swaragini ~ HEAL MY WOUNDS (episode 1)


Hiii frndss thank u sooo much for liking it thank u for ur love n support sorry but due to prblm I can’t rply too urur cmnts n thnkx too silent reader alsoalso soon enough of my bak bak let’s continue with epi one….hope u likelike it….

Episode 1

In Mumbai a small n beautiful banglow is shown inside a baby pink color room
Is shown 2 girls is sleeping peacefully sun rays are disturbing their sleep suddenly a lady in green n golden saree opens the door

Lady: uffuuuuu its been 10 am n they are still sleeping like princesses shonaaa ladoooo wake up its 10 am we have to go to the temple we r getting late get up
( the lady is somi n 2 girls are shoona n lladoo)

Swara: maa let us sleep na today is sunday means our day soo don’t disturb us saying this she covers herself in blanket

Somi: awww my princess I knw that today is ur day but u knw today is pooja in temple n we r late soo don’t mak excuse get up fast otherwise I will call maa that u both are not listening (saying this she pull their blanket)

Ladoo in sleepy tone : u r trying to blackmailing us with the name of dadi hitler now i will not get up

Shona in sleepy : yaa maa raghu is right now gud nite

Somi: ok as u wish now i will call dp bhai saab n tell them that their both fairies are not ready to come with us n u gave their fav choclates to sanlak gud nite

Swaragini shoutss: Noooooooo we r coming in just 5 mins dnt call sweet heart (saying this they both run towards washroom)

Somi smiles n says: ok come fast n goes

Scene shift

Another beautiful house is shown a lady in red n golden saree shoutss

Lady: sujata we r going to temple with shehkar bhaisab u take care of u n uttara n sanlak are also coming i already make breakfast u n rp eat it n make adarsh eat it too
The lady is ap

Sujata: ok jiji u go i will manage

Two mans in black kurta n bblue kurta comes in hall and they are dp n rp

Dp: annu come on we r getting late n where r ur useless sons did they gget ready or not

Ap comes in hall n says: yes sanskar is ready n he is making laksh getting ready don’t wrry we will go on time

Dp smiles n says: annu u r looking beautiful in this saree just I saw u first time n fall for u

Ap shys n says : jii ap bhi naa, I will go n check sanlak
N goes while blushing

Dp and rp laughs

Rp: I wish sujata also like bhabhi a sweet wife while sujata is just like kareee….. Hears a voice

Sujata: what r u trying to say that i m not a gud wife

Rp: no i dnt means that i mean to say u r soo sweet more than bhabhi rite bhaisab

Dp: u knw a choty i dnt interfer in husband wife matter n winks

Sujata: now what will u say jii

Rp murmer: now u will gone rp starts mantar

Sujata: what did u say

Rp: nothinggg….ii.. Iii…was..jussattt….
Intrupt by sujata

Sujata: let them go than i will complete…fake smiles n goes

Dp: all the best chote n goes

Rp : plzz save me god

Scene shift to a room
In which one boy is getting ready n looking into a mirror n says

Boy: wwooow u r the most handsome guy in earth plzzz god save me from evil eeye n sees a boy who is still sleeping……God knows iska kia hoga
And shouts…oye kumkaran laksh get upup otherwise bade papa will kil us u know na he is very punctual
( the boy is ssanskar n the sleeping boy is laksh)

Laksh: sanky just five mins plz n what can that kharoos else do

Sanky: laksh u knw today we will lunch at guru house if u don’t wanna miss our gf handmade food than get up otherwise I m going

Laksh: gfs foooddd and ggets up n says nooo bhaii I don’t wanna miss that I today I will not leave that swara bcz of her maa scold me today I will get my revenge too n runs towards washroom

Sanky: yeah kabi nai sudrega n goes down

To be continued

Precap: swalaks cat mouse fight n funny movmnts

Sorry guyzzzz I know it’s Short but I try my best that next part will b long n plZ comnt its jxt small n I know it’s boring too but next will b fun thank u

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    Awsm part loved

  5. Varsha

    It was nice dear btw is it a swalak FF

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      Thanks n pairs are not decided yet but u can surely seen the four bonding

  6. so nice….

  7. Awesome yar..reveal da pairs..mk swasan

    1. Silent_writer

      Thnkx dear….the pair’s are not decided yet read episodes after few epi I will decide 🙂

  8. Abdul hafiz (Uma)

    No dear it’s not boring at all.It’s amazing.Keep it up.

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