swaragini ~ HEAL MY WOUNDS (episode 3)

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Episode 3
Recap: swalak fight n ragsan fun

The episode began with swalaks fighting they both are pulling eaCh other hairs (u can imagine like rahul n anjali of kkhh)

Swara: I kill u monkeeyyyyyy

Laksh: u r gone ms.chipkaliiiii

All people are gathered n ragsan are enjoying suddenly rags see all are coming hearing their noise

Rags while eating choclate: sanku come on let’s start acting they are coming

They both hurriedly gulp their choclatea and goes towrds swalak

Swara: i saidd leave mee…eeeeee..

Laksh:u leaveeee meeee…eee bandariyaaaaaa

Swara:stop ur nonsense ugly

All are coming toward them

Ragini to laksh: laksshhh stopp it plzz see all of them are watching u what will they thought about u both

Laksh: i dnt care ragu this is all bcz of ur oversmart sister she will gone today(still holding their hairs)

Sanky: swara u r intelligent plzz dont fight like jungllieesss plzzz u knw na laksh its stupid plzz foegive him

Swara: forgive my fooottt i wi..llll..ll
Intrptd by dp

Dp shouts: stoooopppp it u boths

After hearing dp voice swalalk
Leave their hairs n stands like innocent puppies and their messes up totally both are looking jugliii

Shehkar:look at ur both don’t u have manners shonaaa why do u fights

Swara: baba this laksh hit me with ball…and..ddd intruptd by dp

Dp: I knw this laksh had done something someday he will ruin my respect

Laksh: yesss oofcours what else u can kthink

Dp glares
shehkar says: lakshhh this is not the way

Laksh:what else can I say this is bcz swara not Ne

Swara: hawwww u started it

Laksh: u started

Swara: uuuuu lierrr

Laksh: u dayann (startd again)

This tym ragsan shouts

Ragsann: shut up u both look at u both look ur hair we are trying to stop u both but u r not listening if u both utter a single word then u r gonee…(drama n smirks note by swara)

Swalak nods ok

Rag: sorry dost u gave us responsibility but we can’t stop them(puppy face)

Sanky: yes guru we r sorry(incnt face)

Do n shehkar smiles: we kknw u both tried bbut I knew its impossible to stop them

Ragsan nods ok

Dp: come on let’s go to home n have lunch
Shehkar: come all of u

All nods ok while ragsan are smiling n swara is thinking n laksh is countinisly staring swara

Swara povs:
When I was fighting with laksh I don’t saw ragsan near us ssoo y are they smiling and saying sorry to ddost n papa ssomehing is fishy I have to talk to llaksh
POV end

All are reached gm house n take blessings from elders

Dadu: how r my kids do u have fun?

Ragini:fun nai we have hell fun (ragsaragsan chuckkles)

Dadi to laksh: chora what happend to ur hairhair did u forget to brush it

Laksh: don’t ask sweety this is all bcz of ur grand daughter shona she did

Dadi glares shonq n says: if u want to mess ur hairs then u can why do u mess my ladla hairs look at his face what u done

Shona: dadi it’s all bcz him look at him how he spoil my hairs look its all bbcz of rur ladlaa huhhh

Laksh: meee noooo why r u lying

Swara: stoppp it laksh now I m not in a mood of fighting n angrily goes

Dada: what happens to her suddenly

Ragsan: don’t knwknL

Dada: ok ok now tell me how was the fight

Rag:fabb dadu

Sanky: yessa u should b there rite llaksh

Laksh: yeah yeah ofcourse …… Now enough of ur teasing I m going when the lunch prepared call me

Rags:okk bhukarr

Laksh glares

Dadi: laddooooo u go laksh I will call u

Laksh: thnkxx honey n winks at dada n dadi

Dadi: badmasssh n goes in kitchen to help ap n somi

Laksh pov:
What happend to shonaa suddenly hamesha larny ka Bahama dhndti ha r aj with out saying goes I think I don’t behave well I should ask a sorry
Povs ends n laksh goes to swarag room

While shehkar n dp are talking about their childhood n dada n ragsan are chatting

Dada: tell me from the beginning I am soo curious after looking at their faces n laughsrl

Ragsan giggles n says: ok ok we r telling n tells them all the fight n their drama

All laughss

Dada: hahaaa parriii u r becoming very naughty day by day its not gud

Sanky: yes dadu she is such a devil she’s jxt look like inocnt but actually she is sshaitan ki nani n laughs

Ragini hits him n says:ooo my sweet old bf u kknww na how much cutee I m I cannot think of like this n winks n pulls dadu cheeks

Dadu n sanky: drameeebazzzz

All laughs
Scene shift

Swarags room:

Swara is combing his hair n hears a door knock its laksh

Laksh: may I come in mam

Swara: hmmm come what do u want now or u r here to fight again

Laksh: nooo shonna actually I m sorry yrr I think today I not behaved well I m sorry plzz forgiver mee (puppy face)

Swara laughs n says: oo..m.mggmgg look the great laksh maheshwari is saying sorry not bad hah

Laksh (fake anger): HHuhh if u want to tease me than I m not saying u sorry bye n aact as going

Swara:ooyee dramebaz rruk..I forgive u dnt do drama

Laksh smiles: ok mam as u say but r u ok in hall u seems some tensed

Swara: yes laksh I was thinking that when we are fighting ragsan don’t come to stop us when baba n dost come they started shouting on us that they are trying very hard to stop us

Laksh thinks n says: emmmmm yeah uu r rite shona I think daal ma kuch kala ha

Shona: mjh to poori daal hi kaali lag rai ha…come on after lunch we will think

Laksh nods n they goes

At hall all are having lunch

Lakshh: wooow queen its smell good what have u made

Somi: beta its all ur fav n bless him

Sanky: yes yes all love him n make all her fav dish no one loves me (puppy face)

Laksh: bczz they love me more than u n laughs

Dadi: dnt b angry chora we make ur fav gulab jamun too

Ragswasan: gulaaab jammunnnn

Rag: dadi I want it first

Sanky: nooo I have it first

Rag: nooo I will

Swara: u both keep fighting I already I have it swara laughs

Ragsan gives glares to swara

All laughss

Swara looks at laksh who already started eat it

Swara: look at this bhukkar who already starts eating like a foodie
Lasks ignores n still eating

Dp: what else he can doo without eating n sleeping n playing pranks

Laksh ignorsal

Shehkar: no dp my champ is very smart one day he will make us proud rite annu

Ap: yes shehkar g u r rite n caress laksh hairs

Dada sees dadi is in kitchen n take one gulab jamun to eat n swarag sees this he tell them to quite n swarag winks

Dada is about to eat when dadi coughs

Dadi: ehmm ehmm jii what r u doing

All look at dada

Dada: ii….waa…ss jusst smelling itt…woow its smell tooo gud n feed sanky the gulab jamun

Sanku: while eatng woooww itss awsomee

Dadi: ji i knww very well u r trying too doo i will leave u this tym but nxt tym b carefulll

Dada scary : ok ok dp when will shobha come i m missing her

Dadi glarea

Sanlakswarag: yesss we alsooo

Dp: she will soon return from goa when her holidays will finish

Dadi: what else can bangalan do then going on holidays huhhh

Dada: i thnk some thing is burning

Dadi glares n all laughs

Swara in low voice that only raglaksan n dada can hear: ragini when we r fighting where were u n sanku goes

Laksh: i think they are enjoynig the scene while eating choclates

Ragini slipts out food while sanky cogha

Somi: u both are ok what hapnd?

Ragsan: yes yes they both look at each other n than swalak who r staring them angrliy

Soon all finishes their lunch all ladies goes in kitchen n all are gatheed in hall

Swalak convosl

Laksh: u r rite shona they made us foola u look at their faces whwn we talk about that how their face exprssion changes

Swara: u r rite laksh now we have to trouble them

Laksh: what will we do???

Swara thinks something n smirks n laksh understand n also smiles

To be continud…

Precap:same as previous

Guyzz sorry i knw itss little boaring but nxt part is full of funn hope u enjoy nxt part i will upload on sat bcz tom i m bZ sorry n thanksss
Thank u (fizo) πŸ™‚


  1. Anjali

    I laughed a lot after reading this ff.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ It’s wow😘😘😍. Let’s see what swalak will do to ragsan. 😏

  2. Pammy

    |Registered Member

    Heyy dear its nt at all boring….i was laughing like hell…..luved ragsan nd swalak fight was hillarious….oh my god it z dammn good

  3. Abdul hafiz (Uma)

    It’s hilarious dudeπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.Loved ragsan and swalak fighting.Waiting for nxt.

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