought many items for her related to embroidery. Take a look at intro)
Abhi : this will be 100 metres ryt ??
Maan : May b
Sid: Y r u wasting time abhi ?
Abhi : Listen.. do u all have all have hike app in ur mobile ??
Roli : No I don’t have

Sid : No prbm I ll snd ur it’s apk via shareapp application.
Now all have hike with them.
Sanskar : ya i understood his idea. V can connect each other through hike direct. V can snd msgs any file type without Internet.
Laksh : yes but for that v have to b within 100 m distance nah
Abhi : that’s y tis thread. We have to get separated and stand within 100m of distance. Like a relay. If I’m holding here, you move some distance and hold its other end. So that our connection doesn’t get lost.
Maan : v ll connected bt how v ll find them.
Abhi : I nd fuggi always stayed connected in hike direct to save battery. Mob data consumes more power. Thats y. Just now I chkd ma mobile. Still v r connected. It means she s near us within 100m.
Laksh : that’s good. V ll go in each direction.
Arnav : two have to be in each place. If kushi nd I stay .. I ll be connected to abhi here and kushi ll b connected to next point eg, swara.
Abhi : I can’t move anywhere. I have to stay here since our mob is connected.
They held thread and stop in 100m distance

Rosid – Arshi – SwaSan – Abhi, Viplav – RagLak – Maaneet – Premar.

All are using torchlight in their mob and moving little little distance. Swara looks at a Jewel and says
Swara : sanu look tis ear ring. This u gifted me
Sanskar : I don’t remember.
Swara : hey look. since ur mom is a jewel maker u gave this as shagun. Look it’s backside. It’s SR. (Sujatha ram prasad). I asked ragini to keep safely while boating. May b she wud have given to her. Since she didn’t cum 4 boating.
They txt to abhi. All convey this info.
Ragini : now while shopping bought fluorescent mobile cover. Throw light on ground. It ll reflect.
Maan finds it and inform al that both might have rolled on this way . Since v r standing in benches she cant be this side. Chk ur sides abhi. It’s only Grove.
By the time dhani woke up and due to pain she cudnt shout. Hands are hurt. She cudnt clap. she s trying to wake pragya. She remember that she bought laser lights and whistles for her younger brother. She lights it and whistles for help. Abhi, viplav, swasan and raglak heard and using the light.. they found them. All gathered amd hugged toghr. Police also joined them after searching boundaries of d reserved area.

Abhi kneels and hugs unconcious pragya. They spill water on her. She opn her eyes and hugged abhi. Dhani hugged viplav. She felt safe with him. He applied d ointment they bought durung shopping. They didn’t say but understood they luv each other.
Abhi : hey fuggi just relax relax.. he kisses her forehead.
She s still crying in fear and hugging him
Abhi : ok ok okkk look at me.. relaxx.. u know something it’s good that u were with dhani. Coz only u can protect her.
Praya wiping her tears with smiles and in a childish way : so u call md lioness to protect her
Abhi : cha noo deer.. sry dear.. if animals have eaten u, they ll not feel hungry for weeks. Thn wat s d need of dhani to them.

She hits him and both laugh and hug.
They all returned to room happily.

Thanks you guyz… hope you liked.. sorry for mistakes. I am in hurry. Will catch u n cmnts..

Credit to: Tara

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