swaragini ~ HEAL MY WOUNDS (episode 6)

Hiiii everyone I m back with wpi 6….sorryyyy for late update but as I say in this week I m quite busy with my relatives n thanks too all of yewh n thnkx to silent reader also for ur luv n supporte n do commnts guys….so enough of back bak let’s start

Episode 6:

The episode start with raglaksan arguing

Swara becms angry n shouts: stop ur nonsense…..I will not show u all got it

Raglaksan pouts face: don’t do this to us shona plzzzz( the trio folds their hands n pleased swara)

Swara: no waysss

Laksh:shonaa plz LAST TYM HELP US

SANKY:yes shona plzz

Rag:plzz for ur sister

SWA:ok ok enough of ur pleading…but this is last tym I m showing u all ok

Raglaksan: ok madam

Swa laughs ok let’s go

In classroom:

Swara n ragini sits next to each other n sankar n laksh sits beside them

Teacher: ok students are u ready for the test n if I see anybody cheating then they will b out of class n they will not get any marks ok

All says ok

Test starts ragini is copying all answers of swara n laksh n sanskar countinuesly disturbing them by making noise

Laksh:raghuu show me answer no 3 fast

Rags whispr: have patience laksh I will show u don’t worry

Laksh:nooo show me I can’t see

Rags: w8 laksh ii m writing can’t u see

Sanky: swara show me the next ans fast

Swa:sanku i m writing u copy fast

Sanky: I can’t see move aside

Laksh: raghu u too move aside

Swarag moves aside n sanlak are copying them swarag are still writing teacher sees that sanlak are copying them

Teacher Shout’s: Mr sanskar n laksh get out of my class u r copying ur front seaters shame on u both

Sanlak make a sad face n says:sorry teacher

Teacher: I don’t want to hear any sorry just leave I will talk to u after class

Sanlak leave the class n goes out whole swarag laughs

Outside class:

Sanlak comes outside n sees each other n starts laughing llike mad n give hifi

Sanky while laughing: hhaha chotu must say u too have a brain yrr i m proud of u

Laksh: thank u thank u Bhai as u know I m most intelligent hunk of this skool

Sanky: hahhha khush fehmi…

Laksh glares n says: what do u means by that if my smart mind don’t give Us idea of bunking the class then we both have to give the stupid test

Sanky: yeah yeah of course but who tell u that the teacher says that he will punish those students who r copying others tell tell

Laksh:ok ok my big bro we both did it together now happy we both are smart

Sanky smiles: yupp better

(Guys sanlak plan to not to give the test by making swarag besides n they will act that they are trying to copying n teacher will make them leave the class that they will not ggive the teat :p )

Laksh: ok now let’s go to canteen I m hungry

Sanky: meet too let’s go have some ppait pooja

lunch time

Swarag n sanlak r sitting in bench

Swarag laughs

Swa: must say laksh u r becoming gwnious day by day with me n winks

Ragsan laughs

Rag: hahahah riteee shona n give hi-fi

Laksh: yeah yeah (folding hands infrnt of swara) swara Devi ap to mahan ha apki hi wajah se ma ssamjhdar bana ashirwad dijye

Swaragsan laughs

Swara bless him n says sada sukhi rho mera ashirwad tmhre sth hay

Laksh: thanks chipkali

Swa: wlcm bandar

Sanky: shonaa i m hungry what did gf made today

Rags: alo k pharathy

Laksh:wooow my fav n he ssnataches lunch box from rags

Rag:haww laksh give me my lunch back

Laksh eating phartha: woow its yumm….n raghu does anybody not tell u that sharing is caring

Rags: hhuh who will care for u idiot n snatch her tiffin n starts eating

Swasan laughs

Swa: rrite ladoo who will care for him

Sanky: gini u can share with me cuz I m very hungry (pout face)

Laksh: shut up u already ate urs n mine sandwich too I m hungry I will eat that

Sanky:no me

Laksh:nop me me me me

Sanlak looks towards swarag who already ffinishes their tiffin

Swarag laughs

Sanlak makes sad face n says: thats not fair we also want to eat

Swa: awwww sooo sad na haina raghu n winks

Rags: yeah shona bachare look at their faces like they did not ate anything from ten mins ssooo sad na n give HiFi to swara

Sanlak gives death glaew to swarag n says: we will never ever talks to u

Swa: yuppieee….now we can eat more pharath which maa gives tto us for this two foodies

Rags: what r w8ing shona take out let’s eat n they start acting like eating

Swa: emmmm solo tasty na raghu

Rag: wooow yeah shona u r rite

Sanlak are standing their opposite side like angry young man when they heard swarag eating they shouts-nooooo we also want that (making cute face)

Swarah laughs: but u say u never gonna talk to us

Sanlak smirks: we r just joking how can we do that crime n snatch food n start eating like bhukar

SSwarag laughs seeing them

Sanlak feeds sswarag too n they four enjoy n chit chats

Now in playground

Swarag were finding sanlak but they could not find them

Swa: where did they idiots goo

Rag: don’t know must be troubling someone

Swa: not troubling….impressing someone n points towards direction in which one bench sanky is sitting with one girl n trying to impress her n opposite table laksh also doing same

Rags sees this n hit her head with handa n says: in dono ka kuch nai hoskta what to do now

Swa: hmmmm impressing girls na what if the impression becomes depression n smirka

Rags confused: meanss???

Swa tell something to rags n both give hi-fi to each other n laughs

Swara wents towards to sanskar n rags to laksh with smiling face

Sanlak did not notice them n continue their disscussion

To be continue…….

Precap: swarag troubles sanlak

I m sorry for short n bor but next one will b fun keep likinh n commenting guyzz n thankss for ur all supports luv u i will upload the nxt when i will gwt tym
Take care (fizo)


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