Swaragini ~ HEAL MY WOUNDS (Episode 9)


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Episode 9:

recap: frndship day celebration n wish..

The episode start with all gadodia n maheshwari are at garden n doing BBq

laksh:woooow its smelling is awsme I m hungry when will u make it

shek: bass champ its done

dp:useless he can’t think anything without eating and sleeping

laksh bcmes sad

ap: yes u r rite


ap:afterall he’s just like his father

all laughs dp glare

somi: correct annu in collg days dp did not knw anything without eating n sleeping

laksh glare dp n says: from today no one can call me useless

dp:ooo really So what r u going to do??

laksh:nothinnggg I will b just like u n winks

shekar laughing:that’s like my champ hahhaa

all laughs

dp:ok ok enough stop laughing nownow let’s eat

sanky:look now he’s eating n then he will b sleep just like laksh

laksh laughs n says aftrall I m his blood NA

both hi-fi

dp:enough u both are like…(..intrpt)

suji:just llike ttheir fathers

all laughss n. dp n rp look at each other

rp pats his hand on dp shoulder: bhaisaa I can understand ur pain

dp:only u can understand chotychoty(fake drama)

dadu:enough of ur drama lets eat….i m hungryyyy

dadi: even u r bhukarrr(make faces)

all eats n talks for sometimeess
after that they all make a circle and plays a game

shkr: ladies and gentleman n my kids n old fellowss….intrp by dada

dada:whom u called old fellows

shek: uuu n maa

dada:shut up i m not old ok if u calld ur maa than i will understand not me huh

dadi glare

shek:okk now i can start

dada nods

shek:ok now listen carefully this pilloes will pass to everyone n when the music stoped the person which have pillow will have to chose truth n dare n dare tjings will b in this chits bowl ok but who will play the music

dadi: i will play

ragsan are sitting nxt to eachother n swalak are sitting oppostes n countinuealy giving glare to each other n all the partnera are opposite

dadi: starts the music
all passes the pillow the music stops on rp all claps

dp:truth or dare

dp:ok tell me how many girls u have proposed n winks

rp gulps in fear n suji is eyeing him angrily

rp:bhaaii….sssaaa what kind of ques is this (stammer)

dp:that’s our choice tell the truth n winks while rp is pleading in eye

suji(suspicious): what happnd tell the truth na

sanlak:yes papa tell na rp glare

sheh:don’t waste tym tell yr


all widen their eyes especially suji

suji:chichi..chi….jii 8…8 sharam na I tharekooo its too much u did not tell me

sanky: yes yes u did not tell maa soo bad

rp galre n says: u shut up n suji that is my past u knw na I love u….u r the one who acept my proposal plzz don’t get angey

suji: yes after all I m blind I also have to slap u like others n goes inside angrily n rp follows

All laughs

shek:dp tu ni sudrega n start

music starts n stop on Dada

dadu:nool tats cheating it stop on shekr not meee

rags:handsome don’t cheat its stop on u now tell what u chose

dadu: dare

shek:why not truth

dadu:bcz i knw u not leave a chance to scold me from ur maa….

sheh:maaa did u listen

dadi:yessa beta don’t worry i will ask him later u start

Dada:maa ka chamcha….shek glare

Dada took a chit in which “sing for ur partner” is written

shek: change it

Dada:but y??

shek:bcz u can’t sing with ur melodies voice

aall laughss

Dada glare: now u watch(to sheko)

he goes toward dadi n start singing:

Aay meri zuhra jabi tujhe maloom nai to ab tk ha haseen or mai jawaaann
Tujh pa qqurban mmeri Jan meri Jan “”

dadi blushes while all claps n shekr mouth open in shock

dada:thank u thank u n tell somebody to close their mouth other wise mosquitos will go inside

all laugjs n shek close his mouth n makes faces

ragsan:woow dadu r awsomeee


shek:ok now enough of praising start the game

Dada: something is burning

shek glare n all laughs

again they start now the music stops on rags

dp:truth or dare


dp:ok tell one thing which we all don’t know

sanky:that u r devil

rags glare n says: actually I hide something from u (to shomi)

somi (glaring):what

rags:actually me n baba broke ur fav vase when u r gone for shopping(inncnt)

shek (worridly):no no I m not in this

shomi n dadu glares

dadu:I said naa that their will b a big cat in our house look I found her

shomi:yes u rite


dp:ok enough now start the game

game start n stops on dp n he do shayri on annu….

“Dil se teri nigaah jigar tak utar gayi,
Dono ko aik nazar mein razamand kar gayi..””

ap blushess

swarag:wwoow sweetie its amazing

dp: thanks pariiii

now again game starts n stop on shomi
shomi chose truth

dp is about to ask but shekr hurriedly ask whom do u llove the most…I kne I m but u tell

shomi: my daughters

all laughs n swarag says:luv u too maaa n teases shekr

sanlak:we r with u guru
shek(sad): I kne mry bachooo


now again again game start n stops on all n ap sings a song ‘tumsy milke’

now game stop on sanky

ssanky chose truth

rags ask how many girls slap u

sanky glare n says: nooo one

laksh:dnt lie bhai

sanky: laksh shut up..no one dare to slap sanky

swaralak laughs n saus : we all knw can i…..

sanky: ok ok 4 tymsss

dp: woow proud of u while all laugjss

shek:welldone champ

sank:ok enough start the game

now game start n stops on adarsh

adarsh dances with swarag…

now game sstop on shekar

he do the acting of veeru from sholay

shek: ggaon walon yeh Jo basanti haina issay mera lagan hhonay Wala that par yh Jo pechee wali mausi Ne tang aradi ab ma challaaaaaa (basnti shomi, dp as mausi) hahhahaha :p

all laughs

now swalak are left they bet if swara won laksh have to dress as girl and if laksh won then swara has to do all his work on one day n will not fight

laksh: this tym u will lose be ready

swa: shonaa will never lose Mr.over confident

laksh:its confident dear

swa:let’s see

laks;:okk b ready for doing my work

swa: in ur dreamsss

all are eagerly waiting for whom to win

dadu rag,dp,ap are cheering swara
dadi sanky,shomi,shek are with lakah

now the game start and
end on

. atlast swara winks to laksh n she won

swa:yeaaahhh i won n smirks

all clapsss

shek: champ tumny meri nak katdi

sanky; or meri b nalayak

laksh:bhaiii she cheat

swa:what i have done

rags:yess tell


swa:now get ready for tommrw mr.lakah maheshwariii

laksh makwa sad inncnt face:i m goneeee

all laughsss

all go to their respective room n sleeps but not laksh bcz of u knw :p

to be continued…….

precap:entryyyyy n sad news

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