swaragini ~ HEAL MY WOUNDS (episode 5)


Hiii frndss thank u so much for ur supporte thanks too silent reader also….plZZZ LIKING N COMMENTING IT LOVEEE U πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ ok let’s start with 5 epi of my ff…..I m soon much exits πŸ™‚

Episode 5

Recap:ragsan fight n swalaks masto

Episode began with maheshwari left to their home n bid bye to every one

Swarag room:

Swaragini is sitting on their bed swara is not talking to ragini

Rag: shoonaa…plZ na talk to me why r u angry to me now (puppy face)

Swara is continue ignoring her

Rag: shona plzz na tell mere na

Swara(fake anger): bcz u didn’t tell me ur plan with sanku

Rag: if i ll tell u then u n laksh troubles us na

Swara(fak angry): nooo….I ll not anything like that n means u don’t trust me na..I hide all ur pranks but u….

Rags about to cry n swara is about to laugh

Rags sad : plzz shona I m sorry I trust u more than me plzz plzz shona talk to me u knw na I can’t sleep when u r angry plz

Swara sees rags face n laughs

Swara laughing: ooooo my sweetooo how can I be angry with u…u knw na I love u solo much n plzz I don’t like ur ggubbara face change it otherwise u will be blown in air n laughs

Rags:swara ki bachhii….u gone n beat him playfully

Swara: ok meri maa now stop beating me n now sleep we have to wake up early

Rags:as u say my hinness n kiss on swara cheeks n swara also pecks on rags cheeks

Rags:gud nite
Swara:gud nitee

And they peacefully sleep hugging each other

Scen shift to mm

Sanlaks room

Laksh: bhaii give me my hot choclate

Sanky: nooo way while drinking….emmm its soo yummy

Laksh: thats not fair u drink urs n mine also now i will not talking to u huhh(annoyed)

Sanky(smiling): r u sure u will never talk to me

Laksh: yes damn sure while looking in other direction

Sanky taking out laksh fav white choclte: ok as u wish i thought to give u ur fav white choclte but u r not talking too mee than i will eat it by myself n starts opening it

Laksh: noooo bhai how can i be live without talking too u…u knw na i love u n pulls his cheeks

Sanky: bsss bsss stop buttering here u go take this n eat this n after that brush ur teeth n sleep tmrw we have to go skool ok

Lakah hugs sanky: thnkxx bhai u r the best gud nitee(smiles)

Sanky smiles n goes to bed n doze off
N soon laksh also doze off

In morning:

At ggadodia house

Somi comes to swarag room n sees swara is ready n rags is still sleeping

Swara: gm maa

Somi: gm beta….shona why don’t u wake her up u will get late

SWA: I tried many tyms but her beauty sleep is not letting her waking

Somi: ufff what will I do to this girl….shaking ragini….laaddooo wake up hurry up u will get late too skool

Rag: mom 5 mins plzz

Somi: nooo 5 mins wake up fast see shona is ready n u r still sleeping

Swa signals somi

Swa shouts: ooommmggg srk interview is comingg woooowww he s looking handsome…

Hearing srk name rags get up in a ajerk

Rags without opening her eyes: where where I can’t see

Somi: first open ur eyes than u can see

Rags opens her eyes n looking towards somi who is eyeing disbelieve n swara who was laughing rags glare her

Somi: when mom is saying to get up then u not listen….hearing ssrk name got up sudden…no one loves me

Swa: I llove u na maa n hugs her

Somi: only u love me looking at rags

Rags got up n hugs somi: I love u ttoo maa n kiss on somi cheeks n says gm

Somi: ok now goo n get ready fast n shona u come n ate breakfast

Rag rushes towrds washroom n swa goes down

Scene Shift

At MM:

Sanky: laksh get up this is my last warning I don’t want to bee late

Laksh: plzzz na sony u promise me that u will not disturb my sleep so let me sleep

Sanky: u r waking up r not

Laksh didn’t ans

Sanky goes out n bring dp to wake laksh up

Splaassshhhh Dp threw water on laksh

Laksh without noticing do: what the hell I said u to not disturb me butt uuuu…n sees Dp eyeing him angrilyll

Laksh stammering: D..AAA..ddd

Dp: yes sir mee ur bechara lachar dad who have to tolerate useless son who didn’t do anything on tym

LLaksh glare at sanky who is smiling

Laksh thinks: in which angle he look bechara n lachar instead i m bechara who have to tolerate him

Dp: if ur day dream is done than wake up n get ready u have just 5 min n San dp left
Laksh rushes towards washroom n come down after getting ready

They have their breakfast n sanlak n swarag left for skool

At skool:

Raglaksan: whattt???????

Swara: yesss

Rag: shona u did nt tell me that today is test

Sanky: yes shona if u don’t tell laksh about ttest than i can underatand but u didnt even tell me r ragini

Laksh glares sanky n swarag laugjs

Swa: i told u at sat but seems u all forgwt thats not my fault


Laksh: now what we will do i dnt learn a single word i m gone todY

Ragsan: mee tooo (tensed)

Rag: shona did u learn it

Swa: yessss

Laksh:ooo great i m relievd

Swa:i knw what r u thinking i will not show u

Sanku: yes she will show me afterall i m her best buddie right???

Rag: nooo wayss she will show me bcz i m his sister

Laksh: nooo she will show me

Rag:noo me

Sanky:noo mee


Swa shouts:stoopppp itttt….huhhhhhhuhhhhh…shut up u all I will not show u all got it (anger)

To be continue

Precap:sharing is caring

Thanksss too all of u…..plzz comment guyZzz….n sorry for short bcz I m quite bz soon that’s y I can’t make it long n silent reader plz cmnt n yeah its somewhere not interesting na…sorry


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