swaragini – HEAL MY WOUNDS (epi11) New beginning

Hiii frndsss I back with my epi 11 thank u soooo much for ur love n comments n thnkx to silent readers finally one stage of my ff is compltd I m ssoooo happy now the new beginning of couples started after leap sooo let’s start

Episode 11:

Recap:laksh as lakshika n mahewris shift to Kolkata end of childhood

Leap of 17 years

at mumbai:

A man is reading newspaper and a lady in green saree comes and give him a tea

Man:where is shona n lado??

lady: I think they are still sleeping I will go n check

man:let my daughters sleep don’t distrb them shomi.

lady:u n ur daughters shehkar…they are becoming lazy day by day just like their father

(yes the man is shekar n the lady is shomi)

shekr: OK my lady go n wake them

shomi: thanks for permission pati g

both smiles n shomi goes to swarags room

@swarags room

shomi comes there n sees that both are still sleeping

shomi: uff yeh dono kab sudregi n shouts shona ladoo wake up its already late

No response

shomi:did u hear me wake up

again no response

she goes to them n put off the blanket n shokd to c the pillows there

shomi: swaraaaa….raaaginiii now today I will not leave u(angry)

scene shift to a garden

One girl in purple anarkali is shown teaching dance to old ladies

girl: one two three four…..do with me 1..2…3….4

an old lady is not doing properly

girl:granny not like this….ddo like this

she helps the lady

granny:thanks beta

some children’s comes n says: didi we also want to dance

The girl turns her fface her beautiful small brownish eyes is shown n her sweet smile

girl: ok next turn is urs n children’s shouts in happeness

old lady: enough lado I can’t do more

(yes the girl is ragini our heroin)

ragini: uffuuu dadi u always says that bbut today u have to complt this

(the old lady is our paru dadi)

dadi: nooo I m going for today its enough where is ur Dada g call him

ragini: he must b with shona I go n check them n nnow today its over by my Granny’s

All blesses rags n leaves

scene shift to a girl which is doing exercises with all old mans

girl: do llike this yes yes like this come on handsome u all can do this

old man: I can’t I don’t have strength

girl: u have handsme i will help u the man done his exrcise n blesses the girl

old man: ur family is so lucky to have u u always gives us courage to do something by ourslf may u get all happiness

A girl huge smile is shown n her sparkling eyes :*

2 old man: yes ofcoues after all she’s my grand daughter…

girl: yes dadu I m lucky to have u all

(yes the girl is our shona n2 old man is dadu…..swara wears a black track suit)

voice: shona let’s go home we r already late

SWA:uffu ragini just 5 min

ragini:ok n bf ur hitler is calling u come fast

dadu:oh ok pari i m coming

rakesh(an old man): dayal u r very lucky to have them as ur grand daughters one teach dance to old ladies n scnd teach ua exercise may they always b happy likw this

varma(another man): yes their inlaws will very lucky to have them

swaragini: uffuuuu dada dnt talk about inlaws ok we r soo young for all this shadi vadi

varma: i knw kids but one day u have to go to ur mr.perfct house

swaragini: nevrrrr comon dadu lets go

they took blessing n leaves to GM

scene shift to kolkata

At Kolkata


2 man is shown is sitting in sofa n talking about something

Man1: bhaisaa do u think he can handle this

Man2: yes chote afterall he is durga parsad sons he has too

(yes the man 1 is rp in blue suit n man 2is ddp in black suit)

rp: yeh bat to hai bhaisaa in mm he’s is only capable otherwise those two don’t knw anything without sleeping

dp: yes choty! u r rite they r useless god knows what sin have we commitd that we got these jokwrs as our sons

Voice: papa did u call meme

dp:yes adarsh beta me n ur chote papa want u to deal with our new dealers

(yes the boy is adrsh n he didn’t marry yet)

ADR: thank u papa n chotu papa but I m not capable of it I think sanskar can do better than me

rp: naa chora he useless can never dobthis u have to do this

dp:yes n they both are comp there colg that is the big thing for us n plz handle this deal for our sake

ADR: ok papa as u say

dp:we r proud of u….annu bring some sweets fast

two ladies one in green n 2 in purple comes with sweets

lady1: yeh me chora bhadai ho

ADR: thnkx choti maa
(yes she is our sujata)

lady2: bless u my son khoub traki kro

ADR:thnkx maa n hugs her
(yds she is our annu aka ap)

ap:did children says thnkx to their mom….eat this (she is about to eat but one girl n boy running comes n dish falls down)

girl:maaaa plzzzz save me from Bhai he is beating meee

boy:maa she throws water on me I will not leave her

girl:bade papa said me to throw water on nalayak

boy: uttara u r gone
(yes the girl is our uttra)

utta: bade papa tell him that u said to mee

boy sees towrda dp who is eying him angrily

boy: y r looking at me that I have done something wrng

dp: shut up useless look bcz of u all sweets is fall on floor u can’t sew ur bro happinss

boy n uttara sees floor mess up

boy:this is bcz of uttra not me n congrcts Bhai


uttra:Bhai for which reason u all r celebrating

dp: bcz my one n only llaiq son is going to handle the project

boy:oooo wood that’s great Bhai

ADR: thnjx laksh
(yes the boy is laksh)

laksh:dont call me laksh call me lucky

dp: n we r unlucky

laksh glre n all chuckls

laksh: huh maa i m going

rp:w8 chora where is secnd useless ur bettr half

suji: dnt call my both chora uselss one day u will proud of them

rp n dp: in dreams

laksh: bhai is with his frnd studying i m going to him byee

scene shift to a cliff whre all peoplwa arw gathrd n cheering 2 peoples

SR SR SR and adi adi adi

two person is shown in cars in showing thumbs up to each other

girl: 1…2…3 n gooooo n shoot gun

both cars are going in speed all are cheering both of them n laksh comes there n says go bhai go …. go bhai goo

one person choclte brown eyea are shown who is doing his best to win

2 person blaxk eyes are shown who is in full speed

Atlast 2nd prson shows down thmbsup to 1 one n winssss

All cheeeerrsss adi adi adi

1 boy comss out from his car in smiling face

laksh: whats this Bhai u loose tune meri nak hi katwa di high

boy: chup kr laksh ziada drama mt kr

adi: hey sanskar thnks bro

yes thw boy is our sanku our hero)

laksh: y r u saying thnka

adi: bcz i said to him to loose bcz my gf wants me to win this tym thats y

laksh:ooo sooo SR loose for his frnd

sank: yes lucky 🙂

adi:thnkx bro

sank: no prblm n hugs him
n adi goes

san: lucky how do u wake up early

laksh tells him evrything in sad face

san: hahahaa wooow study n mee come on lets congrc bhai for deal

laks: noo the ravan will eat us bcz i said me n u r studyng at frnd house

san:wooow colg did nt strt yet n u said that we r studing awsomeee

laks:oooo shit i forgot

san: u r uselss lets go

laksh(pout): we both are
both laughs

scens shift to GM

shomi is walking here n there in anger

shomi: anay do aj in dono ko i will not leave them today…how can they both gows without telling me

shek: relax darling u knw u look cute in anget

shomi: shut up shekho i m not in a mood of romance

swarag sees this n says now we r gone

shek txt something to them n they smiles

swarag goes n hugs somi from back

swarag: gm maa

shomi: ooo so hiness comes home at afternoon go today i will not talk to u

swarag(pout): okk sorry maa frm tmrw we will tell u na plzz

shomi:noo frm one week u r doing this

swarag:plzzzz maaaa….daduuuu

dadu: mishti maaf krdo na

shomi:noo baba u n maa also goes with them n not tell me

dadi: i not go by wish bcz of them i have to go

shomi: leave it maa u can tell me na but u also not tell me

swarag: ok na maa plzzz forgibe ur daughters

shek gets a call n he bcmss happy after hearing this

shek shouts in happines:whattt really??

all stop there argumnt n sees there

shomi: sheko what happend is evrythng ok na (concrn)

shek comss n dancss with shomi

swarag: baba what hapnd twll na??

shek coms n kisses them n make them dance too

dadu: i thnk he got mad he need a cyco dr

shek coms to dada n hugs him n kiss him on his cheeks: baba today u can ca me what u want

dadu: now definately he is mad

shek maks all dances atlast all shouta what happnd??? in curiousity

shek: we r shiftinggghggg

all: kaha???

shek: kolkataaaa

after hearing kolkata names all becomes happy all hugs each other

swarag: here i come kolkataaa with huge smileee….

to b continued…..

precap: not decided

sorry for all mistakes n guyz I knw its not intrsting n boring too sorry for that n plzz support mee in this keep commnting ….

thnkx (fizo)

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