swaragini ~ HEAL MY WOUNDS (episode 7) frndship day

hiii every “Happy friendship day” today I will write on frndship day n thnkx for ur all love n support n thanks to silent reader also…let’s start

Episode 8:

recap: maheshwari n gadodia at holidays

The episode start with maheshwari n gadodias reach to their farmhouse as they enter their they see the whole house is decorated with balloons n colourful stripes n in center their is a beautiful collage of ap dp shehkar mishti collage days n swalak n ragsan pics along with family and written on it
“Happy Friendship Day Princesses”

dpdp n shehkar: happy frndship day bestiee

ap n somi: happy friendship day hubbies

they four hug each other they four are besties from skool

shehkar: dp this is for my bestie annu he take out a braclet in which bff written n make it wear to annu

ap:wooow its beautiful shehkar thank u solo much n says to dp look have some classes from him

dp: I m his teacher sweety….n to shomi don’t wrry mishti I brought something for u n takes out a pendant in which friends forever is written

shomi: wooow dp its beautiful thanks n make faces looking at shehkar

all laughs

dp gives frndship band to swarag n shehkar to sanlak

swaragsanlak are at garden

swa: how can i forget yr todaynis frndship day

rag:yess shonaa

sank: u dnt have brains na thats y u both forget

laksh: rite bhai

swa:oo shut up u both also dnt remember….w8 i have an idea


swa:lets make cards n band by ourself what say????

ragsanlak: not a bad idea

they four goes n bring some colour papers n markers n four divided in diffrnt direction

after one hour all gathered at garden

swa: u all done

sanlakrag: yesssss

swa:okk then first we all exchange bands ok

swa make rag,San,lak wear bands n greet them next rags wear thwm than sanky n then laksh

now cards

laksh: first mee…I will give it to swara first

swa:ok give (he gave n she reads)

To dear white gorrila (swa glar) laksh saysss rread na…… u r my worst friend ever….I am solo unlucky too have u I don’t knw why kharus call u as fairies I knw he want to check his eyes bcz bandaria can never b fairy…. but I love to fighting with u chipkali soo b my worst ffrnd n best Frnd forever…luv ka toh chance ni solo hate u n happy frndship day….from supercool laksh n yeah don’t beat me after reading this

ragsanlak laughsss n swara angrily says lakkkksss….hhhhhh am i worst Frnd to u I just hate u n starts beating him

laksh:yrrr pl atleast today leave me plzzzz

swa:ok I will take rvng tmrw

laksh:ok devi thank u soo much for leaving me today(fold his handa)

all laughs

swa: ok now next whose turn

rags:minee to sanku

sanky:ok give

rags: read it loud ok(she gives)

sanky:ok….let’s start…ehmm ehmmmehmmm

To dear sanku I mean dumboo (sanky glare ) u r my best friend n my crime partner I knw I m ssoo intelligent that’s y I chose u as my bestie n crime partner I knw that u look like a mouse n me look like aa princess but I have no oeblm with ur face bcz friendship did not do by face…its do by our heart I knw that u r kanjoosa but no prblm u r my friend na n I knw that too I m more intellignt than u but its ok yrr u r my best Frnd after all n i love u n plzz b my Frnd foewver ‘happr’happy frndship day mr.idiot from ur beautiful Frnd raa…gggii…niii in ur style

all laughs

swalak:great raguuu

rags:thanksss n sanku how’s it

sanky glare n says: itssss mind blowing fabulous n while reading I felt that u r too good that’s y I m ur Frnd (anger)

they laughs

rags: thankk uuuuuu

sanky huffs in anger

swa:ok ok now my turn to laksh

laksh:woow I m soo exitd give me

ragsan: first read than say

swa:yesss n she gives

laksh: ok start…..
To the most irritating person in universe ……laksh stop no I m not reading

swa: y read na u r eexited ssoo now what n read it loud n wnks
ragsan laughs: yes yes laksh

laksh makes faces n start: laksh today I have to tell u the truth about urslf…u think that u r the most handsome dashing smart personality on earth plzzz see ur face in mirror in which angle u think its true I m ur Frnd that’s y I m saying truth anyways u look like langooor n I don’t knknw how can a queen do frndship with langoor don’t think too much I m queen…I think I get a award too tolerate u poor me anyways I hate uuuuu to the core n u r worst person and unfortunately “Happy friendship day” from queen shonna n ur bestieeeeee

laksh:shonnna what the hell is this

swa laughs n says: its tit ffor tat….like u give me the best card I aalso did the same n smirks

ragsan are laughing

sanky:God job shonaaa luv it

rags: yes u both write awsme

swa thank u thank u gives HiFi to ragsan

laksh: yeah of course huhhh but don’t worry tmrw I will take my revng dear don’t laugh too much

swa: ok ok do what ever n nnow sanky ur turn to laado

sanky smirks n says of course here u gooo

rags: thanks ok now start

To Raaa….gggg…iii.nnniiiii ( Hugh again u rite it long ) ok continue….. aka gini aka witch aka devils queen aka chipkali
rags stop

rags:sanky what’s this u give me soo many names huhhh

sanky:don’t stop read naaaa

rags(sad face): u knw today i m sooooooo happy that I can say the truth n u can’t do anything bcz today is ffrndship day hahahaa u knw what u just look like sweet innocent n cute but inside u are ravan u r churail n uu r villain of story all just think that u r sweet but the truth is u r not ok enougj i knw u start crying like a baby if i said something else but the fact is u r my bestie i love fighting with u n lov troublws swalak with u…..unlucky u r my bestest frnd forwver ever alwaya b with me n lovee u n happy frndaship day to devil hehhhehe. from handsome hunk sankyyy the heroo..now don’t cry ok

swalak laughs: wooow its awsme

sanky: thanksssss guyzz n gini howz this

rags(anger): out of the worls

all laughs

swa: ok now I will gave to both of yeah

sanlak/ragswa to each other

To dear my bro/sis cum best friend
I loveeeee uuuuu ssssssoooo much u r the best friend n bro/sis in world I can’t live without u ….. u r the precious gift for me I love u from the core today is frndship day n u r my bestie soon happy ffrndship day ttoo u be with me foreverforever….we are swaragini/sanlak forwver from ur bestest bro/sis swaragini/sanlak

swaragini hug each other n says we will never seperated n swarag plays in bg

sanlak also hugs each other n says: u stupid u want to make me cry n both hits each other all laughs

swa: ok now me n laksh write for u

ragsan: we also

swalak: here u goo

ragsan: ok start……

To sanky n laddoo
u both are awsme u r my sweet frnd i love u but sometimes u both become naughty n trouble us but as u knw swalak are not less than anyone as u knw u both never fight but we make u fight u have to thanks us bcz when u both fight u look sooo cute like cartoonss hahahaha dnt get angry guyzz its just for memory n for our sweet frndsss we can do anything we four will always b togther n happy frndship day cartooonnssss from samrtest person shona n laksh as swalak

swalak: howsss it

ragsan(smiles): itss awsomr n smirks n says now its our turn

swalak:yup ofcourse

ragsan gave them card n they start reading

ragsan to swalak

swalak: To the devils swara n laksh
today is frndship day n we have to tell u that u are my tashann frnds i knw that u both are smart bcz u both are such a shaitan u both always fought with each other but when u both don’t fight u alwaysss troubles us we poor n innocent peoples always get into ur pranks as uu knw when u both fight its like cinema for usss hahaaha just joking but as u knw we r sweet that’s y we always forgive u ok now enough of ur tareef……always b happy love u n happy frndship day buddies from ur sweetiesss ragini and sanku ragsan πŸ™‚

swalak:hawww u both are took much

ragsan laughssss n says: but not more than u devilsss

they four laughss

swa:look totta hua Tara

all four looks n makes wishes

swa wish: I wish that we four always b together n happy…I knw we fought but never break us

rags wish: I wish we four never seperate n we four always b happy n plzz make them all wishes true…

lak wish: i knw that i always fight witb shona n lado but plzz make them both happy n may all our four never go far

san wish: I wish that we all sstays at last longer until that our friendship never b broken

swalak: kyaaa manga

swa: u tell
lak: nooo u

swa: I wish that they make u normal from abnormal n u

laksh: huh v.funny n I wish that u become human from bandaria

swa: hhhuhhh how mean
lak: u too

rag: DDNt start
sank:yes I knw we wish that u alwys fight but from tomrw

ragsan laughs n swalak glare

rag: what u wish sanky
sanky: that they will ggive u some Braun dumbooooo n u

rags: hehee really n I wish that they will give u good face monkeyyyy

sanky: hahaha first u see urslf chuiya

swalak laughs: plzz u too continue with us tomrw happy

all laughsss

to be continued……


sorry guyzz if u dnt likw it than i will understand bcz i write it in hurried without decided bcz of frndship day i just hope u all will like n plzz cmnt to let me knw plzz keep supporting n Happy frndship day to u all”

fizo πŸ™‚

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