Swaragini – HEAL MY WOUNDS (Intro)


Hiiii frnds my name is fizoo actually this is my nik name…..I m great fan of swaragini n sanlak I love ragsan and
Swalak more than swasan n raglak I love them all I love writing stories
Soo I wnt to write one on swaragini but in few episodes there will b no neg after that I will make neg too but first of all this is the story of these four from childhood to teenagers than yougers to maturity I will show fours pir frndshp trust masti then the mistrust n misunderstanding broke all rel n how u chng urself…….after many trial finally I made my account I also post for need suggestions from ur all bcz I m irregular n lazy jxt to entartain u I m trying this bcz I don’t knw u like it or not but I ccNt
Stop myself from writing so its the intro of small characters of our hero heroins…



Durga parsad maheshwari: strict and fun loving guy love swaragini as there nown daughters more than sansanlak belovd husband of annupurna called him annu wis marriage against her father wish…best frnd of shehkar n somi

Annupurna Maheshwari: beloved wife of dp n cute n strict mother of sanlak and adharsh n Frnd of shehkar consider him as her brother n somi as sister n very frndly behaviour n lov
Swarag as daughter

Shobha maheshwari: motheir of dp n rp modern personality parvathi as childhood best Frnd n enemy belonged to Bengali family but married tto marwri loves all his grand children n sswaragini n shehkar and somi as own child

Ramparsad maheshwari: father of sankar n husband of sujata loves n respect all equally but bit annoyed at sanlak bcz of naughtiness

Sujata maheshwari: a strict wife but a sweet mom of sanlak always help them in their naughtiness but bit annoyd from swaragini n always save sanlak from scolding n always sweet nok jhok wid ssaas n respect all

Adarsh maheshwari: elder son of dp n ap baap ka ladla n a best big brother of sanlak loves all respect all love swaragini as own sisters n always get scold on behalf of sanlak from dadi

Sanskar maheshwari: elder son of rp n suji n smaller than adarsh love his mom dad n bbade papa n maa apple eye of ap n shehkar bestie of swaraginilak n crime patnr of raglakk (played by vadh of dabh)

Laksh maheshwari: younger son of ap n ap n apple eye off all especially parvati n naughty person always fight wid swara but crime partner also bestie of both swarag n loves sanskar more than anyone n sanlak are big foodies
(Played by shavan of yhm)


Deendayal gadodia: hubbi of parvati childhood frnds of dp father n mother a jolly grand father of swarag n strictstrict dad of shekhr treat sumi n ap n dp same loves adarsanlak owns n crime partner of shobha bcz they have diabetes always caught by parvati but shobha saves him

Parvathi gadodia: a loving mother n mother in law a strict dadi only to swaragini n their Dada always get scolded for their naughtiness but loves them a lot n always support sanlak consider maheshwari as own except shobha always fight like the serial but love each other also

Shehkar gadodia: a full jolly person best Frnd of ap n dp loves somi n swaragini a lot n guru of sanlak always teach them naughtiness loves n respects all but afraid of somi also :p wife to wife hoti ha

Sharmishta gadodia: a combo personality sometimes strict n sometimes loving a caring mother n a lovly wife n dil sanlaks gf n good Frnd of ap n dp like sisters n brothers n best bahu of Dada jii

Swara gadodia: a tashann personality love ragini to the core both are twins one min elder than ragini n enemy of laksh always flop his ideas but sometimes crime pattnr also but always save ragini n beaties of sanlak tootoo n gf of dp cals dp as dost 🙂 n apple eye of both families n cute person (played by ruhi of yhm)

Ragini gadodi: cute bubbly n sweet personality very mishvious but her mischivious side for swalaksan n shehkar ap n Dada N dida shobha but moslty all think that she is innocent which was not true bestie of sanlak n sweet sis of swara alwys save laksh frm swara gf of dada n crime patnr of all especially dida bcz apple eye of parvathi sooo for teasing dadi alwys supprt dida n shekhar loves n respect all but we can say that kwns sanskar better n ragsan alwys stop their fight (played by munni of bajrangi bhaijan)

So guyzZ here the introo hope u all like it n plZ comment guyz i will upload the episo one soon n i will try my best to entertain u all n if u dnt like it then cmnt plZ i need urs suggestions plZ help ur new Frnd 🙂
Thank u

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