Swaragini- Heart Beatz Freeze – Episode 10


Thanks a lot for the support. I’m speechless by your love. Thank you silent readers. After sometime I thought I can’t write it continously coz wrk. Thn wen I got little little time I wrote bt thot u wud have forgot tis stry. Bt I was proved totally wrong. Thanks a lottt for your luv nd support guyz. As this is deca epi, I wanna make it somewhat spl. I ll try ma best to make it completely hot nd romantic. Hope u like it..

Last epi : http://www.tellyupdates.com/swaragini-heart-beatz-freeze-episode-9/

Recap : 8 pairs completed their semester exam and came to munnar for vacation.
Precap : Completely of SwaSan.

Let’s start …..

Scene 1 : Hotel Swara’s Room
Swara : I’m feeling better. Just I couldn’t adjust to the climate. We ll go for trekking. No prbm.
She was about to stand but stumbles and falls. He leg is shivering due to the chillness of dam water. Sanskar holds her and make her lie on the bed.
Swara : No prbm. Now you all go for trekking in forest near dam. I ll join you day aftr tmr trekking in thekkadi trekking.
Ragini : we can’t lve you lik tis nd go.
Kushi, Geet, Roli : Yeah we also don’t wanna go.
Swara : I’m saying nah.. u must go. Sanu you too
Sanskar : but shona..
Swara : all get ur things ready and leave. She smiles.
All got into tempo nd left for trekking. Van stopped after moving 10 feets and resumed.

Scene 2 : Tent in forest
Ragini is holding laksh’s arm.
Ragini : I’m so scared
Laksh : I am here nah.. I ll never let anything happen to you. In extreme case, I ll be d prey for animals wch want to hunt u.
Ragini shuts laksh’s mouth and they have deep eye lock. They hug each other beside the tent. All others are enjoying near bonfire. RagLak also join them sitting closely.?

Scene 3 : Swara’s room.
Someone knock the door and it turnz out to be sanskar.
Swara : Sanu I asked you to….. sanskar shuts her mouth wid his hand?.
Sanskar : It’s not safe for u to stay alone n night that too in new unknown place. Shut up and go to rest.
Swara does not utter a word like obedient girl and sit on bed.?

The climate is so chilllllll…. She is feeling like her body getting freezed…. She rubs her palms to generate heat. Her feet is getting chiller and chiller. She walks inside the room to get out of this chillness.. She looks at her beloved who is setting for indoor bonfire. She moves towards the window partially viewing outside and partially looking at her partner by leaning sidewards on windows door.

Its completely a silent night……. She could hear only the sounds of insects. They lodged in outskirts of the city. Cool breeze touches her face just like due drops fallen on a early morning bloomed rose.? She feels it smilingly. She is holding herself tightly inside the woolen shawl…
Moon is brightening its light as it is its day .. Full Moon day?. It added up glow to her face. Stars are shinning even in their reflection in her eyes. Her smilng lips add up the glory of the place. Silence haunted everywhere……

A slight chill breeze fearlessly touches her face again. But this time it’s like sea water playing hide and seek with our feet in its shores. It comes from somewhere and goes nowhere. It encountered her. Sudden force of air makes her face to hide under her silky hair. She removes it softly like touching a newborn baby’s foot….

Two Mesmerised eyes sternly watching from the beginning.? His eyes forgot to blink for minutes. For him there is no need of fire as she herself is burning the room with her hot look. He got sandwiched between reality and dream. He felt an angel from heaven enjoying it’s own gift?. He looked her from top to toe. What a flawless beauty !! Has she been given birth or have she been made by a creative sculptor. Her tight white top with yellow shawl around her neck is just like a bird with soft yellow feathers. Her long crush skirt is more beautiful than the barks of bamboo. Suddenly he heard birds flocking together its feathers. Is it gonna rest in its nests or coming near to watch her ?? She is mine. Only mine. He warned everyone from worm to man.. He is moving forward. He is nearing her. She could feel but not hear his steps..

He slowly holds her from back.. she slightly turns and smiles at him. She liked his touch. She loved his closeness. She is longing for this warmness to free herself from cold wind. He holds her more tightly. A sudden spread of heat throughout her body…. Her left ear ring too moves joyfully with the touch of his right cheek on it. Her shoulder want to touch his chin forever. Both are closing their eyes and enjoying the warmth. His hot breath touches her neck.. Much needed now by her. His hands holding around her waist. Her hands on his hands. She is slightly disappointed when his chin went light above her shoulder. But it is only for few seconds. He turned her towards him. Her eyes making excuses to look the floor but his eyes is stern and adamant to look only her.. her beauty. He hugged her. Wrapped her around his arms.. She reciprocated it finely. She is holding him back.

Air is struggling to find gap between them to pass. Air is searching for oxygen to survive… Moon and stars are jealous and feeling shy. They hide completely under the dark angry clouds. It showers its blessing even though. Started drizzling.. Both look out. He is jealous to see clouds sprinkled rain on her face which is only his’. He closed the window. When she was about to wipe.. he held her hand. . Wiped it fully bt not by his fingers which is running over her waist to arms. She enjoyed his pricking beard. It left no place untouched. He slowly kissed her forehead. . Longing eyes saw the left over drops on her baby pink lips.? He drank it slowly.. She is holding his hairs and he is holding her waist. He moved the hindrance(tee) lightly above and touched her bare waist. Her heart beat is freezing with his cold finger touching her sensitive skin. His feels like touching a cotton..Both’s HEART BEATZ FREEZE.

Bt started to beat fast. He moved his hands above.. she tightened her grip.. hugged much more closer.. Even highly energetic active bee? will be slower than him to sip honey from the blossoming bud..?? Suddenly a thunderstorm made them realise their closeness. Both separated immediately. They hated the nanometer distance between them yet.?
Sanskar without looking her : I am going to my room. If needed call me.
Swara looking d floor : o.o.ok.

Both are shivering on knowing what they were about to do.
Unwillingly he moved to the entrance of the room, with his back towards her : should I need to go ???
Swara surprised : yeah..

Sanskar : ok keep ur mob wid u.. don’t forget to call.. will u adjust alone ??? shud I need to go …??
swara : yes
Fed up Sanskar was about to leave. It started raining heavily. Even hail stones couldn’t reduce heat of the room….

Swara : Do u really want to go to your room ???
Both looked at each other same time..ran towards d other.. hugged tightly.. He cupped her face and started to kiss her very hard as if they were separated by miles for months..??It was a passionate kiss in the beginning but latter turned harder and tougher. He lifted her in his arms, still their lips didn’t unlock, he placed her slowly on the bed. He lies on her slightly beside. . And continued kissing.?

Both are finding difficult to breath..
Sanskar : Swara…
Swara : huh..
Sanskar : I want.. wan.. I want…..to make love with you. I want to feel our love. I want to show myself to you.. I mean…..
Swara : I wish to know the depth of our love sanskar.. I want to feel my feminity.. I want to show my love..
Sanskar : Do you trust me completely ??
Swara : more than myself. .

Smile of trust widened on their lips. Sanskar kissed her forehead slowly. He held her palm, started caressing her face, her neck with his beard and with his lips. He caressed her from face to neck to hip to knee to toe.. Her shivering toes have been caught under his feet. His toes’ caress warmed her foot…

In their feel of love, pain of losing her virginity too gave only pleasure.. Her tears ran out of happiness… she cletched her bedsheet by one hand and held his palm in another hand tightly and did bite his lips in pain.. He enjoyed her bite…. She could his feel love and felt secured under him. Both forgot themselves, undressed, caressed and exchanged their feel of love. They became physically one and their soul mingled like sugar soaked in water??.. Sweats drenched them…..
After they quenched their thirst of love..????
Sanskar : Is it pai…..?

Swara : haan…. you gave me pain but that was completely filled with love and made me to feel my feminity. In each of your touch I felt our love sanu. Only love breathed between us. We made love..❤❤❤ there was no physical hunger.. no lust.. nothing .. What happened between us was only love ❤ Pure form of love .. She hugged him and rested on his chest. He held along her waist by one hand and caressed her face that is lying on his chest by another hand..

Star stopped hiding, came out of the disappeared clouds. Sound made by the drops, which is falling from greenaries of the trees, is heard.. They held each other closely and slept enjoying the warmth…..?❤?

No Precap


Guyz hope you liked. Critics welcomed. Sorryyyy sorry sorrryyy frnz if I have disappointed you after giving lots of expectations. It’s deca epi. Tat’s y I tried this. share me ur views. I will rly to each of ur cmnts as always. U can directly say if u don’t want tis kind of epis in future. I ll be always welcoming ur cmnts .. thank you buddies ☺

Credit to: Tara

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  1. Is it me or has the rooms temperature gone high up
    Just joking???

    1. Didn’t get u dear

  2. It was the best deca episode tara
    Keep it up
    Waiting for next part

    1. Awee.. thank you so much ?.. ll try to keep on entertaining u ??

  3. Awesome episode yaar

    1. Thank you so much devi ??

  4. awww..no way Tara u hv not at all made us disappointed.. it was above the expectation..i love swasan very much so for me it is the bestest swasan romantic moments I have ever read..thanks for this treat..

    1. ??? thankzzzz a lottt dear. I was little upset coz of lesser cmnts than previous episodes and I thot I disappointed u all. Ur cmnts made me soòo happy. Thank you thanks a lottt ?☺

  5. awesome. …..
    eagerly waiting for next part ..

    1. Thanks you veryy vry much akku ?? ll post soon

  6. @mumina same here…. @tara whenever laksh says something romantic to ragini, it turns out to be comedy to me and i guffaw… the way you explained the surrounding of swasan was so romantic… I can imagine the place perfectly… way to go…

    1. Thanks you so much for d appreciation dear. RagLak romance ll b funnier. Coz laksh ll b so filmy ?. Since ragini is not over talkative she ll not tease him.. if it swara she ll make him feel y he said such diags

  7. Its super superb dear ….loved it

    1. Thank you thanksss a lottt sahasra ??? hope i ll make i like futhr epis also. Thanksss a lott ☺

  8. it’s just amazing … mind blowing Tara

    1. Thank you very much karthika? thank you so much

  9. Superb yar mind blowing waiting for next part

    1. Thanks a lottt.. thank you sooo much surbhi ?? ur complement means a lot to me.. thank you ??☺☺

  10. Hey Tara! You made me comment today! Actually I commented on ff! But dear you know time problem that’s why I didn’t comment! But really I cant control myself to comment! Everything is perfectly described! .specially the narration of nature! Love you dear! Awesome awesome dear! Actually after my first episode of swasan! I really felt annoyed because of describing bold scene! But girl you beat me! Splendid episode dear! No words to praise! I’m not saying that ill wait for next because ill enjoy this episode many time! But I’ve one object! Please dont take it as offence! Ok dear this isn’t a lust, this is love! I’m also satisfy with this! But as a good girl, before marriage is it satisfactory? Sorry if you feel bad! Actually I cant digest this fact nothing else dear! And again you won my heart Tara!

    1. Aweeee saba u liked this nd commented on my ff..?? I am really really very honored. U knw I’m ur biggestttt fan evn u can cal me addicted fan. Ma happiness is boundless seeing ur praise.. thank you sooo soo much. Thanksss a lottt.. thank you very much

    2. This is not @ all a offence. I welcome this crticic. Actually I expected someone should ask this. I wanna explain it to them coz I can’t explain n ff. Of course dear. I ll also not agree with consummation b4 marg as a traditional Indian girl. It’s like illegal relationship with no proper right. But what is it here is… swara is a modern thinking girl. Though she is cultured Indian girl, she s a broad minded modern girl. It doesn’t mean she is right. Her belief or protocol is… love btwn 2 hearts is not tied by mangalsutra (bt she respects it a lot too) but by trust and loyalty. It need not be witnessed by elderly people who r al gud as well as bad. She needs her love too witness their truth in eyes. That’s it. It’s her char’s protocol..

      Thanks a lotttt once again. Thank you sooo much dear

  11. nice yaar…

    1. Thank you nive ??

  12. wow…. one of the beat swasan romance. its chanceless. narration is superb… just amazing

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