swaragini ~ HEAL MY WOUNDS (episode 7)


hiii guyz I m back with my 7 epi n sorry for late but in few days I will b irregular but after that I will b regular thank too silent reader n all of yeah luv u n plzz keep commenting frndss….let’s start

Episode 7

recap:fun movements

The episode start with swarag goes to sanlak when they are impressing girls

at swasan

swara reaches there n sees sanky is still talking to girls n he didnt notice her

girl: how sweet sanskar u never talk with girls I m sooo happy to know that I m the lucky one whom u talking today is my first day n I have a Frnd like u

sanky (proud): yes of course actually I m bit shy of talking to girls bcz all said that they trap innocent boys like me but u seems different my heart says that I have to b ur Frnd n takes out his chocolate n giving it to girl buttt….swara snatches it

swa: ooooo thank u solo much sweety
(sanku is shocks seeing in this avatar n swara smirks devily)

sanky: swara are u ok?? n why do u snatch my chocolate

girl: sanskar do u know her is she is ur sister

swa: whattt???? first I m not his sister n second he knws me very well n sanku who is this girl n why do u giving him my fav chocolate……u brought it from me Naaa…(inncnt)

sanky: shona are u mad what r u talking about???

girl: woww sanskar shona n sanky….u lier u said to mee that u don’t talk to girls n I am ur first girl Frnd

swa (eating cholt): whattttt??? first girl friend sanky u lied to mee I trust u but….chiii n (point ttowrds girl) u ms what ever sanky talk wid all girls this is not the first tym (drama)

at raglak side:

laksh is talking to two girls n trying to impress them n ragini is just listening n w8ing for the correct time

laksh: yess in my family all loves me to the core the grant my any wishes n i m soo popular in this skool also (putting his collar up) n if u both want to b my frnds than no prblm

girl1:ofcourse i love to bcz u r sooo sweet n cute (laksh shys) do u have any girlfrnd

laksh: nooo i dnt have any but know i think i would also have to n winks at girl1

girl2: why r u lying laksh??

laksh:what lie??

girl2: u have swara n ragini ur gf

laksh widen up n laughss mad

laksh: hahaha that two chuiya n my gf no wayysds

girl2: dnt lie all knws

laksh: hey laksh dnt lie ok
girl2 leaves

girl1: yesss he is rite haina laksh but ur name llaksh is too old na

laksh: yeah actually I also thinks same

girl1:ok whats ur full name

laksh thinks: if I tell hher than might b she laughs at mee n makes fun ni don’t let then happen n says laksh kapoor

girl1:wooooe ur Sir name soundsa…ssss

voice: laksh durga parsad maheshwri

all turns n sees ragini
laksh thinks: ooo nooo nnow I will gone

girl1: laksh who is she n why she calling u such a bbakwas n old fashioned name

laksh: actuaallll….yyyyyy…..woo….

ragini: hi I m ragini n the name u said bakwas is his full name

girl1: nnooo wwaysss his name is laksh kapoor n if u r his Frnd than u knw his full name also bcz laksh don’t lie

laksh:yeah she is

rag: laksh did u not tell her that I m ur gf

ggirl n laksh shocked

scenc shift at swasan side

girl: what the hell sanskar u r such a cheap

sanky: heyy…lies..TT..eennn (before he complete girl throws juice on his face n leaves)

swara laughs
sanky eyed her n says I will not spare u they run

at raglak:

laksh: what….whennn…u listen she’s lying

rag(inncnt): what why would I lie laksh n fake cry

girl1: oooomgg u disgusting means she’s is saying rite how cheap u n ur surname is i dnt like to talk the peoples like u n throws mud on his face n goes saying lierr

laksh who is fuming sees rags laughingb n says..u r gonee chuiyaaa n they both run also

swarag are running n sanlak are chasing them the whole playground

both swarag hide behind the tree n sablak are searching

sanky (breathing heavily): lakshh why r u running like this n why is mud all over u

laksh(breathing heavily): bhaii dont ask…ii will not spare that ragini n tells him the story

sanky(angry): whattt even swara did the same these both sisters na gone today n tells laksh everything

laksh: unbelievble they r devil….bhai i think u should find rags n i will find swara

sanku nods god idea lets go

swarag are laughng

rag: hahaha awsome swara u r genious

swa: thanks laado but u r also not less gf of that idiot hahaaaaa nyx joke

they both giggles n hi-fi

rags: yeah they both bechare thought to impress but that fools become foolf

they both laughs

voices: I think u r talking about us na

sswarag stops laughing n gets shocked seeing sanlak

sanky: arayy why do u stop laughing

laksh: yes yes of course why do u stop like u have seen ghost

rag: actuallyyy….vvooo…sssoorr…

swa: we r just …..SAA..yyyyii….gggg

before they both compl sanlak throws ink balloons on their faces they both becms black n bblue
sanlak laughs

sanlak: iits tit for tat n give hi-fi

swa: what the hell u both did
rags: how dare u I kill u both
they both fits

sanlak stops laughing n eyes them n says : oooo really ssooo what would u both like to say from ur doings haa

rags: we r just having fun

sanky: soo we r also having fun rite laksh

laksh: haaa bhai

rags: butt….uuu

swa intrpts n says: ok now dnt fight u troublsa us n we trouble u ok hisab barabr n now say sorry

sanlak: hawwwwww

laksh: u say first

rags: nooo u

swa: nooo u

sanky:noo u

swa:ok we all say together ok

swaragsanlak: sorrryyyyyy n smiles

after that they all talks for sometimes n goes to their homes

NoW at evening

at mm:

sanlak are making paper planes n flying them n their house one paper goes neAs
rp n he read them n shouts on sanlak n starting scolding them

rrp: sanskar….rrr….laaa…kkshhh…yyeh kia kia tm dono Nay……can’t u see while playing u both are blind its our office paper n u r making plan with them u both are uuselss u both don’t knw anything else than mischievous things
intrupt by sujata who come aftr hearing rp

suji: aaaa…jiii….why r u shouting atnmy both kids n caresess both sanlak

rp: ask ur kids what did they do??

suji: naa bachoo kia hua….what have u done???

sanky: maa we didnt do it intentially(incnt)

laksh:yes choti maa hamein ni pta tha k baray papa k paper hai(cute face)

suji: awww meri bachayyy….aaa jii in becharo ne glti se kia ha jane do..they r soo sweeett na n bleses them

rp: sweet n they u dnt knw how imo the papers are but bcz of ur nalayak sons they are visiting our house

suji:dnt worry n now dnt shout on my kids n ask bhaisaa to give u copy of them n chlo bacho i will also make planes with u sanlak n suji starts making planes

rp nods his head in disagreement

dp comes n ask rp for file rp says: ask ur dimonds sons who r playing with them making plans n ask sujata also who always took their side n make me shut

dp : what can i do with these both nalayak…thank god i have extra copy of them otherwise todayni have to face loss also…they both are uslessuseless

suji intrpts: jjust like his father

all laughs n rp glares at suji

laksh: choti maa I m son of his that means dad u r also useless n laughs

dp glares n all laughs

rp: bhaisaab ma apka dard smjh skta hn

dp:shukriaa choty wrna an kal k bachey(tthnk chote otherewis todays generation dnt leave any chance to insult their parents) otherwise leave it i have to tell u something he calls ap n tells everyone that for two days they are going to their farmhouse near pune

sanlak: wooooww finally two days we live in peace with out bandriass
( they smiles n HiFi)

dp: not so soon bcz gadodias are also coming with us n I after that i have to teell something too

sanlak:we can’t live in peace

dp:yes n I can’t live with my faire’s

sanlak glares dp n dp n rp smiles seejng them

at gm:

swarag:woooooow…yuuppiee finally outing dadu i m soo happy

dadu:yes even i wish too

dadi:i knw ur wishes n now come on gwt ready fast we have to leave

swarag smiles n goes to get ready

The both families leave for farmhouse

to b continued……

precap: family tymmmm….mastii

thanks to all of u i m happy to write my epi 7 n in 10 u surely seen them big plzzz read n commnt n tell me hows it k m w8ing n if u dnt ljke it soo.plz tell me that i can make it better ….


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  1. Tamanna

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      thnkx dear 🙂 n its their childhood so the pairs are not reveled soon u got to knw keep commenting 😀

  3. raglak fight and cute sanlak bonding next part soon

  4. Awesome ??

  5. Pammy

    Awww…sooo good….as i already said its too entertaining….dammmm hillarious luvd it

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    Superrrr dear.I loved it.No problem, take your time.

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