swaragini – HEAL MY WOUNDS (epi10) end of childhood


hiii frnds this is 2nd tym I m re_writing hope this will b posted……thanks to all ur love n support n thanks to silent reader’s also finally I m writing 10 soo much happinesse thank u soon much for liking it now enough start…


recap:game n punishment



All are gatherd at dining table except are sanswaraglak

dp to ap: annu where is ur nalayak sons did they don’t wake upup till now

ap:they are already wake up but I didn’t saw them…

dp:zror kam khrb karahy hoge

shek:even I didnt saw swarag

dp:now definately they are doing something…

ap:adarsh go n chek them

adrsh nods n goes

scene shift to ap room

ragswasan are doing something all the stuffs are here n there

SWA: rags go n bring my red frok n sanku u bring my shoes n jwellry

ragsan:yes mam n goes

ragsan comes n give them to SWA n SWA gives it to someone n goesgoes

adarsh comes n says : what r u doing here i m finding u all in whole house

rags:Bhai cool down BTW y r finding us

ADR:bcz all r w8ing for brekfst so come let’s go

sanky:bhaii w8 relax n w8 for the show

swaraf:yes Bhai w8

ADR: which show n where is laksh n what r u doing with mom stuff

swaragsan: Maaaa..gggg…iiiicccc

ADR:tell me what u all r hiding

ragsanlak:our nw frnd

ADR:which frnd

SWA goes towards the washroom door n saysssss

TADDAAAAAAAAA….here u meet our new frnd lakshikaaaa

adrsh widen his eyes: Laa…kkk….as..hhh what is this n brust out laughing

(yes guys laksh wear swarad dress n shoes n make up :p u can imagine him as cutiee lakshikaaa hahahaa :p)

SWA: arahhh lakshika wwhy r standing there come meet ur big brother adarsh

laksh: jangli billi don’t call me that(anoy)

SWA:awwe meri pyari frnd got angry…laksshikaaa

ragsan laughs

rag says: today I got my new frnd lakshikA n pull his cheeks

sank: n I got my sweet sister n winks at laksh

laksh: shut up u all otherwisw

SWA:otherwise what? u will cry laskhikaaaaa

laksh(angry): I will kill u just shut ur mouth

adr(controlling laugj): ok enough SWA n lakshikaa…(laksh glar) I mean laksh come on let’s go for breakfast

laksh: I m not hungry u gooo..

SWA: omg laksh n not hungry am I dreaming

laksh pinces her hard n says its reality devil

SWA:aaaaahhh how dare u

sank: plz don’t start now n laksh must say u r looking too sweet n cute haina


laksh: ooo really Bhai if I m looking cute than u should also do the same rrigt everyone

swaragadr: yesss not a bad idea come on sanku

sank,(shouts): nooooooo never n runs outside

all laughs n SWA: lakshika u knw na u have to b like this infrnt of family also can v go n smirks

laksh sadly nods

scene shift


rp:sujata listen na I m sorry

suji: I m not talking to u

rp:plzz suji u r sweet plzzz

suji ignore

dp : what happnd choty did she is angry on u for nights matter

rp: g bhaisa c na she not looking at me also do something

shek:yes bcz of u this all happen

dp:ok ok n says sujata

suji:jii bhaisa

dp: why r u not talking to chote that’s my order that u will not talk to him 2 days he did the mistake he has to pay for it n smirks

rp(helpless): bhaisaaa what u have done

dadu:hhes ur enemy ram dont take his help in futurw this is the trailer n laughs

shek: yes first tym baba says corrct

dadu:thanksss maa ka chamcha
shek glare n says maa

dp: ok ok dnt curse me chotay u said na u want peace tats y i said sujata not to talk to u

all shok sujata glare rp: achaa jii u want peace naa now i will show u whats pead is

all laughssss suddnly all stops laughing n shokd to c the scenerion what thwy saw

dp(laughng): y u all stop likw u haveee scenn……(shouts)…..ghoooosssssst n brust out laughter bcz the ghost ia lakahikaaa aka laksh

laksh: stopp laughing i m laksh not ghost like u (shoyts)

suji:naa chora if u want to bcome a girl than y u wear these clothes tell us we do the operation of u….

All widen theri eyes n stop laugjing first all look at sujata than laksh tha. suji than laksh than again

suji: kyaaa hoaaa

All burst out into laughing while laksh is glaring swa in i will kill u ritw now wala look ;p :p

voice: did i come to the correct house of mine or some mental asylum where evryone are laughing like mad

All turns to that side n huge smile appers on everyone faces especially laksh bcz his saviour arrives but exept one person who is not ywt happy that is our paru dadi

(yes guyzz the prson is our didaaa who wears a blue cotton jeans n colorful shirt n beautiful hat bcz shes modern)

dadi: lo agai bangalan

laksh shouts diddaaaaaaaaaa

he goes n hugs her but she push him n saus: when this new poti come n y her vouce resemble to my pota laksh n analyze lakshikaa (laksh :p) omg is this laksh twin sistwr annu

all start laughing

swa comes n takes blessing n says: didaa this is ur pota laksh

laksh: haa didaa i m laksh this jungliii did this with mee

dp:well done shona god job

swa:thnmx sweety n dida hows this makeover me n ragsan did this

ragsan comes n take blessng

dida: what u all have done with my grandson

laksh:now u r gone n smirks

rags: didaa is thjs not good

dida:who said its not good

all look at her
dida: itsss mindblowing my sweet grandaugtr is looking cute she takes out her phne n take selfiesss

laksh:didaa not fare

did a:its fair lakshikaaa n winka

All laughss (all took blessings n meets did a)

dadi: hay bache to bache par yeh bangalan chi chiiiii

dida: did u say anything marwaran

dadi: not at all

bechara laksh sad cry face n all are lqughing n teasing him

all are having breakfast

dadu: thank god shobha u come u knew how much I was missing u

sanky: missing did a or sweets

rrags n dadu : sameee

dadi glares

shobha lok at dadi n saya: i knw deenu that u miss sweet bcz mirchi cant give u sweet na


dadi angrily ses dadu n dadu sees her n gulps in fear

shobha give one swert to dadu but dadi refuse n fighting all are just enjoying there figt

dida:deenu will eat one marwaran

dadi:chup kar bangalan he will not eat hea my husbnd

dida: hes my best frnd n brother he will eat


they both are fighting n dont notice that dadu already eating swets while watching ther fite n everyboday laughing seeing this

dida n dadi stops fight n sees that dadu are eating sweeta n give hi-fi to dida n she winks

dadi: huh again u both did the same make me fool i will not spare u huhh (angr)

all laughs ( when ddida n dadu meets did a always fight with dadi n Dada eats sweetss)

after breakfast all aarw gather n talk for sometime n having fun n swalakragsan are at garden

swara: yrr I m getting bore let’s do something

rags:makeover sanky too

sanky:nooo ways u should do ur make up

rags: I don’t need makeover bcz I m already pretty

sank laughs n says: NYC joke bhenjii

rags: whom u called bhnji idiot

sank: u bhnjiiiii

SWA: stop guyzz…where is laksh

ragsan(teas): oooo look someone is impateint

SWA:shut up u both……look lakshikaaaa is cominggg

laksh: shut up now don’t call me that

SWA: ok chill yr

laksh: guys I have bad news

swarahsan: what???

laksh: we r shifting to Kolkata next week leaving u all alone (sad)


SWA: I knw u r ttroubling us that’s y u r lying

laksh: nop i m not lying let’s go inside n u herd it by urslf

all goes inside

swarag: dost u r leaving us

dp: sorry pari what to do my buisns is settled there I have to leave

swarag: u will never come back

dp: who said I will come back to meet u both


dp: yes pinky promise n they all fakely smiles

sanlak: we don’t want to go guru

shek: my champs don’t b sad soon we will also come there when my busns also got acheivmnt

sanlak: nooo guru how can we live without u all without gfs food n beautiful dadi lov n urs logic n ur churails daughters we cant

shomi n shk are trying to conving sanlak whre as dp ap n dida are trying to convincing swarag

. After 1 week

maheswari are shifting kolkata without there wish

All hugs eachother n recalling there movmnts

dadu: how can i hadle this marwaran alone

shobha: dnt worry i m shifting to london to janki but whenvr she troubles u call me I will teach her

dadi: yes yes of course bangala I will

trio laughs n did a n dadi hugs each other
dp shek shomi ap hugs eachother n says take care of my bestiee

all comes into hall n shokd to c swalak peacfully talking to each other

SWA: laksh one more thing don’t troubles sweety n kaki n Chachi Chachi n yes in skol learn ur test bcz no one will show u n yeah stay away from chipko girls ok

laksh: OK swada mam as u say but I will miss u

SWA: but I will not

laksh: y

swa;:bcz finally bandar is going

laksh:shonaa chipkalo don’t today ok

SWA:ok but promise me u will contact me

laksh:I promise

swalak hugs each other all family are happy but they hear a shout

dp:if they both are here than who will b there

scne shift to swarGs room where ragsan are fighting like swalak

rags: don’t show me ur face again idiot

sank: who will sshow u face annaconda
finally I m happy that I m getting rid of u

rags: yeah mee to I will distribute sweets when u leave

all goes to there n sshokd to c them fighting like this sswalaks to shokd

swalak stopping ragsan

SWA: rrags stop he is going

laksh:yes Bhai u too plz this is our last day

rags: yes shona finally this idiot isbgoing

sanky:yeah finally I get rid of it

all stops them at hall all hugs each other swarag n sanlak meets everyone n took their blessing

rags: all the best laksh miss u

laksh: mee too lado n hugs

rags: I hope that swara give u lectures keep it with u n b in contact n tell somebody to never talk to mee

laksh looks at sanky: says ok madm
they smile

sanky:shona take care of urslf n tell somebody that I have no interest in talking to them

SWA loks at rags: ok n u took care urslf n this dhakan too n b in my contact otherwise u both are gone n hugs each other n says miss u

ragsan are giving glares n swalak are talking happyly

All bids gud bye to each other
last tym they four look at each other n drives off tears escaped from swarags n sanlaks eyes

they are silently crying in their car n rags rushed to room n cry n SWA at garden

To b continued……

Precap:leap of 13 years

guyz I kwn its all sudden but I take my story to next level so plzzz comnting n liking it bcz next is our hero heroins real life is started hope u all enjoy till then take care n love u

thanks (fizo)

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