swaragini ~ HEAL MY WOUNDS (episode 4)

Hiii guys I m back I knw I m late but there is some prblm that I can’t post iit earlier…plzz comnt guyzz I pleaseplease giv me suggestionsI…ok now let’s continue with epi4

Episode 4:

Recap:family tym n swalaks plan

The episode began with ragsan Congo


Ragini: uffff why do u alwayss call my name in 3 parts like it is soo big (irritated)

Sanku: bcz I don’t like it (proud smile)

Ragini: n I don’t like u huhhhh

Sanku is thinking something ragini noticed

Ragini: sanku are u listening……kis ke khylooo ma khoe ve ho (teasing)
She shake him n he come back from his

Sanku: yaaahhhhh what happens?

Rag: where were u lost

Sanku:stupid u forget that swalak have doubt on us….I was thinking if they devils got to knw than they will us (serious )

Rag: yeah first tym u said something true I m proud of u n chukkles

Sanku give death glare n says: shut up its serious do u see how they are looking at us….

Ragini: yeah u r rite but u r thinking too much they can do anything n if they say this to anyone than u knw na tthey will not believe take a chilll yrr

Sanku: yeah u r rite but when gf got to know than she will not make my fav food

Ragini: oomg u r worried for food u bhukarrrrr u r just impossible come on let’s go to my room

Scene shift
Swaragini room:

Swara: they can be here in a minute u know na what to do

Laksh(smiling):yup mam done

They laugh

Laksh sees that ragsan are coming

Laksh: they are coming start

Ragsan reach to the door they heard swalaks convo

Swara winks n says start

Swalaks are laughing like hell

Swara: hahaha u knw lucky when sanku eat green chillies n ragu bring salty water n gave to sanky n he shoutss but ragu says she did’nt doo it was ragini plan to trouble sanky

They laugh

Sanky eyed ragini n she look down

Laksh: hahahaaaah n u knw who threw the ink on ragu homework n she is punished for doing evryone hw its sanky plan

Ragini eyed him n he look down

Swara: hahahab they are tooo much yarr n u knw sansku fav heroin poster n his cds all broken by ragini

Laksh: hahahha n bhai cut ragu fav teady bear u knw sanky make thethe ready bear like pool of mud

Ragsan are looking at each other with anger….

Swara:hahaaaha n uu…knw..
Intruptd by ragsan

Ragsan comes in n shouts:laksh n swara is that true

Swalaks innocently says sorry

Ragini: what the hell u think of urself bcz of u I got insulted n got punishments

Sanku: u….shaitann u ttore my fav poster n my CDs ttoo u w8 n watch(anger)

He goes n find srk poster n tear it in front of ragini

Ragini fits: uuuu…. throw the glasa of water on sanku

Sanku: how dare u…..he pure jug water on ragini n she is fully drenched

Rag(anger):uu black king Kong u cheater I will kill u she hit him with bundle of books

Sanku: did u ever saw ur face on mirror u bhoootniii even i m scared of u n he picks cream n apply on ragini face

Ragini: uuu mosquitoe n she goes to washroom n bring toothpaste n applies on sanky face

Sanku:jungliiiii to tu gai…..he apply lipstick on rags face

Ragini: also apply red lipstck on sanky face

Sanky: hhow dareee u u knw what u r bandari lomri(fox), n here I ggoo

He apply toothpaste on her hairs n laughs….

Sanky:hahaha just look itself in mirrormirror eeven ghost are even better u

Rags also did the same n fights began

Ragini: hahahaha langooorrr uu just….n sees towards swalak who r relaxing on the bed eating n drinking chips n coldrink n making video n opens her mouth

Sanku: why do u open ur mouthhh…while….looking…gggg
He sees the same n opens his mouth they understand that this was swalaks plan to make them fight

Swara while drinking: why do u stop yarrr it was fun n plzz close ur mouth otherwise mosquitoes will n u eat it

Laksh: yeah swara is rite plzz continue I am making video too upload in on fb n if ur both mouths watering seeing us eating n drinking soon forget it I will not Gave u a single sip n chips(eating chip)

Ragsan close their mouths n stamp their foot n they look at each other n screamssss loud

Sanku: bhooot….bhooot…bhooott

Ragini:aaahhhhhhhh aatamaa

All rushed uup stair after hearing scream while swalakss where laughing liked mad after watching those faces

All comes n sees ragsan n controlling their laugh( guyzz u can imagine them in this fusion :p)

Shehkar controlling his laugh says: what happened ladoo n champ why r u both looking like

Dada intrpt n says: cartoonssss

All laugh :p while ragsan r looking down

Dp: no baba they are looking like jokerss

Sanku eyed him n rags says: dost app b

Ap: stop of u all

Sanku: I knw maa u will b our side

Ap comes n careses both ragsan n says: yes of course beta I will after all u r my kids na n smiles

Shehkar laughs n says: yeah annu but in this look no one can accept the truth that they are our kids n give HiFi t
to DP n dada

Somi: enoughhh is enough sshehkar

All become silent

Somi: I knw they are looking like beggar’s but this is not the way u say n laughs n gives HiFi to dp n shehkr

Rags: maaaa (cute pout)
Sanky: Hines ap b (pout face)

Rags: kaki plzz ssay something

Ap: yes yes let’s take a selfie n all laughs while ragsan fits n swalaks hhifi

Ragsan: u tooooo maa/kaki……hate u all………n runs from their

They all laugh n sees the video which swalaks made

Scene shift to ragsan

They both wash their faces n hairs n become human from cartoons

Ragini is moving n here n their n sanku eyes him angrily

Ragini sees him n says: why r u looking me like u want to kill me

Sanku(irritated): yes I wnt bcz u all of this happens

Ragini: hawwww…..what is my fault in it

Sanku: u said na that they will not do anything look what they did they make us fools n every one was laughing at
Us soon whole country will laugh

Ragini: i said bcz i dnt thnk that they will do somethng like this

Sanky: u cant think bcz u dnt have brain

Ragini: just shut up ok otherwise

Sanku:otherwise what han dumboo?

Ragini: otherwise u r gone useless

Sanky: ok enough lets thnk to get revenge from them

Ragini:yes n make the video dlt too…

Sanky: i thnk we should…
Intrp by swalaks

Swara:seems like someone is thinking to get revenge haina lakshhh..(smile)

Laksh(smiles): yupp shonaa i also think the same…so whats going on?

Ragini:shut up u both

Sanky: yes bcz of u both everyone laughs at us(anger)

Swara:ooo hello mr.sanskar when we both are fighting like cat n dog u both are enjoying it while whole country is laughing at us then what happend to ur anger haan..huhh(irritated)

Laksh:yes n in ttemple u both are enjoying n in house we are enjoying(smirks)

Ragini: but……

Laksh: ragu its tit for tat n winks

Ragini hit him with her elbow

Laksh:aahhhh motiii

Ragini:don’t call me that monster

Swara:stop now u both dnt stast n we r w8ing by hand crossed his chest

Sanku: for what n yeah we foegiv u both

Swara:for what??

Sanku:for troubles us

Swalak: when did we say sorry n we r we8inggg hurry up

Ragini:for what?

Laksh: for saying us sorry

Ragini: we will not….

Laksh: ok then I will make ur video

Ragsan shouts: nooooo…we r sorry

Swara:not like that


Laksh:hold ur ears n winka

Ragini: whattt noooo

Laksh:ok then i will upload

Ragini: ok ok sorry we are doing
Ragsan hold their ears n sayss sorry

Swalak: gud job n hifi

Ragini:now happy na now plz dlt the video

Sanku:yes plzz

Laksh:emmmmm not sooo early bhai

Ragsan: whyyy????

Swara: bcz its a proof against u hahah

Laksh:yes bhai u have to make me promise then i will dlt pakka

Sanku: no wayy

Rags:sanku plzz plzz do it otherwise whole world will laugh(pleading face)

Sanku:ok ok tell laksh

Laksh: u will always give me ur half choclate n do my hw when i m not in the mood n u will not distrb my sleep promise meeeee

Sanku throw pillow n says: idiot what kind of promises is that I m not commit any one of them

Laksh:ok then I will not dlt

Swara:offfoooo sanku commit him na otherwise u knw na he will uplaod

Ragini:yes sanku plzzz plZZ

Sanku:ok ok I prmiseee ok….now dlt it

Swara:ragini u also have to promise me the same



Rags(sad face):okk I promise….now dlt



Swalak:bcz we already dlt it n they run

Swalak are running n ragsan are chasing the whole n all are smiling seeing them

Dada:may they always keep happy

dp n shehkar: god bless them

All smiles n sanlak left for their home

To be continue……

Precap: not decided

Thanks all of yeah…..sorry guyzz I knw its not interesting but in this week I m quite busy soo I will upload it in free tym n plxzz like it n ccmnt I m trying best to keep u all hapPy….

Thanks(fizo) 🙂

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