swaragini ~ HEAL MY WOUNDS (episode 2)

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Two girls one in blue n one in white churidar comming down in hurriedly
That’s are swaragini

Swara: maa we r ready come on let’s go fast otherwise we got late

Somi: let ur papa get ready than we too n u don’t worry we will reach on time

Ragini: maa did u tell dost we r coming n they not gives ours chocolate to them bhukarr (foodie)

Somi laughs: it was just a trick to get u both ready on time

Swaragini : hawwww that’s mean u lie we r not coming now (fake anger)

Somi: aww OK OK I m sorry na baba but I will buy 8 chocolates for u all now happy

Swara: all means we r just two maa

Shomi: yes 4 for u both n 4 for sanlaks

Ragini: huhhh u always remember those who always eat our tiffin

Somi : beta they r also my kids naa

Swara: kidss or ur small bf

Rag n somi laughs

Rags: correctttt

They heard a noise of horn they both rushed outside
An old age man n women comes out of the car n sees two girls are coming running

Swaragini: gud morning dadu n dadi

Dada: gud morning princess

Dadi: its not gud morning it’s afternoon

Swara: soo what dadi we woke up at this tym so for us it’s morning na

Dadi: HHaye mere thakur sham today’s chora chori always get ready to give answers to their elders got knows what will happens n goes inside

Ragini: dadu does today sun arise in West???

Dada: noo pari but y r u asking

Ragini: bczz today the great dada n my handsome bf goes with dadi at temple is everything OK na( winks at dadu)

Swaragini giggles

Dada g (sad face): noo pari….i heard that today in temple they will give us fresh ghee k laddo in parsad…..but ur hitler n fattyyy dadi ate herself not given me a single bite huhhh god will ask her t to torture her sweet old husband…

Swara: daduuuu daadiiiii behind u

Dada (stammering): woooo paaa..RR..uuu…..I was ….jxt…tell..lling (look behind n find no one :p)

Swaragini laughs loud

Ragini: hhahaha dadu still u r scared of dadi

Dada: I will not leave u today both u always got scared me with ur pranks what if I got heart attack in this age I have not fully live my life yet(pulling swarag ears)

Swaragini (puppy face): soorrryy dadu leave us we will not do it again

Dada: OK OK don’t make faces this is last warning…..BTW where r u both going like princesses

Swarag smiles

Swara: we r going to temple with dost n kaki n two monkeys

Dada: oooo means ur best Frnd is also coming (teasing)

Swara: nop he’s my enemy who always irritate me I just hate that stupid

Ragini: hate is first sign of love (winks at dada)

Swara: ooooo plzz raguu u jxt stopped it otherwiseee….

Ragini: otherwiseee what ha???

Swara: otherwise I will tell sanku that u r the one who mix salt in his school water

Dada: parr…RR..iiii

Ragini(pout face): its by mistake

Swara: hann hann I kknww vry well..

Dada:OK OK now enough now go to the temple otherwise u got Late

Scene shift

Two boys in red n blue shirts are shown coming down one is looking fresh n other is looking half sleeping n yawning n that’s are sanlak

Dp looks at them n says: finally the prince arrives one is still sleeping laakksshhhhhhhhhh he shout

Laksh: in jerked: yes..sss papa

Dp: if ur sleeping is done shall we go or u have any other order to us

Lakshh:nop dad just let me eat breakfast then we can goo

Sanky: nooo laksh we r already late we will ate later

Dp: nooo sanskar let the mharaj
finshes his breakfast lunch dinner than we can goo after finishing the poojaa OK laksh

Laksh(making faces): ok ok u dont need b waste ur sweet taunts on me i will have it later u note it down that laksh maheshwari sacrific his brekfst for khar…..sanskar coughss…..for his sweet dad

Dp: ooohh my god how can i repay for u thisss…..stupidsssssss enough of ur dramebaazi lets goooo….annu com fast

Laksh: he cannot let me eat in peace kharooosss kahika huhhhh pta nai maa ko inma kya dikha…

Sanky laughs dp glares: in which joke u r laughing tell me i want too laugh too

Sanky: u

Dp glares: what

Sanky: i mean to say that we are getting lateee lets go

Dp: hunhhh usselessss sons ok come

They leave

Scene shift

Both gadodias n maheshwari arrives the temple

Dp n sshehkar and somi n annu hug eachother along with swaragsanlak

Dp: i thought they u all are waiting for us but u also reached now

Somi: yeah bcz ur sweethearts are sleeping

Swarag smiles

Dp: awww so y somi u distrb my sweeties beauty sleep

Swara: its ok dost we want to meet u thats y we sacrifise are sleep (smiling)

Dp: awww so sweet of u both (smiles)

Laksh: yeah yeah they are sleeping the beauty sleep n we r sleeping the devil sleep na(irritated)

Shehkar: dp why do u distrb my champs sleep let them take the rest today

Dp: they both are useless alwayss want to sleep never done something on time…..n …the…. Intrptd by swara

Swara: papa u know na hes always jealous of mee thats y he is sayingg this n winks

Laksh: ooooo lookkk who is talking a queen of devil who will b jealous of u huhhh my foott

Swara: uuu…..iii….wil…
Intrptd by annu

Ap: enough dont start in temple now u four goes n play in the nearby garden

Somi: yesss annu is saying write u go but make sure no fight n ragini n sanskar i m giving u both responsibility of them for not fight OK

Sanky: apka human ssar ankho pa ur Hines’s n chukkles

Ragini:ok maa come on sanky we have to start our deathful mission n winka

All laughs while swalak give death glare to each other

At garden:

Laksh is playing with one boy n swara is talking to some girls while ragsan is talking

Ragini: sanku didnu brought what i have say to u

Sanky: yes ofcourse how can i forgt it afterall today is life telecast how can we miss it but i have one prblm

Ragini: what?

Sanky: gf says that we have to stop their fighting but we r sitting here to watch their fight n eats choclte while stopping them

Rag: offfoooo dhakan if somebody comes than we wil act as stopping their fight after all how can we miss this golden chanxe n wnks

Sanky:hahahaha u r mitthi chori no one knws that inside u they r many devilsss n smirks

Ragz give a death glare

Rag:stop ur nonsense n w8 for the show

Sanky looks towards laksh n says: show starts in 5 sec

Laksh hits the ball which hits sswara

Swara shout: AAA…hhhhhh laaaksssh u r gone today

Laksh: sorry I did not do it intentially

Swara: I know very well me.laksh rrysorry my foot saying this she
Stamp his foot very hard

Laksh:aaahhhhh u white gorrilla how dare u saying he pull his pony SL

Swara: ouchhhhh…..now u gone saying this she pulls his hairs
And the fight began with pulling hairs all are trying to stop them but all in vain
Ragsan is wathcg n enjoying eating choclatesa n laughingggs

Swara: leave my hairr u bandarrr

Laksh: first u leaveee my hair chipkali

Swara: u langoooorrrrr

Lakshhh:u dayyyannnnnn
Their hair are still in their hands

To be continued…..

Precap:swalak troubles ragsan

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    Ohhh myy godddd…its twoo cute laksh z hillarious…nd ragsan r partnrs in crime…aww soo sweet its dammmnn cute

  2. Abdul hafiz (Uma)

    It’s so funny, lolπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚amazing dear.Keep it up.Waiting for nxt.

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