Swaragini- Heart Beatz Freeze – Episode 1

Thank you sooo soooooo much for all your encouraging cmnts. Thanks a lotttt for boosting me to start the story.
Here the story starts..

Hey did you see my clip ?? I kept on this table only, a voice hair from a girl near dressing table. First you tell me where is my kurti ? I folded and kept on our bed only, another voice came from a girl who is in a hurry to take bath. Another voice came from a girl who is madly dancing for dhoom machalae who is asking the former to come to college wearing bath towel. They both run and catch hold of others to fight who wantedly fall on who woke up early and got ready but sleeping again. The trio start to fight.

{ Yes it is a girls hostel. Swaragini were day scholars till their high school. They wished and requested a lot to shekar to allow them to stay in hostel till they complete engineering. They wished to know about and enjoy hostellers life. So both are staying in a private hostel along with their gang. 4 in a room. It is a private hostel }

A girl entered the room and started her lecture.. ‘C how you messed you all messed up your room. If it is like this then how will you find ur things ? Swara get ready fast and switch off the song in ur mob and stop fighting. It is getting late’ . Ya it is our dutiful ragini. ‘Ragi plz help me to find my kurthi. Other dresses are still in soaking state’ saying this kushi smiled like a kid wo do mistakes.
Ragini – ok ok u go to bathroom first. I ll search n d mean time.
Pragya entered the room their room 777.
Pragya – Rags it’s getting late. V hav to go earlier to search info for our project.
Ragini – Ya ya I am cuming. Geet here is your matching clip.
She throwed it to her and told all of them to cum colg and not to bunk any class.
Swara – Hello miss kumbakarna ( Ravanan brother wo ll b sleeping most of d time)
Roli – We ll bunk 1st hour yaar.. feeling sooooo sleepy….
She started to pull blanket over her.
Kushi – oh fine.. cum on thunderz lets switch off the power outside d room and lock d room and start to college.
Roli with a sudden start ran behind them shouting hey no nooo waittttt…

Swara’s gang name – Threatening Thunderz.
Ragini’s gang name – Blossoming Budz

Scene 2 –

What is the need to take bath bhai ? I am already luking extraordinary, said laksh who is being pushed by sanskar inside the bathroom.

Sanskar – Such a lazy fellow you are lucky. Sid ask ur brother prem to make sure that all the arrangements are ready in college for freshers party.

Sid – ok sanky. Maan did you get any info about maha- inter college culturals programme conducted by our college.

Maan – No sanky. I just know that it will be 3 weeks programme as it is a combined cuturals & sports meet.

Arnav – Sid I think I will start @ d end of this month as there must be alteast a week gap btwn frshers party and culturals. So that we ll have time to arrange. It is not that easy right to make arrangements for 30 engg colleges. Already preparations r going for 2 months.

Maan – Formal invitations are yet to be given. But unofficially all the colleges have been announced yest.

Sanskar – that’s good. what are you going to perform in culturals rock star?

Abhi – Bro I have alrdy prepared a new album. Wen I start to sing it, all girls ll fall for me and run behind me to get my autograph.. saying this he started to sing a pop song.

Sanskar – you guys will never change. Ask laksh and viplav meet me in d auditorium. It is getting late for us.

Abhi gave a pause and said in music tone ‘ ok bro’ and resumed his singing.
{ Tough the boys are rich, tey never wanna show it to others. Down to earth persons only when it comes to money. So the eight have took a large home for lease of 4 yrs. 8 are staying together }

Sanskar’s gang name : Terabyte ?
Laksh’s Gang name : Rocking Rock starts – simply rockers.

Sanlak have to cross swaragini’s college to go their college.

Scene 3 :
Sanskaar, sid, arnav, maan are getting into the bus. Swara, roli, kushi, geet are already in the bus. Bus is soo rush. Terabytes r standing while thunderz r sitting infront of them. They have never seen each other in 4 yrs as their colg timing is diff. Since preparations are to be made terabytes are going early today.

Roli – ok anthakshri is enough. Let’s play sum other game
Swara – Dumb charades ?? in a excited tone raising pointing finger.
Geet – ok you both a team. V both a team.
Kushi – I ll say d name.
Kushi is saying Dhoom 2 in swara’s ears.
Swara is acting like bursting a cracker and the sound heard with widening eyes. Sanskar who is at door step feels a breeze on his face and turns to see swara. He is starring at her actions with a very little smile on his face. He is admirring her actions for making them to bhoooom dhoooom.. He haven’t starred @ any girl for this long time.
Roli finds it.. swara shouts heyy and gives hi5 to them. Now all terabytes see them after their shout.

Arnav – What the hell …? Here v r standing with so much difficulty and couldn’t stand even. But these girls are playing. Irritating idiots.

Kushi on hearing this, turns to look @ him and makes angry face. She loudly making cmnt to geet that have you ever seen a monkey calling others as donkey. If not luk back.
Arnav gets very angry and forwards to them but maan controls him.

Thunderz got down as their college stop arrived. They make faces to terbytes and they too angrily stare them. But sanskar angrily stare only swara. He couldn’t take off his eyes from her.
Sid – Ohh these girls are studing in this college only huh ?? V ll see them sum othr day.

Scene 4:
Ragini : pragya am little confused. Shall we do application or research oriented project. Guide is asking me to do research but I’m not @ all interested. She wants me to do M.Tech, Phd and work as professor.

Pragya – No issues. Take some research paper and implement it as an application.

Ragini. Good idea

Dhaani – Did you know V got unofficial announcement about mega-inter college culturals-sports meet. Conducted by nearby colg. 3 weeks v all ll b on onduty leave.. yippeee

Ragini – oh really.. I wish to participate and sing in that competition. Swara is also longing for this opportunity.

Simar – The colg which wins more competition will win overall trophy too. Since some other state colgs are also participating, local colleges are preparing arrangements for their accommodation and foods etc.. Even many will stay in our college hostels too.
Blossoming buds are so excited to participate.

Scene 5 :
Terabytes also went to their college.
Freshers party is about to start in evening. Laksh and Viplav is flirting with junior girls.
Laksh – whatever help u may ask us. We are social service minded people and ready to help 24/7. Even ambulance can’t be as fast as us.
Junior girl – oh thank you bro. Can you give me your 1st year notes.
Laksh smile gone away.
Laksh – u can call me lucky. Very beautiful girls calling me lucky. By the way u want notes nah… notes .. laksh stammers as he always bunks classes nd nvr takes notes. Viplav ll giv u. Viplav bhai called me byeee…
Viplav – Me ??? Notes ?? Y not ? He himself says by luking behind her ya abhi i’m cuming and he ran..

B.E, B.Tech, B.Arch ,M.E final years are getting ready to host freshers party.

Hope you all liked this ☺

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  5. loved it… i wonder how you are going to give screen space to them… since it has 8 pairs…

    1. Thank you so much sindhuja. . Thanks a lot

    2. The major part of the story will revolve around sanlak and swaragini. Others will have vry little part

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  11. Can u tell me swara’s group and Ragini’s group in same college

    1. Ya surbhi. Both r studing in same colg bt diff dept. Tey njoy with their frds grp. Ragini gang s so silnt and swara gang is so naughty. have a luk @ tis intro . . http://www.tellyupdates.com/swaragini-heart-beatz-freeze-intro/

  12. Very nice story ..
    Guys I have updated kis desh ff pls do read & tell me how it is

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  13. Yr plz don’t show mch pair only show 2 pairs swasan and raglak nd focus your story on these 2 only
    U can show leap nd after that the focus is on these 2 pairs only nd there career but plz continue

    1. Ya anu.. i too have made it lik tat.. 8 pairs ll 2ghr nly n colg days. Thn ter s a leap. Tey ll appear sumtimes. I ll b giving importance 2 sanlak nd swaragini

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  17. amazing.. how ll u make stories for 8 pairs??

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